For Science!

A screenshot of Corpus researcher Latrox Une on the Cambion Drift. Latrox is aiming his Supra at an unseen enemy. Glowing orange fluid sloshes in the vials attached to his backpack field kit. Screenshot by GrayArchon.
Latrox Une on the Cambion Drift. Screenshot by GrayArchon.

Help a stranded Corpus agent with his missing to bring Infested samples to the Entrati for science! …or Profit?

This is one of the 9 possible bounties that can show up on Mother's bounty board in the Necralisk. This bounty has the Tenno track down a Corpus survivor, and always ends with the Protect the Corpus Scientist stage. Below are the unique dialogue lines that are heard when beginning and ending the bounty, and when running the different stages. The Cache Retrieval, Excavation, and Protect the Grineer Squad stages do not seem to appear for this bounty. All five possible stages are listed below.

Bounty start

Mother: "Unsurprisingly, you are not our only guest. A stranded Corpus agent, Latrox Une, has run into difficulties amid the Gray Strain. Latrox is useful at times; kindly see if you can help him at all."

(after entering Cambion Drift) Latrox Une: "Hello? Anyone? This is Corpus representative Latrox Une. I'm lost, cornered by Infested, and my locator is… well, it's been eaten. I am in the direst need of assistance… help?"


Latrox Une: "Perhaps if you bait out the Prime Infested in the area – and kill it – you might then retrieve me! You can do that, right?"

(upon completing bounty stage with bonus) Latrox Une: "You exterminated both the alpha specimen AND its mother? Most impressive! And unlikely. But impressive! Is the next step, by any chance, saving me?"

(upon completing bounty stage without bonus) Latrox Une: "With the larger fellow out of the way, maybe there's a chance for me yet. Salvation!"

Extract Samples

Latrox Une: "You must locate me. I was near a Purifier before I got chased off, I remember that much. Perhaps look around there? Try to pick up my trail?"

(upon completing bounty stage with bonus) Latrox Une: "My stars. Those chimeric monstrosities were never provided the remotest chance of disrupting things. You're terrifying. Well, come, save me!"

(upon completing bounty stage without bonus) Latrox Une: "Oh perfect! Your signal is getting stronger, so you're getting closer to my position. Please keep at it!"

Hive Extermination

Latrox Une: "Oh! Oh! Ah. The pack of monstrosities that were chasing me gave up around there. I'm sure they've all crawled off by now. Should be perfectly safe…."

(upon completing bounty stage)1 Latrox Une: "Well, if I'd had you around I never would have gotten into this mess. Keep looking, Tenno; I think you're close."


Latrox Une: "I… err… I think you maybe stumbled on some sort of nest; there's a LOT more Infested showing up out there. Guard yourself, Tenno."

(upon completing bounty stage with bonus)2 Latrox Une: "They… they barely breached your perimeter! You're almost to me, don't stop now!"

Bounty end (Protect the Corpus Researcher)

Latrox Une: "You made it! Oh, I could kiss those scary metal feet of yours! One last favour: Please watch my back while I collect the last of my samples. I can't go back empty-handed after all of this."

(upon completing the bounty) Mother: "Congratulations, Tenno. As I said, Une has his uses. The sample data he just sent, for example, is… acceptable."

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  1. There is no additional dialogue for attaining the bonus for this stage.
  2. Liberation is currently bugged and it is impossible to fail the bonus.

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