Starchart Planet Descriptions (Outdated)

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The Starchart used on the Tenno's Navigation Console is currently on its 3rd UI iteration. The first-generation Starchart was released with the closed beta of the game and was operational until the second-generation Starchart came out in Update 14. The Spectres of the Rail update delivered the current version of the Starchart, which is in use now. The first- and second-generation Starcharts had descriptions for each planet as it was selected. These descriptions have been removed in the current Starchart, so they are reproduced below.

Note: this information is of dubious canonicity and may no longer apply as far as lore is concerned. For more up-to-date information on the planets of the Origin System, see the Cephalon fragments page.


The only remaining Orokin Towers are hidden here. The Grineer patrol this area to prevent Tenno incursion.


The Corpus have focused their manufacturing facilities in this area.


A desolate, ruined world. Home of the oppressive Grineer Empire.


Corpus salvage ships pick through the fragments of Orokin derelicts here. [presumably retconned to Phobos since the Spectres of the Rail update]


Once overrun by the Infestation, the Corpus are now exploiting Jupiter for its vast deposits of rare gases.


A Grineer stronghold with well-protected shipping lanes and training orbiters for their Elite troops.


Remote Grineer bases focus on research and development of bio-modification and gene repair.


Home of the Corpus and site of their indoctrination temples. Warframe and Robotics R&D are hidden here.


The shattered Outer Terminus of the Solar Rail Network is located here. The Corpus work to rebuild it.


The Grineer have expanded their empire into this region.


Rapid Corpus expansion has led them to build outposts in this far-flung sector of the System.


The Grineer have expanded their empire into this region.


This deep space outpost is traditionally home to the Corpus.


The Grineer have occupied the abandoned settlements here. [presumably retconned to Mars since the Spectres of the Rail update]


Ancient Orokin places are hidden here.

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