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Originally posted on 19 May 2015.

(PS4)Folkeye asks: Do kubrow have fleas? If so, are we safe in our frames?
All living creatures play host to biological pests, and kubrow are certainly no exception. While limited interaction on Earth with their feral cousins may increase the risk of exposure to fleas, mites, or contagious pathogens, one of Ordis' many functions in serving his Operator is to ensure the Liset is a sterile environment.

Routine brushing, proper bathing and a clean sleeping area are optimal to maintaining a pest-free environment. By taking care of your companion you can not only ensure the longevity of your bond, but you can safely concern yourself with more tenacious life forms, such as the blood parasites of Phobos, which have fast become a problem for older Grineer facilities that lack proper ventilation.

As a cautionary reminder, please notify Ordis immediately if your kubrow displays any of the following symptoms:

  • Loss of hair, teeth, or claws.
  • Lack of appetite, or refusal to eat.
  • Slow liquefaction of flesh.
  • A frequently wet nose.

Kao-Snake asks: Why is the DNA of kubrow degenerating all the time? Earth's kubrow don't have that problem.
While certainly deadly in their own right, the feral kubrow of Earth have adapted themselves to their environment over generations of breeding and slow genetic refinement. Although the ideal behaviours and characteristics for a loyal companion still lay within their DNA, forcibly surfacing such traits does come with considerable risk.

While breeding kubrow in a manner that would reduce genetic deterioration is entirely possible, the amount of time needed for selective breeding would take years if done 'traditionally'.

Gaaraplayer asks: Would you ever want a kubrow? Be honest please.
At this present time 'owning' a kubrow would provide me nothing beyond a 2% reduction in air quality – something I monitor for the comfort of guests or visitors more than my own requirements. Perhaps with time and experimentation I could work on developing a kubrow able to perform tasks such as data analysis.

With its capacity to learn relatively complex tasks and its eagerness to please, the kubrow's potential to be repurposed into a more functional helper for Artificial Intelligence is quite large. Unfortunately, my assigned task prevents me from completing such scientific experimentation. Until otherwise requested, I leave the management of all kubrow to the Lotus.

Danjal777 asks: Cordy, I love all of my kubrow and I want to get them something nice when I get back from trips all over the System; what should I get them?
Despite their strength, agility, empathy and considerable intelligence, kubrow are easily pleased with gifts from their masters. Affection in the form of a 'pat' or 'hug' is a good recommendation for any Tenno that may be short on time and credits.

If you want to give your kubrow something more tangible that it can appreciate, then I recommend you cater to its palette. The Desert Skates of Phobos, while dangerous, offer a thick hide and (when cooked) tender meat that may provide a suitable treat.

Ferdynan asks: Do you have any idea of what is the Lotus doing with our consigned kubrow?
Consigned kubrow go through one of two programs, each designed to make use of the kubrow as best as possible. Kubrow that are still able to perform duties such as guarding a specified object or location, assisting in the retrieval of dropped goods, or hunting specific targets are rehomed with appropriate operatives.

Kubrow consigned with complications such as pre-existing genetic defects, extensive wounds from combat, or other conditions are given medical treatment and provided a home in one of several kubrow facilities designed to provide care and research.

Most kubrow live out the rest of their lives in relative comfort – with the exception of K-U40 Incident 001, where a miscalculation in treat pressurisation caused an internal rupture that shattered the hull of Compound 13. The resulting explosion claimed the lives of four operatives and 247 kubrow. It is unknown whether or not the majority perished in the initial blast and were spared the subsequent collision with a nearby asteroid as the compound's course was radically altered.

A cautionary tale on the value of proper maintenance when switching from hot to cold snacks, if there ever was one.

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