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Cephalon Simaris is a data-construct residing in the Relays. He sees it as his task to gather information on all life-forms in the Origin System, and employs Tenno to gather this information by dematerialising enemy combatants into their constituent data. Simaris has proved quite capable at extracting surprisingly detailed accounts of the past from these data. The enemies so scanned – or, in his terminology, "Synthesised" – are kept in an immense digital archive he calls Sanctuary.

Cephalon Simaris is focused on expanding Sanctuary and its capabilities. He offers Synthesis scanners so that Tenno may contribute to the Sanctuary. He requests specific targets for the Tenno to Synthesise. These are individual specimens that will spawn in appropriate missions, and the Tenno will have to scan the target 3-4 times with the Synthesis scanner, at specific nodes on the body. Doing so will cause the target to dematerialise and be converted into data, which Simaris collects.

There are two types of Synthesis targets: community and personal/daily. The community Synthesis targets apply to all Tenno. Each Tenno may scan the target and contribute their data to the Sanctuary. Once Simaris has received enough data, he will be able to reproduce a story from the history of the Origin System. Each Tenno who contributed at least 10 scans of the target (during or after the target was given to the community) has access to this story. Personal Synthesis tasks are specific to individual Tenno and consist of 2-4 scans of an enemy unit. Once the required number of targets have been Synthesised, the Tenno may redeem the task in return for Standing and Endo.

Cephalon Simaris can import the Tenno directly into his Sanctuary for either a tutorial simulation on Synthesis, or for an activity called Sanctuary Onslaught, where the Tenno is tasked with killing as many enemies (previously scanned digital copies) as possible as fast as possible. In addition, the Simulacrum and Mastery Rank tests are also accessible from his room in the Relay, and are likely extensions of Sanctuary as well.

Syndicate information

Standing with Cephalon Simaris is earned by using the Synthesis scanner. This scanner must be equipped in the Gear Wheel and deployed in a mission. Scanning any enemy, ally, or item will grant a small amount of Standing. However, if the scanner is used to Synthesise a target, each target will grant a much larger amount of Standing. Once the Tenno has Synthesised the required number of targets across their various missions, they can turn in the Synthesis task for an additional amount of Standing. This task redemption Standing is not affected by the daily cap on Standing. Unlike all other Syndicates, Cephalon Simaris has no Syndicate ranks – all Standing is added to a single large pool, and never used to rank up in reputation.

Cephalon Simaris offers a wide variety of items in return for Standing. He sells gear related to Synthesis: Synthesis scanners, Kinetic Siphon traps that immobilise Synthesis targets, widgets to augment the utility of the Synthesis scanner, and so on. He sells some rare, exclusive mods, as well as blueprints for the cephalon-developed Simulor and Heliocor weapons. He sells some Captura scenes, a sigil, a Helios skin, Exilus adaptor blueprints, and Orbiter decorations, including a console called the Ludoplex, which offers the ability to play minigames such as Flappy Zephyr and Wyrmius. He also sells those games, as add-on packages for the Ludoplex. In addition, he sells items obtained through quests, such as warframe and weapon blueprints, so that they may be obtained again after the quest has been completed.

Greeting the Tenno

"Show me your dedication to the Sanctuary."

"I can see you are hungry for the knowledge of the Sanctuary."

"You are a true hunter. Where would the Sanctuary be without you?"

"Ah… I see you are of like mind. The Sanctuary will be your project, too."

"The multitude of creatures you have immortalised would cry out in thanks… if they could."

"Tenno, you will make an excellent Hunter."

"You may explore the Sanctuary for new knowledge."

If the Tenno is new to Sanctuary

Tenno: "What is this place?"

Simaris: "I am Cephalon Simaris. The destroyer. The immortaliser. This is my Sanctuary. It will enlighten you, Tenno, should you assist me in performing Synthesis. You will hunt the creatures I require and transform them into beings of the Sanctuary. That is Synthesis. Is this murder? No. All beings of substance die eventually. But only those forgotten are truly dead. The end of the Orokin wiped out untold knowledge. Through Synthesis, we can rebuild and preserve. Create memory-immortals within this data-oasis. Will you become enlightened, Tenno? Will you hunt for me?"

Tenno: "I will join the hunt."

Simaris: "Ah… I see we are of like mind. The Sanctuary will be your project too."

“How is the progress of Sanctuary?”

There is currently no community Synthesis target, nor has there been one since 2015; thus, this dialogue option does not currently appear.

"I have selected a new specimen for Sanctuary. It is time for you and your kind to hunt again. Knowledge will be your reward."

"Cast off your ignorant veil, Tenno! Collect your arms, your allies, and hunt this creature for me. I will reward you, should you perform Synthesis."

"The Sanctuary must grow. It must preserve. It must endure. Hunt this being for me, and I will enlighten you."

(accepting target) "Knowledge must be earned, Tenno. I will share what I know, but you must prove yourself deserving. Hunt this creature for me, perform Synthesis, and you will be enlightened."

(if there is no current target) "I must determine a new target. This task cannot be rushed. Leave me."

(if there is no current target) "Time is required to analyse your previous contribution. I will have a new target for you in the near future."

(if there is no current target) "I can see you are hungry for knowledge, but that hunger must be matched by patience. Return later to see if a new target has been selected."

Asking about daily Synthesis

"This specimen is shrouded in mystery. Will you enlighten us with its imprint?"

"Synthesis will be the light that illuminates this creature, with your help, of course."

"This fine specimen could be the next addition to the Sanctuary. Help me discover its secrets."

"Hunter, this target is my current obsession. I must know its every detail. Will you oblige my passion?"

"I have a thirst for knowledge that only Synthesis can satisfy. This being is the current object of my curiosity."

(accept) "Good. Even while others are blinded by petty morality, you recognise the virtue of the Sanctuary."

(accept) "I knew we had a shared passion, Hunter."

(accept) "The Sanctuary and I await your contribution."

(accept) "Good fortune, Hunter."

(decline) "Not to worry. There are other Hunters more suited to this task."

(decline) "It seems you have lost the fortitude the Sanctuary requires of its Hunters. A shame."

(decline) "This Sanctuary will go on without you, but can you go on without the Sanctuary?"

(decline) "You must have reasons for abandoning the Sanctuary. Ask yourself, are they valid?"

(decline) "Unfortunate. You should know that I now regret seeking your assistance."

Redeeming a daily Synthesis task

"What a pity this creature will forever be unaware of its contribution to the Sanctuary."

"Do you ever wonder why only the Hunter is rewarded when it is the specimen that gives all to the Sanctuary? I find it best to discard such thoughts."

"You are a trustworthy Hunter. Come back later, and I will have a new target for you."

"I can tell you find thrill in the hunt. Come back later for a new target."

“I wish to attempt Sanctuary Onslaught.”

"Hunter, my research needs you. Are you ready to endure the rigours of the Sanctuary?"

(Sanctuary Onslaught or Elite Sanctuary Onslaught) "Your thirst for knowledge is as insatiable as mine." [mission starts]

(decline) "Go, then. Some other Hunter will have mettle enough to assist me."

("Rewards?") "You seek rewards, Hunter? Years ago, an Ostron Quill donated the blueprints for a powerful warframe to the Sanctuary. Shortly after, one of my drones synthesised a most unusual kavat. Upon review, it seemed as if the creature desired capture. Almost immediately, the feline specimen disappeared, and with it, the warframe's blueprints. This is my Sanctuary. I do not lose specimens, yet I lost these. I detect her presence from time to time, usually when there are Tenno nearby. You might never see her, but if she deems you worthy, she may leave something for you."

Browsing wares

"These can make you an even stronger Hunter."

"This is how I can help you help the Sanctuary."

After purchasing an item

"May this aid you in the Synthesis of many creatures."

"What offerings will this item help you bring to the Sanctuary?"

Bidding farewell

"Return to me and hunt again, Tenno. I will reward you."

"You are a worthy Hunter, Tenno."

"It is time for you and your kind to hunt again. Knowledge will be your reward."

During the hunt for a Synthesis target

(at mission start, variant) "The hunt is on, Tenno. The Synthesis scanner is detecting a potential target. Use it! Search for traces of the target."

(at mission start, variant) "There is a Sanctuary target here, Hunter. I sense it! Track it with the Synthesis scanner. Don't let it escape!"

(at mission start, variant) "Tenno, I am detecting a Synthesis target. Use the Synthesis scanner to track the creature."

(locating the target, variant) "There it is, ripe for Synthesis! Tame this creature so you may perform the Synthesis I require."

(locating the target, variant) "That's it! It'll be a perfect specimen. Trap it so you can Synthesise it for me."

(locating the target, variant) "Alright, Hunter. I will reward you, should you perform Synthesis."

(upon damaging the target) "Tenno, do not damage it further! Use the Synthesis device!"

(if the target is killed, variant) "What have you done? Synthesis only works on the living! Can you control your murderous impulses for the good of the Sanctuary?"

(if the target is killed, variant) "No, no no NO! You've wasted the specimen! Was I wrong to entrust Synthesis to you?"

(if the target is killed, variant) "Disappointing! A dead specimen is useless to Sanctuary! Are you not up to this task?"

(if the target is killed, variant) "Killing goes too far! Have I been unclear?"

(upon successful Synthesis, variant) "You impress me, Hunter! The specimen will be studied for integration into Sanctuary. Thank you."

(upon successful Synthesis, variant) "An excellent specimen, Hunter. This will advance Sanctuary's goal of preservation."

(upon successful Synthesis, variant) "I have it; thank you. Continue this hunt, Tenno, and enlightenment will follow."

(upon successful Synthesis, variant) "Good. I have received the Synthesis. You are an efficient hunter."

(upon completion of final daily target, variant) "I see your hunt was a successful one. Visit me to claim your reward."

(upon completion of final daily target, variant) "Your hunt is finished. Pay me a visit to receive your reward."

(upon completion of final daily target, variant) "You are always reliable, Hunter. Come receive what is owed to you."

During Sanctuary Onslaught

(at mission start, variant) "This is a stress test. Destroy all specimens as quickly as possible. In this chaos, the true nature of these creatures will be revealed… as will yours."

(at mission start, variant) "Your duty in this experiment is to dispatch as many specimens as efficiently as possible. When the time comes, I will open the next data-conduit."

(at mission start, variant) "Kill everything you encounter, do not relent. The integrity of this experiment relies on your efficiency."

(when a data-conduit is open, variant) "A new data-conduit is open. Our experiment moves to a new zone."

(when a data-conduit is open, variant) "I have opened a new data-conduit; proceed immediately."

(when a data-conduit is open, variant) "A data-conduit is open. Go now."

(when a data-conduit is open, variant) "Enter the conduit, now."

(when a data-conduit is closing, variant) "Hunter, you are running out of time. Enter the data-conduit."

(when a data-conduit is closing, variant) "Hurry, Hunter, the conduit is closing fast!"

(when entering a new zone, variant) "Do not weep for these creatures… they are immortal, they can and have faced a billion deaths. You, however, do not enjoy the protections of Synthesis. For you, failure has real-life consequences."

(when entering a new zone, variant) "Ease your mind, Hunter. There's no conclusive evidence these data-immortals possess memory persistence. They should retain no recollection of what you've done to them." 

(when entering a new zone, variant) "Hunter, do you think me a sadist? That I enjoy this suffering? Irrelevant! Focus on your task."

(when entering a new zone, variant) "Is experiment torture? Lab rats also feel pain, yet their suffering creates knowledge. If the lessons learned today save lives in the future, then the ends justify my means."

(when entering a new zone, variant) "With each data-conduit jump, the experiment's design dictates increased efficiency. I trust you will be able to complete this study, Hunter?"

(when overusing an ability, variant) "Hunter, your reliance on that ability is skewing my data. I have disabled it for now."

(when overusing an ability, variant) "Hunter, I have temporarily disabled that ability."

(when overusing an ability, variant) "Hunter, try a different ability."

(when overusing an ability, variant) "I have gathered enough data on that ability. Use another tactic."

(upon reaching Zone 9, variant) "Go further. I require more efficiency. The specimens no longer interest me; it's you I study." 

(upon reaching Zone 9, variant) "Feel it now? That stress. You're generating useful data, Hunter."

(upon reaching Zone 9, variant) "A fever pitch! You create fascinating readings, Hunter. Do not stop now."

(when efficiency falls to 15%, variant) "Specimens must experience unmatched stress. Increase your effort."

(when efficiency falls to 15%, variant) "Efficiency is crucial to this experiment's design. Work faster!"

(when efficiency falls to 15%, variant) "This experiment will fail if your efficiency drops further."

(when efficiency falls to 15%, variant) "Efficiency is failing. I need more conflict!"

(if the Tenno performed poorly and efficiency falls to 0%) "You failed to maintain efficiency. The data you generated is null and void."

(if the Tenno performed moderately and efficiency falls to 0%) "You generated some usable data, but I need more. Return when you're ready to subject these data-immortals to a true test."

(if the Tenno performed well and efficiency falls to 0%) "Hunter, you exceed expectations. You are far more exciting and complex than any specimen in my Sanctuary."

(if the Tenno forgoes entering the data-conduit) "Hunter, the Sanctuary will go on without you."

Cephalon Simaris plays a large role in the quests The New Strange and Octavia's Anthem. He is mentioned in the Natah quest, the Pyrus Project event, and Cephalon Cordylon's 6th and 7th blog posts.

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