Cephalon Cordylon 14

Originally posted on 22 Jul 2015.

MageMeat asks: What information do you have describing the relationship between the Arbiters of Hexis and the Lotus?
The Arbiters of Hexis are an enigmatic group who are motivated to see the Tenno further develop their capabilities outside of the realm of combat. Whether or not they are correct is largely a matter of opinionated perspective, but it is no secret that the Lotus highly values cultural development beyond the limited scope of battlefield prowess.

As a force of balance, the Tenno must always uphold the truth, and the Arbiters of Hexis are dedicated to finding such truth within all Tenno. From a research perspective the work done by the Arbiters of Hexis is quite valuable for my continued data acquisition. It is especially worth taking note of Tenno who avoid the Arbiters' influence.

Iceheart125 asks: If Syndicates can modify and upgrade weapons, is there a reason they don't offer to modify a Tenno's weapon for Standing or credits or materials?
Syndicates are valuable allies to the Tenno cause, but it is important to remember that Syndicates are self-sustained independent units with their own goals. What they desire from Tenno is neither materials nor funding, but rather the skills that cannot be emulated by tools alone.

It is for this reason that Syndicates do not offer Tenno access to their weaponry or modifications without first earning favour. If you are interested in bartering with a particular Syndicate for goods it may be worthwhile to offer services that are difficult to replicate.

As an example: When dealing with Cephalon Suda one may offer rare, lost, or forgotten knowledge acquired from the depths of an Orokin Derelict. After processing such a find through my databanks first, of course.

Huminator asks: How do cephalon party?
Cephalon do not party, as a cephalon has no purpose for a social gathering for celebratory or stress-relieving reasons – however there are occasions where cephalon do gather, with or without organic life forms present, for the purposes of data-trading. I have 'attended' several of such gatherings and have created unique files specifically designed to entertain guests should the need ever arise.

Using these simple directions it is easy to both host and interact with cephalon in any social setting:

  • Avoid balloons. Floating objects are an unnecessary distraction, and a waste of valuable helium and/or oxygen.
  • Music is not required but is often appreciated by organic life forms. If hosting an event entirely for Artificial Intelligence please limit all non-essential sounds.
  • Provide visual aids when attempting to explain complex theories to organic life.
  • When hosting a cephalon gathering with organic life, include non-toxic refreshments.

When cephalon do host gatherings it is generally to share information that is mutually beneficial, or to act on behalf of a respective operator.

Swailwort asks: Why do the Crewmen fight us if they could just send in Moas?
Corpus, while innovative, are known for building redundancies in their mechanical creations to help better facilitate tasks accomplished by each creation. An organic presence does offer some advantages in being able to more quickly adapt to variations in a given scenario.

It is also a likely factor in the minimal amount of robotic uprisings experienced by the Corpus since the creation of Automated Transport Dock 42.C – an automated combination heavy-loading tool and mining platform that discovered optimal efficiency in mining could be achieved by overthrowing and enslaving the local Corpus research team.

No casualties were experienced; however, Dock 42.C did receive commendation in pioneering new means of excavating Oxium during its short-lived revolution. It was later disassembled after its creators recovered from intense exhaustion and the profound discovery that manual labour is, in fact, quite difficult.

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