Rell (webcomic)

The second instalment of the Fragments webcomic series, Rell, was released on the Chains of Harrow teaser site on 26 June 2017, three days before the release of Update 21 and the Chains of Harrow quest. Below is a transcript of the comic, though readers are encouraged to view the comic for free at the Warframe website.

The scene is of the Zariman 10-0, in chaos following the Void-jump incident. Illumination comes from red emergency lighting, or none at all. Dead bodies are everywhere, some floating in the empty nothing of space… or the Void.

Fires rage on the lower decks…

Blood shimmers in the fitful light…

A group of adults prowl through the corridors, using an emergency flare for illumination.

Hunting parties roam the ship…

But there is singing and laughter and play…

For all the children have come together…

One of the adult women peels off from the pack and enters a room off to the side.

All except…

[Kay]: "R…R…Rell?"

A boy hides behind a crate, toying with an object. The woman stands in the doorway, brandishing a knife.

Rell: "Mmm."

[Kay]: "Rell, is that you? Don't be afraid. It's Mama. Mama's here."

Rell: "Mmm. Mama?"

The woman jumps up onto the crate, but there's no one behind it.

Rell: "Mmm. Not Mama anymore."

Rell is now behind the woman, by the door.

Rell: "Mmm. Something… else. Haven't figured it out yet…"

The woman attacks Rell, but he strikes her in the torso with a Void Beam and presumably kills her.

Rell: "Real Mama trained me, how to handle when it feels like too much. Mmm. How to keep turning."

Girl: "Hey!"

Several children are running away, deeper inside the ship. One of them addresses Rell.

Girl: "You bent, man? What the hell are you doing down this far? Let's get to the—"

An explosion rocks the ship.

Girl: "Shit! They're onto us."

Rell: "Mmm."

Girl: "Let's go!"

Rell doesn't move. The girl approaches him.

Girl: "What's wrong with you? Hey, it's okay, I understand. You're going to be alright…"

She grabs his wrist, startling him.

Girl: "But we gotta run, now!"

Other adults attack, and Rell fights them off with his Void powers as he runs away with the other children. At the end of a hallway is a door leading to a secure part of the ship, with several children guarding the door. One of them knocks Rell to the ground as he attempts to enter.

Boy: "He's not going in."

Girl: "What?!"

Boy: "I remember him from classes. He's weird. Can't risk it."

The other children escort the girl into the room and close the doors. Rell stands up, dusting himself off.

Rell: "Mmm."

Rell sits down on the floor and brings out the object he had before, placing it on the ground and spinning it like a top. It glows with Void energy.

Rell: "Touching is too much noise, anyway. I have something to do… mmm… someone to figure out."


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