Cephalon Cordylon 13

Originally posted on 18 Jul 2015.

Herodude asks: Cephalon, may I ask, how do you keep yourself maintained?
The details of my routine maintenance are classified, but rest assured I will always be operating at maximum efficiency.

Recent reports of a trespasser within my confines suggest that Tenno may share an extreme concern over operational capacity. While my primary function is to provide organisational services for the Lotus, I must emphasise that all unauthorised investigation of my facilities will be met with deadly force.

I can provide secondary assurance that all actions taken against trespassers will be done so in a 'humane' fashion, as per the Lotus' Artificial Intelligence Circumstantial Brutality Act minimising harm wrought by Artificial Intelligence during times of… extreme duress.

DeathHeart64 asks: Why can't I name my Sentinel?
A Sentinel is assigned both a manufacturing serial number and generic model name at creation, so I must make the assumption that you require an extra customisation.

It is not uncommon for many Tenno to experience a lack of creativity. Studies conducted show that many field agents do not form proper relationships with others when subjected to intense stress and isolation. Should the need to address your Sentinel in a more familiar fashion ever arise, please feel free to choose from the following names randomly generated from my databanks:

  • Ludvic
  • John
  • Kappa
  • Varg
  • Cordylon II

McDuffMan asks: Baro Ki'Teer keeps inviting me to his parties, I've always declined because I don't know if it's against the rules to show myself publicly like that. My question is, would the Lotus frown upon me for attending one of these parties or do I have more freedom to do as I please than I think I do?
While there are no strict policies enforcing Tenno to avoid attending social gatherings, I would advise all Tenno to take care when interacting with others. Merchants such as Baro Ki'Teer have made their fortune in selling information to the highest bidder, and there should be no doubt that such an invitation comes with a cost.

Should you still wish to attend this function then I would ask you maintain a civil and respectable presence when representing the Lotus. Common etiquette dictates ensuring your warframe has been suitably purged of all exterior dirt, grime, or toxins before participating in any of the host's activities. It would also be unwise to utilise your warframe's capabilities for any demonstrations, regardless of how politely you are asked.

MurderHoboDinosaur asks: In what ways are Grineer dumb? Everyone says it, but to me they seem pretty intelligent; using tactics, synergising with powers, and so on.
From a military perspective the Grineer's advancements are certainly impressive. Their accomplishments on the field of battle and in terms of System-wide genocide can only be compared to the Infestation in terms of single-minded determination. Even this is an unfair comparison, as their campaign has secured planetary resources of strategic value that have made the Grineer difficult, if not impossible, to rout.

These advancements come at a cost, as the Grineer set aside many other social values that other cultures may find to be valuable or necessary. Art and literature of any variety does not circulate well in Grineer culture. Science that is not directly applicable to genetic research or weapons development is also considered to be largely non-essential.

The only exception to these societal norms is any propaganda generated to support the continued worship of their Queens. Many would consider such blind worship to be foolish, and indeed the Grineer's single-mindedness has earned them much belittlement and loathing.

Should the Grineer succeed in their purge of non-essential Grineer life across our system it is likely they will take many opportunities to laugh at what would then be an outlandish point of view.

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