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Brimon is a Duviri citizen who challenges the Drifter to kaithe races across Duviri. Brimon is voiced by Ryan Laughton.

Idle quotes

"My best course yet, my best time yet. Neither Dax nor demon can beat me."

"This is MY favourite course, but there is no shame in YOU finding it too challenging."

"I'm pretty handy with a blade myself. Makes the Dax jealous." [chuckles]

"You, um, ever wonder why Mathila's so… happy…?" [laughs]

"Mathila says I'm both handsome and swift. Is it true? [short laugh] Oh, it's not for me to say."

"Bombastine tried racing me once. [chuckles] He didn't try again."

"You handle a kaithe like you've done it countless times before. Reminds me of myself."

Greeting the Drifter

"I say! You! Fancy yourself a rider? Haha! A wager, then! Impress me and I'll help you out. What do you say?"

"Name's Brimon. Fastest Kaithe rider in the Kingdom. If you think you're faster… prove it."

"Beat the best or wallow with the rest! Care for a race, Drifter?"

“Challenge accepted.”

"Oh… we have a challenger."

"Beat my time? [laughs] That's rich. [laughs] Love it!"

"Careful, now. Don't hurt yourself."

“Not right now.”

"Probably for the best."

"I get it. Why race when you know you can't win?"

[satisfied sigh] "It's lonely at the top."

Hitting the first gate

"Ho! And they're off."

"Ha! Let's see it." [laughs]

"Best of luck. You'll need it." [laughs]

Completing half the gates

"By the King, you are fast." [laughs]

"Dear me, have you been practising?" [laughs]

"Not bad. Not bad at all."

"Making… good time."

Finishing a race

"What? That's impossi— DAH. Fine. A little something for your trouble."

"HOW? I've raced that course a million— Oh, very well. Take this."

"Dahh… that was… impressive. Here, this is for you."

Failing a race

"Chin up. You'll do better next time. Hopefully."

"Aww, almost beat me. Almost."

"Is there nobody capable of challenging me, huh?"

"No shame in losing to the best, eh?"

Brimon is mentioned in Barris' dialogue.

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