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Kullervo's Hold is a dungeon island in the south of Duviri, with a single prisoner and a single jailer. The prisoner is the warframe Kullervo, imprisoned six times in six separate cells (the seventh cell has been destroyed). The jailer is a Duviri citizen known only as the Warden. The Warden watches over Kullervo's eternal imprisonment.

Idle quotes

"Is the wretch howling again?"

"How our ungrateful creations spurn us, once they have taken all they can."

"Do not block my light."

"Every day he suffers afresh. And so, my purpose is fulfilled. Happy am I."

"Children. Idiot children who clap and cheer. What is he to them?"

"Do not eye me so venomously. I do not know you."

"What are you? Beggar, lunatic, or monarch clad in rags? Ugh. Trouble me not, chimaera."

Greeting the Drifter

"The prisoner seems to think you and he have unfinished business. Shall I let him out so that you can conclude it?"

"I keep him locked up here for his own safety, and that of all Duviri. Care to find out why?"

Declining to fight Kullervo

"A wise decision."

"I didn't think so."

Choosing to fight Kullervo

"Kullervo ravages Duviri once again. Extinguish his spirit as I once did."

"The beast is loose. Intent once again on mindless slaughter. Put it down, that both the innocent and the dead may sleep peacefully."

Starting Kullervo fight

"Now, fool Kullervo, for your crimes do you feel the lash."

"No escape, Kullervo. My reach is long, my grip inescapable."

After defeating the first Kullervo

"He feels your wrath, Drifter. Yes. Continue. Tame his."

"Each time you rise, betrayer, fool, each time it is I who shall cast you down."

After defeating the second Kullervo

"Just one more defeat amongst countless, Kullervo. When, oh when, shall you learn this most obvious of lessons and remain low?"

"This now-tired spectacle no longer delights mine eyes. End this, catspaw."

After defeating the third Kullervo

"Kullervo… kneeling? What did this Drifter do to deserve your respect? Do you think you've won? Well? Answer me! AN-SWER MEEE!"

"Execute the brute! Don't spar with him, you worthless collaborator! Fool. You gave him precisely what he wanted: dignity."

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo

If the Drifter has not yet fought Kullervo, they may enter the dungeon and walk among the cells. Outside each cell is a plaque that lists his crime, and the Warden will narrate them when examined.

(Crime: Murder) "You, Kullervo, thought an Executor's favour was a thing to be stolen and worn. You spilled precious Orokin blood – before seeking the Executor out for approval. Hated Kullervo, did you truly believe he could love you? You are, forevermore, a low murderer."

(Crime: Cowardice) "You witnessed the slaughter as the Orokin eradicated your defective, demented brothers and sisters… and did nothing to aid them, choosing to tremble in your cowardly seclusion. A traitor twice over. Kullervo, bloody-handed, I charge you with Cowardice."

(Crime: Flight from Custody) "The Archimedian Ainikki, your… 'mother'… lived. And you, like the vermin you are, scurried after her. In butchering the Dax whom the Executors charged with taking you into just custody, you – laughably – managed to kill the very woman you came to rescue. The third charge: Flight from Just Custody."

(Crime: Treason) "Upon the arrival of the wretched Tenno, you struck. Out of, what, a desire for redemption? You thought to strike the Orokin where it hurt: their laboratories, their edifices of government, their homes. To distract. To buy time. Idiot. You are charged with Treason."

(Crime: Espionage) "You saw the new generation of your kind, and the Tenno whose deviltry blent with theirs; and you began to whisper corruption into their ears, weave dark thoughts through the coils of their minds. Incepting, as is your wont, chaos, and disaster. You are charged with Espionage."

(Crime: Treason) "The Night of the Naga Drums. Your incepted chaos… bloomed… and the beautiful gilded Empire… fell. Were you entirely responsible? Of course not. You are, after all, a fool. But one need not be entirely responsible for the murder of an empire to be punished for their role in it. And punished you shall be. For a second count of Treason."

(Crime: Attempted Regicide) "As the Empire burned, you found the one Executor you coveted and despised most. You presumed to raise your foul hand against him. One of the Seven. But he did not die so readily as you had hoped. Thus I lay upon your wretched head your ultimate crime: Attempted Regicide. And with it your punishment, and the Executor's eternal vengeance."

When the Drifter is near Kullervo’s cells

"The brats are at their chanting. Were the King himself not a child, I would have them all hanged."

"Kullervo. His mother, Ainikki, named him well. Cursed from the moment of his creation."

"See where he rots. The mother-killer. The betrayer. The ingrate."

"The fool sought oblivion. As if I could not pursue him wherever he went! I, his conscience. His jailer."

"You cannot deny your sin, Kullervo. For I am your guilt. The form and voice of your greatest persecutor."

"Rage until you burst, Kullervo. You shall never taste freedom again."

"You crave the sun, Kullervo. But the sun is mine. Squat in your dull stone prison and sob."

"Do not pity the beast! He knows what he did. He cannot forget. That is the nail I force back into his skull every day."

"Again and again, Kullervo revealed the slaughter-drunk beast he was. Again and again, I locked him away."

"Society produces filth. We do not rehabilitate it. We hide it away, to stink and fester out of the sight of decent folk."

"You cannot improve a criminal nature. You may as well be sculpting angels out of dung."

Seven Crimes of Kullervo gameplay trailer

"This kingdom cannot shelter you from your sin."

"He's waiting for you… Drifter."

"Die ten thousand deaths, and your crimes will still pursue you, Kullervo."

The Warden is mentioned by Acrithis. The Warden is voiced by Max Howarth.

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