Zariman Tablets

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Scattered across Duviri are small personal tablets from the Zariman. When activated, they will display a single question with two possible answers. Answering correctly will trigger the sound of a deep, distorted voice reciting words in an unknown language; answering incorrectly will cause the same voice to laugh unsettlingly. There are 30 such tablets known so far; they are reproduced below. The questions are numbered for convenience and grouped by subject matter; however, there is no official order in how they appear in the landscape.

[In the Archarbor Enigma chamber]

1. What event concluded the Eighteenth Radiation War?

A. The destruction of the Arctic Hive Cluster (correct)

B. The assassination of Marcellus Ambrosius Lephantis

[At Orion Tower]

2. What is the core thesis of The Palimpsest of Spacetime?

A. Events can be rewritten; traces of the original persist (correct)

B. Everything that exists could, at any point, be erased

[In the cave north of Fair Shores Hamlet]

3. What is 'kuva'?

A. Fluid with Void-derived capacity to conduct consciousness (correct)

B. The liquid remnants of departed Orokin saints

[On a desk at the far southeastern peninsula of the Netherbarrow region]

4. What is Conceptual Embodiment?

A. Concepts taking on form in the Void (correct)

B. The creation of cephalons

[At a fountain south of the King's Palace]

5. What should public architecture celebrate?

A. Our understanding of geometry and physics

B. The proven superiority of tiered society (correct)

[In a house hanging from the ceiling in the Netherbarrow]

6. What should one never do at a Serving of the Bitter Tea?

A. Break silence (correct)

B. Flinch, no matter how severe the pain

[Inside the citadel at Kullervo's Hold]

7. Who is constructing the Extrasolar Rail between Pluto and Tau?

A. An elite group of loyal servants of the Seven (correct)

B. A new, hardy strain of Grineer Void Engineers

[On a lounge chair near Lunaro Court]

8. What was the purpose of the Zariman Parades?

A. To raise capital for the Zariman expedition

B. To instil awe in those not chosen to participate (correct)

[In the cave northeast of Watershed Hamlet]

9. Which emergency visual signals can replace lost audio comms?

A. Vosphene glyphs (correct)

B. The Cloud Alphabets of Saravin Wu

[In a small fort north of Throneguard Barracks]

10. Excess time in the Void can result in:

A. Temporal distortions, psychological distress (correct)

B. The Void poses no risk

[Near Thrax Gardens]

11. Is Void travel safe?

A. Yes. We are merely passengers

B. Yes, so long as we control our emotions (correct)

[In the eastern cave under Primrose Village]

12. What is your first priority if you are exposed to the Void?

A. Request the duty cephalon to seal off your environs (correct)

B. Call the Lorists, then immolate yourself at a thermo-cubicle

[In a cave at Kullervo's Hold]

13. What will be the primary challenge of colonising Tau?

A. Remaining industrious in the midst of abundance (correct)

B. Unknown native hazards of the environment

[Inside The Citadel]

14. By what right do the Orokin govern?

A. Through intrinsic superiority

B. This is a Forbidden Question (correct)

[In the Netherbarrow, on a porch up some stairs]

15. How many principal Orokin Virtues are there?

A. Three

B. Seven (correct)

[At the Archarbor]

16. What are the ideal conditions for contemplating Legems?

A. In a dark place remote from distractions

B. While experiencing the cerebral boost of a light-coil (correct)

[Inside the house at Lonesome Outlook]

17. How should you prepare for Continuity, if chosen?

A. Exercise, bathe, and keep my body pure (correct)

B. This is too unlikely to be worth considering

[At the Amphitheatre]

18. The Tales of Duviri is:

A. Tools for emotional regulation in the event of Void exposure (correct)

B. A fun collection of children's stories

[On top of the King's Palace]

19. In Tales of Duviri King Thrax lacks:

A. The ability to control his emotions (correct)

B. Empathy

[Inside house above Lunaro Court/Northwind Village]

20. Why is Mathila excessively joyful?

A. She finds beauty in reality

B. She seeks to avoid reality (correct)

[On a balcony above Upperhaven]

21. What was the Prince of Fire's fatal flaw?

A. He disrespected his superior

B. He failed to master himself (correct)

[On a table at the northeast corner of the Mainland Hamlets island, overlooking Lonesome Outlook]

22. Why is Bombastine the most dangerous Courtier?

A. Envy of another's station undermines the Empire (correct)

B. He has venomous blood

[In the cave west of the Chamber of the Muses]

23. What is the key lesson of The Sorrowful Soprano?

A. Sorrow is to be endured, not indulged (correct)

B. Sorrow should be rejected at all costs

[Inside Sythel's house]

24. Does Sythel deserve our contempt?

A. Yes – she is a cringing coward

B. No – her experiences are real to her (correct)

[Behind a bush south of Fair Shores Hamlet]

25. What invaded the Galleria?

A. There is no such place

B. Nothing you need to worry your head over (correct)

[In the cave under Moirai Crossing]

26. What was the ultimate fate of Albrecht Entrati?

A. He is entombed on Lua

B. That's the question, isn't it, kiddo? (correct)

[In the cave east of Fort Wyrmsoul]

27. How many fingers are found upon one's hand?

A. Five

B. Where are my fingerbones, kiddo? (correct)

[In the cave west of Thrax Gardens]

28. Did you forget, kiddo?

A. You owe me. (correct)


[Under the bridge between Mathila's Farm and Moirai Crossing]

29. You wouldn't welch on a deal, would you?


B. I saved them. All of them. Never said I'd save you. (correct)

[Inside the cave under Farbreeze Hamlet]

30. What is 'the Wall'?

A. The barrier between rational reality and the Void

B. The Wall of Bone in whiKU NOMA ELU RA KAH, MARA LOHK? (correct)

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