Cephalon Cordylon 9

Originally posted on 30 Apr 2015.

Fabpsi asks: Ordis is trying to make jokes lately… is this a normal behaviour for a cephalon?
Frequently I am asked questions by Tenno that seek clarification on what is 'normal' behaviour for a cephalon. My normal procedure is to take these inquiries and file them away under several sub-folders to help better categorise misunderstandings relating to Artificial Intelligence. My most frequently updated sub-folders are:

  • Vague Assumptions Made, Organic Life
  • Requests for a Feminine Voice, Organic Life
  • Name Mispronunciation, Organic Life, Cordylon

The answer to your question lies in Ordis' programming. As the Liset's cephalon, Ordis exists to serve his Operator. Ship navigation, Archwing deployment and kubrow sanitation are major elements of his assigned task, but any cephalon of value will extend their efforts into other ventures.

Ordis' exploration of organic humour may be an attempt to relieve stress, or provide amusement while travelling to your destination. It is my understanding that depending on the 'joke' this could be quite effective in boosting morale before or after a successful operation.

JJKDrake asks: Darvo has gotten his hands on many things that he sells. Has there ever been anything he sold that would interest a cephalon?
Darvo's natural talent for acquiring rare and valuable goods at bulk discount rates is quite impressive, and it is understandable why he has made such a steadfast ally for the Lotus. As per our Relay Security Protocol I am given regular updates as to his inventory for cataloguing purposes.

While dangerous weapons and explosive ammunition is often an extreme point of interest to the Tenno, rarely do his goods cater to my specific needs. Until there is ever a time where I would require extensive munitions at discount pricing, this will likely be the case.

Arlayn asks: You mentioned that the Grineer do what is best in the name of the Queens. Where do the Steel Meridian stand in this? Are they not Grineer?
While there can be some confusion in the visual appearance of their soldiers, the Steel Meridian, by definition, are not Grineer. Grineer refer to all those who serve the will of the Queens. The Steel Meridian are a Syndicate of former Grineer who have chosen a new guiding purpose for themselves. Despite sharing physical similarities to other clone soldiers, their personal philosophies has labelled them as deserters to the Grineer cause.

Their work in defending civilian colonies from outside invaders has earned them an honourable reputation. Were it not for this, the Lotus would have never allowed them privileged refuge on Tenno Relays. This sanctity of life is the distinction between the Grineer and Steel Meridian forces.

Necr0Ra1se asks: Do you lie? If so what the % of "lie" in your answers?
As processing factual information in a timely and easily documented manner is my primary function, recording any misinformation would be counterintuitive to my goals. Furthermore, providing Tenno with incorrect or misleading answers to their inquiries would only serve to make my job more difficult in the future.

Much of the information I have to share has been delivered by trustworthy, knowledgeable Tenno specialised in covert data extraction who excel at filling out their appropriate paperwork. Taking that into consideration, it's safe to assume that the answers I provide may contain an 11% margin of error.

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