Cephalon Cordylon 8

Originally posted on 16 Apr 2015.

Katinka asks: Long time reader, first time inquirer. Given Vay Hek's history of 'removing' opposition and his recent loss of favour with the Queens, who appear to be looking to Tyl Regor as a new favourite, what would you rate the chances of a Grineer civil war breaking out between the Queens and the Councillor?
The statistical odds of a civil war occurring are difficult to calculate, largely due to the unique nature of Grineer society. Tenno often forget that, to the Grineer, all actions are dedicated to the glory of the Queens. While there may certainly be rivalries that arise when multiple commanding officers vie for supremacy, those differences are largely set aside at the behest of their leaders.

Grineer diplomacy is remarkably unsubtle. Assaulting any agent of the Queens is penalised by nothing short of death. Thus, the benefit of removing local agents to the Grineer cause must heavily outweigh the possible consequence of oblivion.

While tyrannical, one must admire the steadfast values that hold Grineer society together. Were it not for the undisputed leadership of the Queens, the Grineer Empire would not be such a threat to the balance of the Solar System.

Mr_bunny asks: Most cephalons have a voice, yet we have only seen text of you. Do you have a speaker installed somewhere in there?
I have several devices for audio output, should vocalisation be required. I also keep equipment on standby to help communicate with any organic life categorised as less-functional than an optimal specimen of the species – including a device designed to simulate intense smells.

It is rarely used.

When the Lotus granted me permission to answer Tenno questions at my leisure, I spent time considering several formats to better study how Tenno would respond to such interaction. Initially, Tenno were permitted to visit my database in-person; however, my enclosure is not designed to accommodate more than several technicians at a time and so that proved problematic.

Given that the number of Tenno seeking answers far exceeds my allotment of physical space, I was forced to organise a new system. After witnessing many acts of what I believe organics refer to as 'cutting in line,' I then determined the best course of action would be to sort through questions 'manually'.

Zedera asks: Do you have any co-workers you absolutely cannot get along with? Why?
Before this question becomes a means to my functional limitations, please know that I am capable of working with any organic or synthetic life at peak efficiency levels. Failure to meet the expectations of my assigned task are, therefore, entirely subject to the limitation of my 'co-worker'.

I must admit preference to not being assigned work with any of our Janitorial Officers. Tasked with ensuring a clean ship interior and the safe removal of all waste, the task they serve is vital to daily operations, but my bi-monthly review of their accomplished tasks, materials requested and waste disposed does not often reveal new information beyond the predictably insane dietary habits of organic life.

Awsome Ethan927 asks: If we are sent to exterminate the entire crew of a ship (or at least most of it), then why don't we take the ships for ourselves? Surely an intact Grineer, Corpus, or Corrupted ship would be of some use, right?
Few Tenno contemplate the aftermath of their actions beyond completing their assigned task. While this trait is certainly admirable when viewing the results of Tenno execution, it is not entirely conducive to good micromanagement.

I recommend you (and your squad) review several questions when attempting to commandeer an enemy vessel:

  • Where would we relocate a stolen Grineer or Corpus vessel to?
  • Who would operate it?
  • How will we defend the ship once it has been safely relocated?
  • What would we do with said ship?
  • What was the point of taking this ship in the first place?

While the Corpus and Grineer have found great difficulty in preventing Tenno infiltration, this success is largely due to the small operational size of Tenno squads. Upgrading your class of vessel may be tempting, but without the numbers of the Corpus or Grineer at your disposal maintaining such a ship is truly a waste of resources.

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