Cephalon Cy Dialogue: Volatile

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Volatile is a unique Empyrean game mode for Corpus missions. In it, the Tenno must board a Corpus capital ship, recalibrate the ship's reactor, then make their way back to their Railjack and use the forward artillery to destroy the subreactor systems, destroying the enemy vessel. Unlike other Corpus Empyrean missions, Cephalon Cy acts as mission control for the duration of the exercise.

Mission start

Like other Corpus Empyrean missions, the Tenno must first disable strategic targets in the AO before they can board the capital ship.

"Overheat that thing's reactors. I will update you on the fly."

 "A two-part approach. Part one: get inside. Part two: something else."

"Target the reactor. Get in. Lower defences. Get out. Then we make with the artillery."

Optional objective

Eventually, a Crewship will punch in. Cephalon Cy will instruct the Tenno to kill the pilot and collect his security credentials. The ship will be marked in the HUD. The Tenno may choose to ignore this objective without affecting mission rewards.

"High-level VIP credentials nearby. Stealing them would simplify the reactor plan."

"Tagging nearby Corpus officer. Their credentials would assist with the reactor job. Your call."

"A nearby Corpus officer carries credentials that would make this job easier. Just saying."

Upon killing the Crewship officer

"VIP credentials. Grab them."

"Candy. Grab those credentials."

"There. Security credentials."

Upon picking up security credentials

"Excellent. Return to mission."

"Now bail."

"Credential authenticity confirmed. We can go."

Upon boarding capital ship

Upon boarding, the Tenno will be instructed to head to the reactor chamber.

"Objective: destroy vessel. Complication: Reactor invulnerable to Railjack artillery. Solution: recalibrate Reactor."

"Adjust the reactor signature. Render it vulnerable to our weapons. Go."

"Reactor invulnerable to our artillery. Recalibrate Reactor to render it vulnerable."

(if credentials obtained, variant) "Reactor console nearby. The codes you obtained will grant unimpeded access. Corpus Engineers will not immediately detect intrusion."

(if credentials obtained, variant)  "Use the security codes you garnered to access the marked reactor console. Corpus Engineers will detect nothing amiss at first."

(if credentials not obtained, variant) "Reactor console on scope. You will need to gain access without security codes. The hard way. Corpus Engineers will attempt to make it harder."

(if credentials not obtained, variant) "Breach reactor security. No quick access codes available. Corpus Engineers are on standby. This will get messy."

Upon starting the recalibration process

Upon activating one of the four control panels, a temperature gauge will appear on the HUD, along with a progress meter starting at 0%. As time passes, the temperature and recalibration progress meter will both increase. The ideal temperature range is specified in white brackets on the temperature gauge; as long as the temperature remains within the white brackets, recalibration progress will proceed at the fastest rate. As the temperature increases, it will become necessary to vent heat to keep an ideal working temperature. As recalibration progresses, the white brackets will become smaller and smaller, representing a shorter ideal range.

"Reactor heat spiking. Reactor heat must maintain specified range."

"Reactor heating up. Keep heat levels within specified parameters."

"Reactor cooking. Keep heat levels within assigned margins."

As recalibration continues

Eventually, one of the many distressed pipes in the area will be highlighted by Cephalon Cy (both in the minimap and the HUD). Destroying the pipe will temporarily eject a plume of burning gas and immediately drop the temperature by a set amount. As the temperature increases constantly, destroying these vents is necessary to keep the temperature within acceptable margins. Only one vent will be vulnerable at a time, and sequential vents are often located far away from each other, forcing the Tenno to constantly move from one side of the chamber to the other.

"Heat levels climbing. Force vents open to cool reactor when needed."

"Maintain reactor heat within optimal range. Target vents when needed to discharge excess heat."

"Target vents when necessary to balance thermal load."

After destroying a distressed pipe

"Vent shaft open. Reactor heat dropping."

"Reactor venting. Heat discharged."

"Vent destroyed. Pressure dropping. Core heat dropping."

When heat reaches critical levels

If the temperature ever reaches the maximum setting, the reactor will begin a 15-second timer to meltdown. If the Tenno does not destroy a vent within that time, the mission will immediately fail.

"Vent. Immediately."

"Heat critical. Vent immediately."

"Warning. Reactor is in meltdown. Reduce heat. Now."

Recovering from a meltdown timer

"Core stabilising."



At periodic intervals, a Corpus Engineer will spawn and immediately head towards one of the four control consoles. If the Tenno secured the optional security credentials earlier in the mission, the Engineers will not begin spawning until the process has progressed significantly.

"Engineers inbound."

"Corpus Engineers inbound."

Engineer shutdown

If an Engineer reaches a control console, he will initiate reactor shutdown. This immediately resets the temperature to 0 and stops the recalibration process, and starts a 15-second countdown. The Tenno must reach the same control console and activate it within this time or the mission will immediately fail. If the Tenno does manage to abort the shutdown, the recalibration will resume, although the temperature will start climbing from 0, which usually puts it outside the optimal temperature bracket for some time.

"Reactor shutdown sequence has been initiated. Breach the console while there is still time."

"Corpus have initiated reactor shutdown."

Upon completing recalibration

The Tenno will have to make their way to the marked Corpus airlock. The Corpus Captain will also address their crew at this point.

"Reactor recalibration complete. Hm. Recall is being jammed. You will have to Archwing."

"Reactor recalibration complete. Return to this Railjack via Archwing."

"We have what we came for. Corpus jammers are overriding Railjack recall. Return via Archwing."

Upon boarding Railjack

Once the Tenno is back on board their ship, Cephalon Cy will mark 2 – 4 red circles on the Corpus capital ship. The Tenno must fire on each marked spot using the forward artillery.

"Reactor identified. Pilot: Align Railjack with target vector. Gunners: Ready forward artillery."

"Reactor marked. Isolating optimal firing vector. Pilot, line us up. Forward artillery, take them out."

"I have visuals on multiple reactors. Engage forward artillery. Blast them."

"Subreactors on scope. Forward artillery, hit those targets."

Mission complete

"Mission complete. Capital Ship decapitated."

"Mission complete. Obelisk is a tombstone."

"Corpus Pillar toppled. Mission complete."

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