Chrysalith Bounties

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Bounties on the Zariman, assigned by Quinn, do not have unique dialogue like those at other hub areas. Instead, they take the form of a normal Zariman mission with an additional objective. Both the main mission objective and the additional bounty objective are required to complete the mission. Below are listed all Zariman bounties, their descriptions, and their objectives. Many objectives increase difficulty by tier (such as requiring more enemy kills at higher tiers).

Accumulate Argozene

We need to optimise Cavalero's Argozene deployment systems.

Bounty objective: Collect 3/5/7/9 Argozene Canisters (restricted to Void Armageddon)

Assault the Grineer

The Worm Queen has limited troop numbers. Show her attacking us was a mistake.

Bounty objective: Kill 100/150/200/250 Grineer (all non-endless mission types)

Boost Melica’s Morale

We can't let Cephalon Melica become unstable. She wants to teach, so play along.

Bounty objective: Find a Zarium Accolade and take it to Melica (all mission types)

Defend Console Shields

Energy is currently limited in this sector. We can't afford to let any shields go down.

Bounty objective: Keep defence target's shield intact (restricted to Mobile Defence)

Devastate the Angels

Too many Void Angels are waking up. Take some down.

Bounty objective: Kill 2/3 Void Angels (restricted to Void Armageddon)

Diversify Our Armaments

We need data. Check how each Armament type is performing.

Bounty objective: Have all Armament types active at once (restricted to Void Armageddon)

Efficient Extermination

A short, sharp shock will make our enemies think again. Get it done fast.

Bounty objective: Complete mission in under 6/5 minutes (restricted to Exterminate)

Fight Void Flood Efficiently

Too many ruptures lately. We can't afford to be lax on this one.

Bounty objective: Close 3/6/9/12 Ruptures and keep meter below 70% (restricted to Void Flood)

Harvest Vitoplast Droplets

Vitoplast needs to be put to use, not left floating about.

Bounty objective: Collect 75/100/200/300 Vitoplast (restricted to Void Flood)

Harvest Vitoplast Globules

Those drifting masses of Vitoplast need gathering up, for efficiency's sake.

Bounty objective: Collect 4/6/8/10 large Vitoplast globules (restricted to Void Flood)

Minimise Void Contamination

The Void Flood Exolisers can't cope with the contamination levels we're seeing. Keep it low.

Bounty objective: Use 4/5/7/9 Exolisers keeping meter below 50% (restricted to Void Cascade)

Protect Our Exodampers

Replacing Exodampers costs valuable resources. Keep them intact.

Bounty objective: Destroy 2/3 Void Angels and keep Exodampers intact (restricted to Void Armageddon)

Repair the Ruptures

The Albrecht Membrane can't take this kind of punishment. Prioritise Rupture sealing.

Bounty objective: Seal 6/9/12/15 Ruptures (restricted to Void Flood)

Repel the Corpus

Granum's plunderers have had the run of this ship for long enough. Punish them.

Bounty objective: Kill 100/150/200/250 Corpus (all non-endless mission types)

Ride the Cascade

This Cascade is unusually intense. We need you to stay on top of it for longer.

Bounty objective: Use 6/8/10/12 Exolisers (restricted to Void Cascade)

Steal New Strength

We can't pass up any opportunity to draw helpful power from the Void.

Bounty objective: Find and activate 1/2 Lohk surges (all mission types)

Wake and Banish

Dormant Void Angels are too dangerous to be left alone. Wake one and destroy it.

Bounty objective: Awaken a dormant Void Angel and defeat it (all mission types1)

Weapons Only Extermination

We can't become reliant on your impressive abilities. Prove you can do without.

Bounty objective: Complete mission without abilities (all mission types2)

Work without Warframes

We can't become too dependent on your warframes. Prove you can cope without.

Bounty objective: Kill 10/20/30/40 enemies as Operator (all mission types3)

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  1. Not observed for Void Armageddon or Void Flood missions.
  2. Not observed for Void Armageddon or Void Flood missions.
  3. Not observed for Exterminate missions.

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