The New War Trailer (2019)

The New War promo image, DevStream 122

During TennoLive 2019, after the Chimera Prologue was released but before the Rising Tide and Erra, a short cinematic was shown to preview the upcoming quest The New War, slated for release by Christmas 2019.

[The view is dark. A radio transmission can be heard, heavy with radio interference.]

Solaris Rail agent: "Venus CR-12 out of Phobos. Listen, we're picking up… unusual… engine signatures out here. Please confirm?"

Rail control: "Uhhm… Solaris tractor, we have your readings. Please hold position."

[A massive Sentient ship is shown in the midst of a remote asteroid field, with a ribbed, snakelike body protected by a frame of bifurcated skeletal arches. At the prow of the ship is a large opening, like a mouth, and asteroid fragments are being drawn into the maw – material for repair and production. Suddenly, blue flashes of light indicate thousands of Condrix pods being ejected from the ship at high velocity. The pods are roughly needle-shaped, with articulated arches at the end. They hurtle towards their targets, and as the barrage continues, it becomes clear that this is an overwhelmingly massive assault. The view shows a cloud of them heading past Neptune as overlapping voices on the radio scanner are heard.]

unknown Corpus: "There are thousands heading towards Jupiter…"

unknown: "Mercury has gone dark…"

unknown Ostron: "All Ostron are to flee Mars immediately…"

unknown: "They're… eating… the entire System…"

[The view switches to the Saturn region, thick with Grineer Galleons on patrol among the asteroids. Suddenly, the Condrix fly through the area, several intercepting with Galleons and wiping them out. In Earth orbit, several Condrix can be seen punching through the atmosphere. On the Plains of Eidolon, it is nighttime. Two Tusk Grineer troopers are idling in the shadow of Hek's Stiletto when a loud sonic boom alerts them to a Condrix right before it impacts on the Plains in a shower of dirt. With the needle-point embedded in the ground, the articulated arms protecting the core give off a series of deep cracking noises as they unfurl, allowing scores of red Sentient fighters to emerge. The Grineer clutch their heads, perhaps from a sonic or psionic attack, as the screen goes to black and the title card is shown.]

[The view goes back to the Plains. The low-hanging fog is now bathed in an eerie crimson light. Sentient fighters still stream through the sky. A Tusk Grineer, smitten offscreen, falls to his knees, before collapsing on the ground face-first. Natah narrates in the background.]

Natah: "In winter, we fell upon the stars and sang as one voice. A constellation… an army… a family."

[A large Sentient, roughly 7 or 8 metres tall, steps forward, resting a foot on the fallen Grineer. Most of his height is composed of his spindly, digitigrade legs. His body is remarkably humanoid compared to most Sentients, with a single pair of arms and a pointed face reminiscent of a plague doctor's mask. Waving Sentient tendrils angle back from his head, giving the appearance of demon's horns. This is ERRA. He surveys the destruction his fighters have already wrought and looks forward to the targets that remain.]

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