Strange drones have appeared in the Origin System. Help the Lotus find out what they are and who sent them.

Previous story quest: The Archwing

Starting the quest: Encounter a strange drone (Grineer Sealab, Uranus)

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This quest is initiated by encountering a strange drone on the Grineer Sealab tileset on Uranus. The drone is heralded by a blue screen flash and a distorted, repeating whooping sound. The drone will scan containers and nearby dead bodies, eventually becoming disinterested and leaving the map. The Tenno must scan the drone before it leaves.

Lotus: "Tenno? What did you see? My data stream went dark. I am sensing some signal masking. It will take some time to decypher. Concentrate on your mission for now."

The Tenno must successfully complete their mission after scanning the drone, after which they will receive an inbox message.

Inbox message:
Mystery Drones

Tenno, I require your help.


Lotus: "I have just detected signatures matching the new drone. Gather scans of it to determine its origin and capabilities."

The quest can then be activated in the Codex. Names in brackets indicate that the speaker is not identified in the scene, but their identity is revealed or inferred later.

First Mission: Scan the new drones (Gaia, Earth)

Natah quest splash

The mission takes place on the Grineer Forest tileset with Frontier Grineer enemies. The Tenno must follow a waypoint to the drones.

Lotus: "I have just detected signatures matching the new drone."

Lotus: "I've marked the signatures on your map. Gather scans, but approach with caution, Tenno."

When the drones appear (a few tiles away from the Tenno), the screen will flicker to herald them.

Lotus: "It doesn't seem very interested in you. Try to get a scan of what it's collecting; it may reveal its purpose."

Lotus: "I am not getting a good feed. Is there an object they're pulling data from? Scan it for me."

The object is a very large ruin, partially embedded in the ground and extending out of the forest canyon into the sky. Those familiar with Conculysts and Battalysts will recognise the object as possessing the general schema of the Sentients. The object must be scanned with a Codex or Synthesis scanner.

(upon scanning the object) Lotus: "It is… it is just Old War wreckage. Why are the Corpus suddenly interested in it? Tenno, another scannable signature just appeared near you. We may be able to determine what the Corpus are up to."

Two waypoints will appear on the map, each representing one of the mystery drones, and the Tenno will be directed to find and scan them. When the Tenno reaches the correct tile, the screen will flicker as the drone becomes visible.

Lotus: "Tenno? What did you see? My data stream went dark."

Lotus: "I'm not getting a signal, but if you found a drone scan it before it notices you."

(upon scanning the drone) Lotus: "This… thing is not a Corpus design. If you can get another scan, I can determine its origin."

Lotus: "I am sensing some signal masking. It will take some time to decypher. Concentrate on your mission for now."

Lotus: "Tenno, I need you to scan another drone."

(upon scanning the second drone) Lotus: "Good! I'm putting the stream together now. It is… it is an Oculyst! That means…. I'm sorry, Tenno; stay safe."

Ordis: "Hello? Did the Lotus just— abandon the Operator get cut off? I have extraction ready. I think you should hurry."

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: "Operator, Ordis knows what it is like to be abandoned. Don't worry; someone has offered to help us."

Teshin: "So, pupil, the spring has ended. The Lotus blossom has snapped shut, her true nature revealed. Now we shall see if codependence can be broken. Let us begin to unravel her long-hidden truth."

Second Mission: Help Teshin (Cassini, Saturn)

Teshin, DevStream 49

The mission is a Mobile Defence mission on the Grineer Galleon tileset, against normal Grineer enemies. Teshin acts as the mission operator in the Lotus' absence.

Teshin: "The ghost you saw is of a menace long thought dead. They study us, study our enemies. Let us sharpen our knowledge of them."

(upon arriving at the first console) Teshin: "Are these ghosts mere echoes of the past? Or are they more sinister, harbingers, calling for the old beast to awake? Here, this console will serve my purpose. Unlike your Lotus, I will not keep its secrets from you. Exercise your training. Defend the console."

(upon completing the defence) Teshin: "I have what I seek. Move on."

(upon arriving at the second console) Teshin: "Access the console. Protect this console. Go."

(upon completing the defence) Teshin: "My task is complete, but the puzzle calls for one last piece. Advance to the final console."

(upon arriving at the third console) Teshin: "This is it. The answer we seek lies within. Use this combat to sharpen your blades. I predict you will need them in coming battles."

(upon completing the defence) Teshin: "I have found that which wanted to be hidden. Advance to extraction."

[on board Orbiter]

The Tenno will receive an inbox message containing a communication Teshin extracted from the Grineer computer systems.

Inbox message:

You want to know why they are here? Cause I found it! The tomb! They should all be dead… trapped inside… but these ones are not; why?

Be brave, Scur, for your brothers, sick and twisted in the tubes! New ideas are within our reach that could cure us all. Send the Draga to reinforce the location we discussed.

Scur, if you saw too many words, I'm sorry, I forgot who I was writing to, so assuming you just read the big letters…


—Tyl Regor

Teshin: "This Grineer is smarter than the others, more… volatile. We need to be cautious. Find his Sergeant, pupil. He will lead us to this tomb."

Third Mission: Find the Sergeant (Ophelia, Uranus)

The mission is a Capture mission on the Grineer Sealab tileset, against Drekar Grineer enemies.

Teshin: "The Grineer have plunged these depths and awakened an old evil submerged here. Capture the Sergeant. He will know where this tomb is."

Lotus: "Teshin! You don't have the authority. You are endangering the Tenno."

Teshin: "So… the petals have opened once more. But why now? Afraid of what we'll find?"

Lotus: "I had to cover my tracks. But I see that Teshin has been leading you into an even greater danger."

Teshin: "The beast soon stirs, Lotus, revealing much. It will awaken and become whole again."

Lotus: "The Sentient."

Teshin: "You know this one, don't you?"

Sergeant Scur is the Drahk Master variant of capture target, and must be subdued and captured like any other target.

(upon spotting Sgt Scur) Teshin: "He knows where the tomb is – apprehend him."

(upon capturing Sgt Scur) Teshin: "We have our target. Advance to extraction."

[on board Orbiter]

Teshin: "Speak, Lotus. The pieces are set. It is your move."

Lotus: "Tyl Regor must be stopped from entering the tomb. I have to risk exposure to stop him. Go."

Fourth Mission: Stop Tyl Regor (Ariel, Uranus)

Hall of Tyl Regor concept art by Janice Chu, DevStream 37

The mission takes place on the Grineer Sealab tileset, against Drekar Grineer enemies.

Lotus: "Get to the waypoint. I will give you further instructions when you get there."

The Tenno is waypointed to a Grineer computer console, which must be hacked.

(upon arriving at the console) Lotus: "You've reached the waypoint. Access this system."

(upon hacking the console) Tyl Regor: "Knew it. Little lizards can't resist another chance to get their… sticky hands in my jar."

Upon Tyl's announcement, the mission will turn into a Survival mission, and oxygen will begin to deplete. The Tenno must last 10 minutes against a Grineer assault.

Lotus: "Tyl has cut off life support. Hold on Tenno; I'm readying extraction, but this will take time."

Tyl Regor: "The Sentient… the destroyer? The liberator? Depends on who you ask… but this, this thing is certain: I will have its secrets."

Tyl Regor: "Funny, isn't it, Tenno? I'm cracking open the Sentient's tomb and sealing yours at the same time. Not laughing? Well, I dunno, I find it funny."

Teshin: "It's not a tomb, Regor; it's a cage. If you open it…."

Tyl Regor: "Is that… Teshin[laughs] So, the pseudo-Tenno lives! Still… drunk on your own honour? Shocked it hasn't rotted you through yet."

Tyl Regor: "So… the Sentient… nasty thing. Came from where? Who cares. They smashed the Orokin… freed us! How, how'd they do that? I want to know."

Tyl Regor: "Drilling… hundreds of hours and just cracking through the sarcophagus now. Open wide!"

Tyl Regor: "Entering; it's massive, empty. But where are they? Did they escape? Wait… what's this…."

Teshin: "Don't do it, Regor…."

Tyl Regor: "Look! Exilus, some primordial Forma? An engine for self-manipulation; what will it do for me?"

Lotus: "What has he found?"

[Hunhow]: [static-filled, wordless transmission]

Tyl Regor: "What was that?"

[Hunhow]: [static-filled, wordless transmission]

Tyl Regor: "Not alone… who's there?"

[Hunhow]: "Natah, where are you? You cannot hide from me."

Tyl Regor: "All of you retreat, now!"

[Hunhow]: "Natah, who have you become? Does this form remind you of what you once were? Time has carried my seed so very far from the branch."

Lotus: "Extraction ready. Leave now. Get out!"

[on board Orbiter]

Teshin: "Pupil, what is your Lotus hiding? Who is Natah?"

Lotus: "My name. My old name. It is not who I am now. We need to focus on now, not history. We need to seal the tomb. A blast capable—"

Teshin: "The Sentient is awake, Natah. It will not be contained for long."

Lotus: "Do not call me that. Containment will buy us time. Go now, Tenno. I will explain more when you reach the site."

Fifth Mission: Seal the tomb (Desdemona, Uranus)

Grineer Sealab tileset gameplay preview, DevStream 49

The mission is a Defence mission on the Grineer Sealab tileset, against Drekar Grineer enemies, for 5 waves. As with all Sealab Defence missions, the objective to defend will shift between each wave.

Lotus: “A focused blast could release the magma flows beneath and rebury the tomb. Protect the bomb during its lengthy arming process.”

Tyl Regor: "Destroy this tomb? Destroy our history? Vandals!"

Teshin: "Those who pilfer meat from lions are either foolish, or starving. Which are you, Regor?"

[Hunhow]: "Natah, why did you betray me? Why did you not finish the sequence you started? Why did you stop at the last?"

Teshin: "What is it talking about, Lotus?"

[Hunhow]: "We crossed the gap, wombs in ruin, to bring an end to this. We severed the worlds, let them destroy me; why is the sequence not complete?"

Tyl Regor: "Most intriguing, Lotus. Do you two have a… history?"

[Hunhow]: "My own daughter. The last of my womb. How can you do this?"

Teshin: "Lotus, what are you not telling us?"

Lotus: "Focus, Teshin. We need focus."

Lotus: "Hold on, Tenno; it's almost armed."

[Hunhow]: "You betrayed us. As I awake, so will they. They will say you're riven and want to reclaim you. I will not be able to stop them."

(upon finishing the final wave) Lotus: "The bomb is armed. I am pulling you out."

Aftermath (on board Orbiter)

Teshin: "Natah? Lotus? You cannot hide this past any longer."

Lotus: "There are gaps. I had my mission and I have completed it. All but the last sequence."

Teshin: "To destroy the Tenno."

Lotus: "The war was over. So I hid them away, in the second dream. I could not destroy them."

Teshin: "And yet you were born to. So tell me… what made you stop? To reject your nature?"

Lotus: "All missions to the Origin System required a sacrifice. Me and my kind become barren when crossing the gap. It is the one flaw we never overcame."

Teshin: "Natah wanted children of her own."

Lotus: "Natah was the daughter, until I destroyed her. Now I am the Lotus. Now I am the mother."

After the quest is complete, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from the Lotus containing an Exilus Adapter. Upon reading the message, the Tenno will also receive a transmission from Tyl Regor.

Inbox message:
Fortify Yourself


The tomb is sealed, at least for now. Good work.

There's one more thing: when you were sealing the tomb, Tyl Regor salvaged several things from the Sentient there. Use this Exilus to fortify your warframe against what comes next. If you need more, Simaris has synthesised blueprints.

I fear Regor has more of the old technologies now. You may want to seek him out when you are ready to face him. He's become more dangerous than ever before.


Tyl Regor: "Tenno! You seal my tomb… you kill my tubemen. Not acceptable behaviour…. Our differences need to be settled. So. You know where I am. Come get me… just try."

Lotus: "Tenno. You know where Tyl Regor is. When you're ready, destroy him."

Next story quest: The Second Dream

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