Cephalon Cordylon 11

Originally posted on 08 Jun 2015.

TheJadrimian asks: What is life like for normal people in the Origin System? We see a lot of individuals hanging around the Relays, but are they a privileged few? What about everyone else?
Given that Operators spend most of their time in hostile territory, it is not unreasonable to assume that there are few 'normal' organics in the solar system. But civilian settlements do exist, and those that keep far away from zones of conflict can live lives uninterrupted by violence. Such day-to-day tasks may be related to agriculture, scientific development, construction, or the trading of goods.

These locations are no secret, but visiting them is of no concern to us. Contact with any Tenno operative is considered an act of treason by the Grineer, and a potentially exploitable resource by a majority of the Corpus council. Those who work within Tenno Relays are in fact a privileged few, but their allegiance to our cause does come at the loss of safety beyond our harbour.

The Lotus works so that no civilian need make contact with a tool of war. Warframes are no exception.

Blazingcobalt asks: Does a cephalon have a way of defending itself? Can it shoot lasers from each vertex of its preferred shape?
Every cephalon is capable of defending itself in a wide manner of ways; however, light-construct technology is not widely available across the solar system.

The most common means for a cephalon to defend itself is by creating a backup to preserve all memory. While not an aggressive means of self-preservation, it is by far the most reliable, particularly when working with organics that enjoy accessing unknown or untrustworthy files sent to their inbox.

In case of a physical attack against my databanks there are many tools at my disposal, including automated weaponry, lock mechanisms, and the complete ventilation of all oxygen into the exterior of my vessel.

Other means of self-defense are classified, but you may rest assured that many cephalon have a means of keeping themselves adequately protected.

NikodemosTheMan asks: What would you recommend for rinsing off dirt, blood and guts off our warframes? I want to keep the armour in peak condition and not scratch it too much with harsh methods.
Proper warframe maintenance is an important part of pre-combat preparation, and while many Tenno find this task to be less than compelling, it is good to see some Tenno find value and pride in the upkeep of their tools.

While Ordis does provide care in keeping each warframe in pristine condition, there are some precautions you can take before stepping into your Liset for extraction:

  • Wipe your feet: it may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many Tenno track mud, grime, or other curiously soft and foul remnants from enemies into the Liset after a mission.
  • Clean your blades: make sure there are no viscera attached to your weapons after engaging in melee combat.
  • Do not bathe outside of the Liset: while it may seem tempting to wash off in one of Earth's lakes or remove excess blood in a cloud of flesh-consuming nanites before extraction, these often allow more parasites (and wear and tear) to build up on your equipment over time.

ArcariusAero asks: What ever happened to that one Grineer guy that Vor shocked before finding us?
While our intelligence has been able to piece together what transpired prior to Vor's near-acquisition of warframe technology, the aftermath of such events is difficult to follow.

Rumours suggest that while first Sergeant Zek survived his encounter with the impatient Captain Vor, his military career was not so fortunate. Humiliated in front of his fellow officers and unable to provide sufficient gains for the Queens, Zek was demoted to outpost duty on Mercury, where his injuries would further hamper his progression within the ranks of the Grineer.

The entire story serves as a warning to aspiring Grineer officers that lack the callous determination required to progress their empire. As a curious side note, a version of the tale has been made into a rather inspiring holo-comedy broadcast across some Syndicate channels.

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