Cephalon Cordylon 15

Originally posted on 01 Sep 2015.

Igo95862 asks: How come Lotus, Grineer and Corpus use same currency – credits?
The Corpus and Grineer would prefer to avoid each other as frequently as possible, but trade between all inhabitants of our solar system is an absolute necessity. So long as neither the Grineer nor Corpus control the entirety of our solar system, both sides will always require goods obtainable from specific environments.

Using a single unified currency helps reduce many problems that arise when making complex trades – such as Grineer bidding on Corpus weaponry or Corpus purchasing raw materials en masse from various mining colonies. Naturally, the Tenno may spend credits on similar goods or information such as blueprints.

Only for a brief period of time were credits ignored, when an impatient Grineer captain determined they were not getting the best value from their trades. After the Corpus declared they would not accept underpayment for a shipment of (reportedly) unrefined Oxium the captain reportedly declared he would make up the difference in credits with recently-harvested salvage.

He then promptly fired upon the Corpus vessel, which then threw the entire quadrant's trading post into a heated conflict lasting a week before intervention from the Queens, who were quite upset at the disruption of materials. It is unlikely the captain survived the ordeal.

Amaterasu asks: Why are there so many chairs in the Void? Almost every room has at least one and it has led me to believe that the Orokin were severely out of shape.
Information on the athletic prowess of the Orokin is quite limited, but it is not unreasonable to assume that chair placement was meant to provide the opportunity to rest and take in their surroundings. Such high ceilings and ornate decoration would be otherwise useless.

Given their appreciation for aesthetically pleasing environments and known affinity with creating technologically advanced servitors, one would imagine they had many opportunities to rest at a leisurely pace. Such seating arrangements could also have been for the benefit of visitors, those with previously sustained injuries hindering mobility, or the elderly organic life forms that are close to (but are not quite ready for) termination.

Desgax asks: I often find Infested Maggots in the field and find the way they chomp on me endearing and cute. Do you think Ordis would be mad if I brought one back to my Liset to keep as a pet?
I would first recommend that a question like this is best posed to Ordis, who is specifically tasked with providing the Operator with a safe and comfortable environment. Should Ordis determine that the acquisition of a new pet would compromise the safety of your Liset then adequate measures can be taken to either re-appropriate your ship for the new carbon-based entity or efforts can be made to acquire you a new self-gratifying prisoner.

Additionally, I express curiosity at what qualities you find 'endearing and cute' in the Infested Maggot. Many would describe Infestation to be 'disgusting' or 'repulsive', with many sources citing their reasons for not enjoying repurposed tissue – despite its creative and ingenious means of restructuring organic compounds.

Could there be a link between the Maggot's unique sounds that would help spread Infestation via gullible organic life? Be advised you may receive a questionnaire from me in the future to help further clarify this unusual anomaly.

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