Strip Mining (Endless)

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There are resources for the taking just below the 'skin' of the Infestation covering Deimos. Dig for victory!

This is one of the 9 possible bounties that can show up on Mother's bounty board in the Necralisk. This bounty strangely only consists of Excavation, always with three Excavation stages in a row. As an endless bounty, it will then repeat after the third stage with another set of three Excavation stages, granting a reward every third stage until the Tenno decides to leave. There is no bounty stage start or end dialogue, so the only unique dialogue in this bounty is the initial dialogue upon accepting the bounty.

Bounty start

Mother: "It may not look like it now, but Deimos is rich in natural resources. These resources can still be liberated by strip-mining the Infested substrate in designated areas. Tenno, if you have a mind to go digging, Loid can show you the most fruitful spots."

(after entering Cambion Drift) Loid: "Strip mining for resources can be accomplished in indicated zones. Begin processing when—"

Otak: "Oh boy! You gonna do it? There's gold in them there hills!"

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