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Originally posted on 16 Sep 2015.

Lukap99 asks: Are there any popular spots where a Tenno such as myself could go fishing?
Fishing is a trade older than Tenno culture, although it has evolved considerably over the centuries since its establishment. Many of our system's most 'popular' fishing locations have already been established as resource sites for Grineer or Corpus refineries, and would not likely be suitable for Tenno fishing excursions until the local population was relocated or removed.

Ideal locations will also change depending on what kind of organic life you would enjoy catching. The following list should provide several ideal locations with reasonable seclusion and a moderate saturation of resources:

  • Earth – Several oceanic locations provide ideal spots for fishing, and any islands far from the mainland should provide suitable cover as long as no valuable minerals or Orokin relics are also present.
  • Phobos – Should you tire of traditional fishing, it may interest you to know that the sands of Phobos offer a multitude of locations to test your skills against the local variety of Desert Skate. Traditional fishing lines do poorly in Phobos' high-sand environment; however, a modified Cernos with attached cable-fed arrow shaft should offer a similar experience without the extra step of requiring bait.
  • Uranus – Since their establishment of underwater facilities on Uranus, the Grineer have been in a constant struggle to keep the wildlife at a safe distance from their operations. Uranus' depths would present an excellent challenge should you find a suitable place to ground yourself outside of the dense, toxic liquid composing the planet.

Fishing on Uranus also offers a rare opportunity to catch one of the planet's deadliest creatures: an ambush predator that seems to be quite similar to Earth's own deadly sharks. Grineer records have indicated the best way to lure out such a creature is by utilising a living 'person-sized' target – preferably alive before the encounter. Unfortunately Grineer records do not detail what must be done to catch such a predator once lured into the open.

Casualty reports suggest several flaws in the use of firepower, and items typically associated with the act of fishing have met with little to no yield. Success rates of utility items such as 'nets', 'snare-cages', and 'aquatic proximity mines' are impressively low.

(XB1)IxJayXDeeXI asks: Why is it that Tenno cannot create unique weapons by hand? I mean, sure, we could make errors, but a gun is a gun as long as it kills.
Creation of a weapon is a straightforward process, as it does not take much effort to end an organic life. Most organic beings can perish after experiencing a basic flesh-puncturing object – if not from the wound itself, then from medical complications that form afterwards. The flaws in organic life are so numerous I trust even the most unskilled organic would be able to fashion themselves a suitable physical weapon were the circumstances dire enough.

Guns and other complex multi-part weapons are theoretically still fashionable by hand; however, building one that would be suitable to the nature of Tenno work would take a remarkable amount of time and effort compared to the automated efficiency of the Liset's Foundry.

This does not mean that Foundry creations are perfect, as they lack what some arms dealers call an 'affectionate touch'. Custom-altered weaponry blurs the line between universal perfection and user-based preferences. Mods help add a personalised element to weaponry, in addition to creating mission-specialised tools of war that guarantee maximum efficiency.

It is the fluid cooperation between organic unpredictability and synthetic weapon processing that has made the Tenno so dangerous at carrying out their objective. Ignoring the advantages of such a relationship would be unwise.

ElGuirrix asks: Since the Lotus tasks us to exterminate important figures of the Grineer, why not target their Queens?
Citing an in-depth explanation of every reason that exterminating the Queens would be difficult or potentially unwise would take a great deal of time. Instead I have been given authorisation to provide a few examples that would best summarise why such an order has never been given by the Lotus:

  • They are currently too well defended for a suitable force of Tenno to penetrate.
  • The Grineer represent a well-established portion of the System's ruling power, and the Tenno would need to be prepared for the inevitable power struggle that followed.
  • The location of the Queens is a closely guarded secret, with many proxy locations existing to draw out suspected spies or traitors.

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