Archimedian Yonta Dialogue: Void Flood

A Rupture in Void Flood. Screenshot by GrayArchon.

Void Flood is an endless game mode on the Zariman tileset that sees the Tenno collect Vitoplast and feed it into Ruptures in order to repair the Albrecht Membrane. Mission control is provided by Archimedian Yonta. This game mode is only used on a single mission node: Everview Arc, Zariman. Like all Zariman missions, it can only be accessed after completing the Angels of the Zariman quest.

When the Tenno loads into the mission, they will be waypointed to a Rupture, appearing as a pair of Void Angel arms emerging from the floor. A meter on the HUD will show the level of the Flood as it begins to gradually increase from 0% to 100%. Globes of blue-green material called Vitoplast will be scattered all around the map, usually high in the air, usually in clusters or lines. Rare, massive orbs of Vitoplast will also move on their own throughout the environment. The Tenno must gather up Vitoplast, which will be collected and stored by a small drone that floats beside the Tenno (whether in warframe or Tenno form). Kuva Grineer or Juno Corpus enemies will also be present, depending on the time of day, and will drop a small amount of Vitoplast when killed (Eximus units will drop larger orbs). Vitoplast stored by the drone can be brought to a Rupture, and the drone will feed Vitoplast into the Rupture. Once the Rupture has absorbed enough Vitoplast, it will seal, and stop contributing to the Void Flood increasing. Sealing a Rupture will also instantly reduce the Void Flood meter by 33%. Two more Ruptures will appear over time, and must be dealt with in the same manner. If the Void Flood meter gets too high, the Void will either apply a buff to the enemies or a debuff to the Tenno (at 40%, 70%, and 100%); bringing the Void Flood meter back under the threshold by sealing Ruptures will remove the effect.

After the third Rupture is closed, a number of Thrax units will spawn (just one initially, increasing in later rounds), and they must be killed. Killing the Thrax will reduce the Void Flood meter by 33%, similar to sealing a Rupture. Afterward, the round will be complete, and a mission reward will be released. The Tenno can stay for as many rounds and Ruptures as desired. If the Void Flood meter ever reaches 100%, a timer on the HUD will notify the Tenno that they must lower the Flood meter within 2:30 minutes, or the mission will fail.

If any Tenno strays into a tile without active Ruptures, a Void manifestation named Skittergirl may appear, stealing Vitoplast from the Tenno's drone and draining some of their energy (combined with the Magnetic HUD scrambling effect). Skittergirl will continue to harass the Tenno, dancing and running around erratically. If damaged sufficiently, Skittergirl will vanish, dropping a large amount of Vitoplast (in excess of the stolen amount) as well as some energy orbs to restore the drained energy. Despite being driven off, Skittergirl may reappear at any time later during the mission if a Tenno is prone to wandering.

Mission start

"The Angels are clawing at the Albrecht membrane, creating Ruptures that will saturate the area with Void."

"Enemy activity has enraged the Void Angels. They're ripping the Albrecht membrane, exposing this entire ship to a Void Flood."

Approaching a Rupture

"Vitoplast is everywhere except for where it should be. Grab some and stuff it in a rupture."

"Collect every bit of Vitoplast you can find."

"I designed this system to deliver Vitoplast directly to Void Ruptures. Would have been nice if that design worked in practice."

"For more Vitoplast, try looking up."

"In retrospect, engineering Vitoplast to float was a mistake."

Approaching the first Rupture

"Gather up nearby Vitoplast and bring it to the ruptures."

Sealing a Rupture

"Wow. Vitoplast sealed that rupture! Just as I knew it would."

"Oh look. You sealed a rupture. Not bad."

"Rupture closed."

"Rupture sealed. On to the next."

When the second Rupture opens

"The Angels have torn open another rupture. Fill it with Vitoplast before this whole ship goes topsy-turvy."

When carrying maximum Vitoplast

"Think you got enough for now. Maybe feed it to a Rupture."

"I think you're carrying enough, don't you? Bring it to a rupture."

"Don't get greedy. Take all that Vitoplast to a rupture."

"Don't think you can carry any more."

When the Flood meter hits 40%

"Void Saturation causing further complications."

"You may notice your combat conditions worsening."

"Something just changed. Any fighting difficulties to report?"

Maximum Flood meter

"Maximum Void Saturation! Seal some ruptures or get out of there."

"The Void Flood has completely saturated this area. Failure to seal those ruptures immediately will result in… well… total failure. Not good."

"You have reached maximum Void Saturation. This typically results in death."

(critical levels) "Void saturation is approaching critical levels. Critical levels can kill you. Shall I explain further?"


(first appearance) "I'm so very sorry about this. One of the fears the Void likes to manifest is childhood anxiety. Meet the repressed fears of teenage Yonta. I call her Skittergirl. She's a thief."

(subsequent appearances) "Observation: Skittergirl is stalking you."

(subsequent appearances) "You've strayed from your squad and Skittergirl has taken notice. Watch your stuff."

(subsequent appearances) "Skittergirl likes to target stragglers. Like you. Right now."

(if Skittergirl steals Vitoplast from the Tenno) "Hey, Skittergirl! Stop. They're helping. More than I can say for you."

(if Skittergirl steals Vitoplast from the Tenno) "Skittergirl, you little twit. Get away from them."

(if Skittergirl steals Vitoplast from the Tenno) "Skittergirl. Stop. Oh. You are insufferable."

After sealing the first 3 Ruptures

"Void Floods have a tendency to wash in terrible things. One of those things is approaching. Do be careful."

After killing Thrax

"Did you… have a chance to ask it where it came from before you killed it?"

"Well. That's one less Void abomination to worry about."

"Interesting. They can be destroyed!"

"Ugh. I do not know where that thing came from, but it will not be going back."

When initial mission objective is complete

"I have opened an escape lift for you. Use it… when you need it."

"Should you need a break, self-extract at the marked location."

"You can always do more. But if you can't, I have marked an extraction point."

Mission failure

"Oh. If we had an ethics board, I would definitely get written up for this."

"I said get to extraction…. Why does no one ever listen to me?"

"Tenno. Are you… oh dear."

"Damn the Void. Not another one."

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