Cephalon Cordylon 7

Originally posted on 02 Apr 2015.

Salenstormwing asks: Can you tell Cephalon Simaris to synthesise some personal space next, because I have a Mag warframe I will stick to his fridge-like housing structure if he doesn't get out of my face.
Cephalon Simaris is an inquisitive being, focused solely on completing its primary task. It is quite admirable, and the rapid expansion of Sanctuary in such a small amount of time is a testament to what any hard-working cephalon is capable of achieving. Organics often refer to this as being 'single-minded'.

Of course, being so operationally efficient can come at a cost. Simaris can be an intrusive conversationalist, even between other cephalon. Simaris' need to obtain and store all life as data means that subroutines focused on other tasks, such as etiquette, are not called upon unless absolutely necessary.

That Cephalon Simaris is so intrigued by you could perhaps be taken as a compliment. If I were an organic life form, I would be very concerned if Simaris no longer found me of interest.

Lightini asks: Some advice to a worn-out Tenno longing for vacations in the Origin System?
As my knowledge is composed of information provided almost entirely from Tenno operatives, my catalogue of 'vacation-suitable' locations is fairly limited. Many Tenno have logged Exterminate and Assassination Missions as being 'enjoyable'; however, the implication of one being 'worn out' suggests you do not seek to exert yourself further.

Earth, while largely dominated by Grineer forces, has its isolated areas. Abandoned due to their lack of strategic necessity or absence of vital resources, there are many mountainous regions that could provide sufficient space for uninterrupted meditation. This recommendation holds true for many worlds, but Earth's natural oxygen supply makes breathing less of an issue.

I have also found when experiencing a delay in processing speed that it is sometimes necessary to perform maintenance. For a cephalon, this period of rest is quite minimal, but for organics a similar subroutine known as 'naps' may help rejuvenate your body and reduce stress levels.

A personal file intercepted from a Corpus outpost logged as "Treats and Snoozin'" suggests that the 'nap' is quite commonplace, and best performed out of sight from superior officers.

Hueminator asks: How would you insult other cephalons?
Insulting a cephalon in a manner that elicits a reaction can be difficult. A cephalon's function may not allow it to register belittling statements as criticism. Unsurprisingly, many cephalons are incapable of being harmed in an emotional sense. Traditional name-calling used by 'intelligent' organic life may not have the desired effect, although further analysis may be required for a more definitive answer.

There is some exception to this rule, as I believe Ordis takes firm offense to any attempt at being 'nicknamed'.

Indeed, while insulting a cephalon may not be possible, it is entirely conceivable to offend a cephalon by performing actions that may be contrary to their assigned function. For example, telling a statistics-driven cephalon that its source-sampling is erroneous could be considered offensive were the cephalon to be sure of its work.

I recommend not testing this on any cephalon potentially in charge of vital systems, such as life support or weapons maintenance.

Tribs asks: Do you have any intel about Dr Tengus?
Doctor Tengus is a renowned Grineer scientist, known amongst the Tenno for callous innovation and remarkable creativity on the subject of genetics. In truth, Doctor Tengus' remarkable talents likely extend into the realm of psychology, behavioural science, biochemical enhancement, and more. The full extent of his contributions to the advancement of Grineer technology is unknown.

Among his other talents, Doctor Tengus is known to be responsible for the outbreak of Infestation that began in Mercury and has since spread across the solar system. He is also responsible for the psychological experiments that elevated Vem Tabook, Leekter, and Shik Tal from simple genetic failures to the formidable Gustrag Three – and subsequently developing the Gustrag Bolt for use against captured Tenno agents.

There is no precise information on his current location, but it is wise to ask such questions. The probability that Doctor Tengus has finished his experimentation in the name of Grineer superiority is quite low.

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