Cephalon Cordylon 20

Originally posted on 10 Dec 2015.

Vision and Voice asks: Where exactly do the credit rewards we get from most of our missions come from? Who's paying us?
Credit rewards are distributed by the Lotus for the successful completion of a mission. These credits are obtained by various means, whether through the resale of information obtained during espionage or the acquisition of goods obtained through remnant Corpus or Grineer outposts. On rare occasion the Lotus is forced to keep such discoveries secret, but such valuable data often comes with its own benefits.

Gifts from outlying colonies threatened by Grineer raiding parties are also not uncommon. Even Steel Meridian, though their intentions may be righteous, are required to take payments in order to continue their operations.

Mercer08 asks: I enjoy the aesthetics of our syandanas, so I hate bringing this up, but aren't syandanas a tactical disadvantage? I mean, if an enemy grabs it or if it gets caught in a fan, the syandana's wearer would be in for it. So is there some technology we use to prevent such outcomes, or do we wear them solely for aesthetics and tradition?
The simplest explanation is that a syandanas varies on the intention of each individual Tenno. Some wear them for ornamental purposes, or to remind themselves of their heritage. Others wear the banners of fallen enemies to inspire fear. Most commonly use syandanas to display a high ranking or social status amongst peers or outsiders.

Reports of such unnecessary decoration being the result of a warframe's destruction are quite rare, as syandanas are capable of being easily detached with minimal effort. Organic life with vulnerable air passageways are still recommended not to wear syandanas while experiencing an extensive sleep cycle.

Even including these reported instances of accidental self-harm, there are insufficient data to suggest that wearing a syandana provides a tactical disadvantage in combat. Until such data can be collected and analysed, there is no reason that the Tenno cannot continue to look extravagant in combat.

Caobie asks: Since the ancient Earth holiday season is upon us, are there any unique annual holidays that the Tenno, Grineer, or Corpus celebrate?
Of the three groups listed, the Corpus are most likely to fit the description of celebrating a 'holiday'. Most of these rituals are done with remarkable pomp and circumstance, as the entire purpose of having such a celebration is to notify your peers and rivals of an impending success or meteoric Profit gain.

These special occasions are not limited to a single day but rather a significant life event such as:

  • The termination of your first financial opposition's business or life savings.
  • The creation and successful patent of a unique new technology.
  • The establishment of a new trade route.
  • A child's first stock purchase, only after said stock has achieved a capital gain over the equivalent of 7 Earth day cycles.
  • The death of a well-established relative.

The Tenno do not celebrate holidays as a whole, although it is not uncommon to find some Tenno have adopted new traditions to build camaraderie within the safety of their Dojo. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Dojo decoration.
  • Clan outings to hunt and presumably maim exotic targets.
  • Dramatic unveiling of new technology.
  • Celebration based around the foundation of a Clan or Alliance.

Grineer have several celebrations based around celebrating the glory of their Queens, many of which end in the execution of traitors or presumed enemies of the Empire. These events are often held in public, frequently in the aftermath of a successful raid or invasion.

I am inclined to advise that, of the celebratory examples listed, you are strongly advised to not participate in a Grineer Liberation Festival.

Ivara asks: Any chance the Lotus has a new hat I can use? I love my hood, but sometimes it's nice to use a bit of peripheral vision.
Entirely understandable, Ivara. You'll be pleased to know that our technicians are hard at work designing a new helmet suitable for keeping excessive light from impeding your vision while providing an improved field of view. Its design was largely inspired from ancient studies of Earth lore, but we assure you the material it is constructed from is of the highest quality. We expect a field-suitable product to be available before the end of the month.

Any increase in urges to commit banditry while wearing this experimental headgear are entirely coincidental.

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