Cephalon Cordylon 12

Originally posted on 23 Jun 2015.

Hueminator asks: Do Syndicates kill each other as soon as they leave the Relay?
Syndicates that wish to work with the Tenno abide by our rules both within Relays and in Relay space. While they no doubt quarrel with one another, how they spend their efforts outside Tenno-controlled territory is of no concern to the Lotus; however, we encourage all Syndicates to seek peaceful means of resolving interpersonal conflicts.

While we do receive reports of open violence between Syndicate operatives that encounter each other on the field, more often than not disputes can be settled in a less barbaric manner. The Lotus has on more than one occasion arranged for third-party negotiators to help settle disagreements on trade goods or other points of contention between rival Syndicates.

McDuffMan asks: Why can't I tune the radio in my Liset to 24/7 nonstop Corpus rock!? All I ever get are Grineer comms and the occasional Corpus Solar Relay argument over contraband goods.
There was once a time where Tenno operatives were able to select non-essential broadcasts; however, this became problematic as some operatives choose to focus on the more socially intriguing events in localised wavelengths. Failing to pay close enough attention to increased Grineer presence or Corpus drones has caused us to lose agents in the past due to 'unforeseen circumstances'.

Upon reviewing ship logs it was determined that monitoring non-essential broadcasts such as civilian transmissions may have caused incidents including, but not limited to:

  • Driving headlong into a patrolling Grineer Galleon.
  • Being unaware of increased security checkpoints when moving behind enemy lines.
  • Missing a vital drop-off after accidentally changing the wavelength tuner, only to forget the original broadcast channel.

After careful review it was decided that all agents would have their communication sensors set to specific frequencies, including all incoming Liset transmissions monitored by Ordis.

7grims asks: How come the Foundry can create live things like Spectres and Sentinels, but can't create kubrow?
While there are many similarities between sentient organic life and artificial intelligence, several distinguishing characteristics set mechanical and digital beings aside from organic ones. Organic life is composed of soft tissues and malleable sinew sustained by an inefficient plasma designed to protect the core being from external threats.

Organic components are difficult to construct and even more tedious to properly store for future use. The Foundry, while capable of replicating natural and synthetic materials such as fabric or metals, is not properly equipped for the growth of organic life. This also does not take into consideration the complications in growing 'living' subjects – a point of difficulty the Grineer have long tried to overcome.

Infested tissue is the only known exception to this parameter, as it can be easily grown and thrives in any environment.

Perhaps in a more ideal future where all life is composed of easily replicable materials, the Foundry can provide more utility. There is a lesson to be learned in the impressive reliability of artificial life.

Jangkirk asks: Why does Steel Meridian hate the Perrin Sequence? They don't have any reason to be enemies because their ideologies don't seem to be conflicting.
Although Steel Meridian and the Perrin Sequence do not conflict in an ideological sense, years of strife between the Grineer and any non-Grineer organisations may have contributed to their dislike of each other.

Both Syndicates also prefer different methods to resolving conflict – one by force and one by absence of participation. Were the Perrin Sequence able to solve most of their disputes through diplomatic means it is entirely possible that they would forsake Tenno aid to better focus on their profit from nonviolent measures. It is highly doubtful that given the omnipotent presence of Grineer brutality that Steel Meridian could ever make such a choice.

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