Darvo's Fire Sale

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25 April 2017 – 17 May 2017

Darvo's Fire Sale was a series of Market discounts offered by Darvo, similar to Darvo's Totally Legit Sale some months earlier.

Darvo's Fire Sale

On 25 April (Tuesday), the Tenno received an inbox message from Darvo.

Inbox message:
Darvo's Fire Sale


I've gone and done it again. This time, I've pissed off the Grineer with another awesome deal. Why do they hate my deals so much? Is it because they were born in a tube? Probably. But it could also be that they think I've stolen their stuff.

That means I've got to get rid of everything, fast. Each day I'll have a new deal, and anything you don't buy, I'm burning to an unrecognisable crisp. It's a fire sale!

Darvo's Fire Sale: Buy it, or I burn it.

Your pal,

During the event, for each weekday a different item, such as a weapon or cosmetic, went on sale in the Market for 33% off its platinum price. Every week, from Monday to Friday, players could go to the Darvo's Fire Sale webpage (currently defunct) to vote on the weekend deal, which would be available from Friday to Sunday of that week, usually featuring a more expensive item (such as a warframe or deluxe bundle) with a 55% discount. There were 11 Daily Deals and 3 community-voted weekend deals that were included in Darvo's Fire Sale over the three weeks.

There were also voting goal tiers to encourage Tenno to vote on the site. If the required number of votes were cast (over the course of the entire event), then additional deals would be unlocked from 15 May (Monday) to 17 May (Wednesday). The tiers were as follows:

  • 50.000 votes cast: 55% off Forma
  • 100.000 votes cast: 55% off Orokin Reactors
  • 160.000 votes cast: 55% off Orokin Catalysts
  • 220.000 votes cast: 55% off Nidus Collection

All voting goals were met over the course of the event.

Unlike Darvo's Totally Legit Sale, there were no Alert missions or other in-game components of this event. The event only consisted of sales in the Market.


Week 1: Weekend Deal: Chroma, Equinox, or Mesa
Tuesday (25 April): Pyra syandana
Wednesday (26 April): Operator Suit collection
Thursday (27 April) Hunhow's Gift
Weekend (28 – 30 April): Mesa

Week 2: Weekend Deal: Ash Koga skin, Frost Harka skin, or Rhino Palatine skin
Monday (01 May): Classic Saturated colour palette
Tuesday (02 May): Quaro armour collection
Wednesday (03 May): Thorac syandana
Thursday (04 May): [unknown]1
Weekend (05 – 07 May): Frost Harka skin

Week 3: Weekend Deal: Silver Grove bundle, Huntress bundle, or Sands of Inaros bundle
Monday (08 May): Kavat starter kit
Tuesday (09 May): Harkonar weapon skin bundle
Wednesday (10 May): Kyroptera syandana
Thursday (11 May): What Stalker? bundle
Weekend (12 – 14 May): Huntress bundle

Week 4: Voting goal rewards
Monday – Wednesday (15 – 17 May): 55% off Forma, Orokin Reactors, Orokin Catalysts, and Nidus Collection

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  1. If you know what the sale was for this day, please contact the Curator.

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