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Some Sister Candidates gain the "Folksy" personality type upon being chosen as a Sister of Parvos. Folksy Sisters use many strange idioms, similes, and informal language, and refer to Parvos Granum as "Mister Parvos".

Folksy Sisters are voiced by Keaton Talmadge.


The Sister's first transmission is based on the progenitor warframe used to kill them.

(Impact) "Oh I learned to take a hit long before I met you. Learned how to give one, too."

(Cold) "You were a cool customer. Well then, Mister Parvos said, 'Why not take that from them… and return the turn in kind?' That Mister Parvos, he's so clever."

(Electric) "It's not good manners to let a girl dance alone. Once I zap you real good? You'll dance."

(Heat) "From you I took fire. Nothing makes me happier than burning away anyone who might want to harm Mister Parvos."

(Toxin) "Gonna slip you an oogie. Make you real green around the gills. Just you see."

(Magnetic) "I'm back, and mad enough to smash right through every shield you have."

(Radiation) "I'm back. You're part of me now, and me a part of you. I'm in you, like radiation. You can't get away."

After logging in

"Every time I clean something you just make something else dirty."

"Y'know, I'm not very sure how many of us it'd take to kick your bottom, but I got a long line of volunteers."

"I tell my problems to my diary. Maybe you could do that too? When you're not being used as a whimpering human pillow by the largest and most diseased of the felons I'm gonna lock you in a basement with."

"Oh, it's my fault. If I'd done a better job of placing your hand in Mister Parvos', we wouldn't be in this humbugging, bamboozled old situation. Well. I'm not giving up on you."

"I was at the end of my rope, 'til I met you. Now you're at the end of mine."

"You can't get away from me, darling."

"Can we talk about Mister Parvos? I'm sure if you just listened to what he's all about you'd see he has such wonderful, perfect ideas. Would you do that for me?"

Viewing influenced sector

"A sector. Gosh. A sector's a big responsibility. But I can do it. I'm ready, Mister Parvos, sir. You just see if I'm not."

"I do believe I'm getting better at this! Even my Sisters say so. 'She should be dead already.' Nossir. I'm movin' on up."

"Now. Mister Parvos says this sector's mine and that means everyone in it. Now you all be double-shiny good and I won't ever have to show you my mean face."

"Look what I got! A sector! Oh, it's perfect perfect perfect."

"Oh. Oh Mister Parvos will be so pleased with me. Do I look okay?"

"The sector? We got it? Really? Oh happy day! Happy, happy day! What do I win?

Killing a Hound

"Oh my. You just worked her right over, din'cha."


(if a Hound downs the Tenno) "This right here is my Hound, and they'll mind your business for you. Just see if they don't."

(if a Hound downs the Tenno) "Oh, puppy, aren't you just a stitch! [laughs] Puppy got you fine and proper, friend!"

(if a Hound kills the Tenno) "I am real sad that it's come to this, friend, but I consider it an honour that my Hound's the one to end your life."

(if a Hound kills the Tenno) "Give it a good shake, honey. Make sure it's good and dead."

Claiming tax

"Because I am learned and worldly and elegant, I have something you never will: I have enough. I also have enough because I am taking your money."

"You're not supposed to be here. So I'll take that and you'll say 'Thank you, Sister. I'll be on my way now.'"

"You do bad, you put money in the Bad Jar. I'm gonna get Mister Parvos something nice."

"I am good at many talents so opposing me was a silly, stupid, dirt-headed mistake. I will spend this better than you ever would."

After revealing a Requiem

"What… what are you doing? Get away! You get away from that!"

"I don't like people who put their sticky little ticklesticks where they haven't been invited."

"Nobody likes a pokey Pobber. You quit poking around my affairs and I won't have to poke out those pretty peepers of yours."

"Oh no. Oh no you don't, you dirty dooder. This belongs to Mister Parvos, and nobody touches Mister Parvos' particulars while I'm around! No sir!"

When fighting in mission

(when spawning) "Betcha wish you'd never done to me that bad thing you did."

(when spawning) "Wishes aren't fishes, and if my progenitor had wheels, well, she'd a' been a wagon. I don't like havin' to do this, but you're just bad. Bad right to the bone."

(when spawning) "Oh, I wished better things for us, but you have broken my faith in you and now things must come to their end."

(when spawning) "We all have a shadow, darling. I am yours as you are for certain mine."

(when spawning) "If I'm honest… I've been following you since first we met. Does that sound strange?"

"I figure you're gonna last about as long as a moth in a candle factory, yes I do."

"Now you keep those ticklesticks of yours where I can see them and maybe this doesn't end with my having to spread you out like a map."

"I'd say you have about as much chance as a snake in a typing contest."

"Don't you tell me you love me. I don't care how bad you wanna live."

"Shoulda banged a left before you got here. Then we wouldna had ta do this, now would we?"

"Your rage is fire. And that fire is gonna take you."

"There you are. There's my cheeky sweetie."

(when commanding Hound to explode) "Go boom for Mommy."

(when commanding Hound to explode) "I loved that Hound. It isn't right that you made me blow her up like that. I hope it just hurt you the awfullest."

(if the Tenno is downed) "Well. We thought quite a lot of ourselves, didn't we?"

(if the Tenno is downed) "Now lie still. This is for the best."

(if the Tenno is downed) "I warned you. I warned you… and I warned you… and I warned you."

(if the Tenno is downed) "Why is it always the best in this world who are obliged to do the ugliest of things? I'm sorry it's come to this."

(if the Tenno is killed) "You didn't think I'd do it, but I did it. I DID IT."

(if the Tenno is killed) "Oh, I'm sorry!"

(if the Tenno is killed) "Whew. I'm going to need some alone time to think on Mister Parvos and make peace with what I've done."

Using a correct Requiem

"Well, this sucks rocks through three miles of bent pipe."

"Why would you be… so mean?"

"You are a bad, bad person!"

"Nothing… nothing stays dead… around… Mister Parvos… that he doesn't want… to stay dead."

When the Sister ranks up

"Oh. Mister Parvos. Thank you for making me a part of your life. For welcoming me into your wonderful dream."

"My sisters used to say children would dress like me for Naberus. They thought they were so smart. So funny. Well. Who's laughing now, huh? WHO! IS LAUGHING! NOW!!!"

"Oh! Thank you, Mister Parvos! I… I don't know what to say. [laughs]"

"Oh. Oh! I just want to dance!"

"[gasps] Really? Is this…? Am I…? Oh. Oh my. If this isn't just the shiniest star in the heavens."

(when reaching max rank) "Well. My goodness. I feel… powerful. Mister Parvos, sir, this must be how you feel every single morning. I'm gonna be such a good Sister, sir, oh yes I am. Better than all those other doodies you surround yourself with. Better than that Vala. Oh, you'll see. I'll be the only Sister you'll need."

(when reaching max rank) "You see? You see me now, all you dirty doodies who took the cheap, easy route? I am my best self. I have manifested the life I deserve, and Mister Parvos, he sees me! Oh, oh happy day! I'm gonna kill all of you, I swear to the Void."


"Oh, not this chicken, friend."

"Oh, I am not at home to Mister Defeat!"

"Must you rip the wings from all the angels?"

"You should apologise to your mother… for the dirty-girty you turned out to be!"

"How COULD you?!"

If the Sister causes the Tenno to fail the mission

"Well, look where those assumptions got you. And you know what they say about assumptions. They make an 'ass' out of 'u'… and… 'mptions'."

"Doodies do what they do, and then, they're dead, dead doo-doo."


Final confrontation in Neptune Proxima

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "I believe we pick the devil we run with. You picked me, I guess."

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "I hope you hugged everyone who cares about you."

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "I don't like people who just come calling. I DON'T LIKE IT."

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "I am tired of runnin' you around on the end of a stick. I am an important part of Mister Parvos' endeavours, and you are just a… a… dumb-dumb dooder. [angry sigh] And dooders gotta die."

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "You are very brave, but leaving here alive should be of concern to someone as outnumbered as yourself."

(when firing torpedoes) "Hit 'em with those crackle-snappers! I wanna see that little tin ship scatter like stars."

(when firing torpedoes) "Deliver Mister Parvos' wrath on trails of fire! Fire!"

(when calling in a Crewship) "Pack lots of burly men into a Crewship and send it on over."

(when calling in a Crewship) "Make ready the next Crewship. I farewell you… with a kiss!"

(when calling in more fighters) "Fill the sky with fighters like an angel choir! Sing!"

(when calling in more fighters) "Fighters, away! Handsome skyboys, I'll be waving from the bridge!"

(when launching Ramsled) "Little men, get on your shooter tubes and do good. Travel true!"

(when launching Ramsled) "Little men, I would very much like you all to bring me that ship, please. Now fly."

(when the Tenno boards the capital ship) "What. You can't be here. How can you be here? Oh, this is all gone wrong!"

(when the Tenno boards the capital ship) "This is how you repay me for showing you Mister Parvos' light? You better start showing some gratitude, or I don't think we can be friends."

(while the Tenno traverses the ship) "Things are gonna change around here. Oh indeedydoody and yessiree. Things are gonna change."

(while the Tenno traverses the ship) "You may not say much, but those popguns of yours certainly do sing a sad old opera, don't they?"

(when the Tenno arrives for the final confrontation) "It just breaks my heart to have to do this."

(when the Tenno arrives for the final confrontation) "Why do you have to make me choose? Between you and Mister Parvos? You know that's no choice I can make."

(when the Sister is at half health) "I'm… I'm so proud of you. But you need to be quiet now."

(when the Sister is at half health) "You're not my friend. You're a fake tin thing as fake as all my SISTERS!"



"Ha. Hahahaha."

"Wait. No. Not when everything's still so messy…."


"Oh. Oh what kind of choice are you giving me? To betray the man I love… to save my own life? What kind of choice is that? Forgive me, darling."

"But… that would mean… that would mean I have to leave Mister Parvos. [sigh] A girl has to do what's best for her. Goodbye, Mister Parvos. I'll never forget what you did for little ol' me."

"What? To betray or die? What kind of choice is that? [sigh] I was reborn once. I can be reborn again. All right. Have it your way."

When assisting

"I'm here, darling. Don't you worry."

"Well, I was on my usual patrol, and here you were – wasting your time with these no-account two-bit muck munchers – and, well, I just couldn't not stop by and help out the System's greatest warrior! And here I am!"

"Get away from them ! All of you! YOU TAKE YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF THEM RIGHT NOW!"

"Let me take care of these no-good stinky Verminks for you. Don't you tire yourself on their account."

(when leaving) "Oh it was like music watching you spin and twirl through all those two-faced scum muffins. I consider it an honour to have been your dance partner."

(when leaving) "There. Now, I must tell you. Enemies like those… those wormy waffles and side-talking snot snakes that you fight so often… well, well they're beneath you. And I'm glad that I came by so maybe you didn't have to anymore. There. I said it."

(when leaving) "There. All done."

(when leaving) "Oh! We did it, and you're alive, and it was all because I came along at JUST the right time!

(if killed) "I'm sorry, my love. I got bamboozled. [death noise]"

(if killed) "Tricked… by dirty doodies. I feel such… a ninconpoop."

(if killed) "Oh no. I got all turned around by their flim-flam. On alone, you must go. Farewell, my love."


Sisters of Parvos can rarely have personality quirks that result in unique behaviour and dialogue when the Sister appears to fight in a mission.

Allergic to Nature

Unique dialogue when spawning on outdoor tilesets.

"Things should be clean and just so. But… [sneezes] this place… [sneezes] this place is all DIRT. [sneezes]"

"[multiple sneezes] Oh, this… this place is [sneezes] playing merry hell with my allergies. [sneezes]"

Always Hungry

Unique dialogue; no observed behaviour.

"Okay, boys, you keep our guest busy while I get a few calories to strong on up."

"Back in the Corpus mess – that fine old place – Mister Parvos feeds us well. I do right by him by making sure I get my three squares."


Unique dialogue if the Tenno turns invisible.

"Well, well. [inhales] Mmm. Don't you just smell sweet as pie."

"Oh, no no no. You may hide from my eyes, but you can't hide from my twitching little sniffer. Smell you from anywhere, I would."


Will attempt to flee at low health while speaking unique dialogue.

"Well. I can see I am clearly in over my little ol' head. So, if you'll excuse me—"

"Now, I may be brave, but I am not stupid. A lady has to know her limitations, and so I bid you a very good day."


Can randomly attempt to flee while speaking unique dialogue.

"You… you killed my Eximus? HOW COULD YOU? Come on home, baby. Let Momma make it better. YOU MONSTER!"

"Oh, physical conflict is not something at which I excel, so if you'll excuse me…."

Fear of Being Alone

Unique dialogue if there are no supporting troops.

"Nonono. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. I was supposed to lay you low with my army of his Shining Hand and… and… and now it's all RUINED."

"Mister Parvos gave me all those shiny men. Now you broke them. Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no he's gonna be so mad. HE'S GONNA BE SO MAD."

Fear of Children

Unique dialogue if the Tenno uses their Operator form.

"Children are like people not left in the oven for long enough and the way they look at me all clear-eyed like the Void itself is looking back at me and saying 'I come for you, in time, I come for you and take you into the nothing so that you become nothing and…'! [screams]"

"Children? No. All wrong and supple-limbed and moving like water? Wrong. Wrong, wrong!"

Fear of Heights

Unknown behaviour.

"What… what am I meant to do all the way up here with the hard, hard ground staring at me like it wants to squash me flat? Flap my arms like a little birdie? I gotta go. I gotta go, I say!"

"Now, there is a right place and a wrong place for each thing to be. And things without feathers are not meant to be this… far from the good ol' ground. No sir, no sir, they are not!"

Fear of Kubrow

Unique dialogue if the Tenno has a kubrow companion.

"I am no meat treat for no devil-eyed dirty dog! You keep that ??? away, and maybe I, I won't have to do what I don't want to do. You hear me?"

"Eyes and hair and fangs all red! I know you, devil dog. I have been in those jaws before! You will not have me again!"

Fear of Space Travel

Unique dialogue when spawning on ship tilesets; sometimes will freeze in terror and not attack.

"Floating through the infinite inside a tin, thin doohickey just isn't right! It's wrong. It's wrong wrong wrong, and I gotta go go go!"

"Someone who's a little something sure does feel like no one floating in the middle of all this nothing! I gotta skedaddle."

Hatred of Children

Unique dialogue if the Tenno uses their Operator form.

"Oh, you sneaky faker child! Don't you look at me, you knowing-eyed little brat! You got secrets? We all got secrets! I don't need your secrets. I just need you to STOP LOOKING AT ME!"

"A child? A child raises its sticky little grasper to me? Without so much as a how do you do, without a shred of respect? You respect your elders, you hear my words, you tiny little half-person child thing! You respect your elders!"

Hatred of Corpus

Unique dialogue when spawning on Corpus tilesets.

"Oh, Grineer. Tatty tin fakemen is what I call them. Copies of copies of copies of a real person. Not even ghosts! Putting them down, well, it's a duty. And one I need to attend to. Excuse me."

"Grineer. Tatty little tin fakemen. Hurky-jerky fun-making of what a real person is supposed to be! Gonna put you down."

Hatred of Infested

Unique dialogue when spawning on Infested tilesets.

"Oh I'll get right back to you, but first, I need to exterminate this dirty, no-good Infested filth."

"Ugh, Infested. All bubbling and roiling and wrong. Help a girl clean this up. We can get back to killing each other soon enough."


Unique dialogue if there are no supporting troops.

"They're all gone. Good. I don't like sharing my meat."

"So all my men are dead now. Well, they were just getting between me and you, darling."


Prone to attacking allied troops while speaking unique dialogue.

"I know you know. Don't think… don't think I don't know that you know. Yeah. You… you know."

"Oh. I get it. I see now. This was all a trap, a trick, a big ol' flashy fake. All of you, all of you in on it to get me here. Well, it ain't gonna work. No sir!"

Prone to Vertigo

Avoids stairways and catwalks.

"What kind of person tips a lady over?

"Knocking a lady over? That's dirty pool, you dirty doody. Dirty pool!"


Unique dialogue if the Tenno is on fire.

"Doesn't life just look merry as you please in front of a big ol' rip-roaring fire? Well, only if you're not in it, I suppose."

"The thing I like the bestest-best about fire? It doesn't lie. It is what it is, does what it does, please and thank you. Just like me."

Trophy Hunter

Unknown behaviour.

"Well, now. I spy with my little eye a critter that would make the finest of gifts for Mister Parvos. Once appropriately stuffed and mounted. Come here, little fella."

"Well, how do you do, my four-legged little friend? I'm gonna take a moment to measure you up for a rug. Hey, come back here!"


Unique dialogue; no observed behaviour.

"I was ugly. But now, I'm pretty. The prettiest of the pretty. Oh, the belle of the ball."

"Such fine work Mister Parvos did. Behold the glorious product of his glad hand. Behold my beauty."

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