Duviri Graves

The cemetery of Titan's Rest. Captura by GrayArchon.

Due to the strange behaviour of time within the Void, and Duviri specifically, death is rarely permanent for citizens of that mystical land. However, on rare occasion, individuals may pass beyond Dominus Thrax's capacity or desire to bring them back, and they are lost forever. Many of these deceased are memorialised with simple tombstones.

With a few exceptions noted below, all of these graves are found at the cemetery of Titan's Rest. This list may not be exhaustive; if you are aware of a gravestone not listed here, please contact the Curator.

[The Mortis Stella monument that towers over the graves at Titan's Rest has its own inscription.]

Within the mirror of self
Beyond the portal of becoming
Exists no thing
Which thine own self
Didst not bring

Caxa, sculptor
You added to the world
By taking from it

Govio lies here
Or so we hope

Slain by his other
Or so we hope

In the chalky halls
Of Academe

May what lies here
Never rise

Hogo, ventured swampward
Returned bountiful
From his innards
A cornucopia
Of new life

Jinn. Five nights hanged
Upon the Inversion Tree
What she saw
Driven to recount

Jinn. Five nights hanged
Upon the Inversion Tree
Went to her end

Recount not
What was relayed

Leem, corpse-warden of Necropolis
A poor bed
For a life lived
Among the dead

Mother Opa of the Calaventi
As bitter as her wine was sweet

Lingered too long
In Stitcher's Gulch

Returned to us
Within himself

Qig. Thief.
Fed to the Cyst.

Roon. Forever curious
Escaped in the night
With Scholar's Landing

Remembered here

Loved the rainbow eels
Of a broken heart

She sings with them now

Vana. Heard the song
Of the Golden Hive

She does not lie here

A joy to all.

The best of us.

Heeded not the warnings
Of the Lorn shrines

Haunted to her death

She beheld that which
Brooks no beholding

She surrendered her eyes
In the wake of her mind.

With her
We learned
No life
Is too little
To be lost

[This grave is near Titan's Rest, but set apart in its own place with an arch over the tombstone.]

With a well-meant word
This kind soul
Drew a King's ire

Lacking a punishment
That befit his rage
That King did invent death

Where we shall all go
This soul went first
Drawing us behind

[This grave is located in an ornate tomb deep underground, in a cave near Fort Wyrmsoul.]

The sky could not hold him
In cupped hands we caught him

Death will not hold him
Open-armed lies this grave

This world could not hold him
And so we are without him

Stranger. Father. Scholar.
In our hearts
We hold you

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