Sanctum Anatomica Bounties

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Bounties in Albrecht's laboratories, assigned by Fibonacci, do not have unique dialogue like those at other hub areas. Instead, they take the form of a normal Sanctum Anatomica mission with an additional objective. Both the main mission objective and the additional bounty objective are required to complete the mission. Below are listed all of Fibonacci's bounties, their descriptions, and their objectives. Many objectives increase difficulty by tier (such as requiring more enemy kills at higher tiers).

Air Defence

We shall not stand idly by while the Murmur hurls violence on us from above. Take out their airborne units.

Bounty objective: Kill 3 flying Murmur enemies (all mission types1)

Big Fish

The time is long overdue to show those insubordinate Rogue Voidrigs who runs things around here. Dismantle a few of them.

Bounty objective: Eliminate 2 Rogue Voidrigs (all mission types except Mirror Defence)

Chemistry Lesson

Experiment time! What happens when Vitriol comes into contact with our enemies? I await your results.

Bounty objective: Douse 30 enemies with Vitriol (all mission types except Assassination and Exterminate2)

Clean House

Murmur Sarcophages, stockpiles for their creeping takeover of Papa's laboratories. Raid the Sarcophages. Leave those things nothing of value.

Bounty objective: Find 3 Murmur Sarcophages (all mission types3)

Cull the Culverin

The Rogue Culverin. A formidable fighter of Papa's own design; yet I have seen its schematics and I believe it has several vulnerabilities. Test my theory: locate its weak points and destroy them.

Bounty objective: Destroy 16/24/32/42 Culverin weak points (all mission types)

Deadly Whispers

Papa wrote of the uncanny, the doppelganger, the whisper self. Find your dark Whisper and conquer it.

Bounty objective: Defeat the Mocking or Scathing Whisper (all mission types except Mirror Defence)

Fire Storm

Fire, it can create and it can destroy. Today, we test the destructive power of fire.

Bounty objective: Hit enemies with 5/10/15 Fire Amphors (restricted to Alchemy)

Ice Death

Someday, in the very distant future, our universe will cool completely and experience 'heat death'. In the meantime, use Cold Amphors to speed things along for our enemy.

Bounty objective: Hit enemies with 5/10/15 Cold Amphors (restricted to Alchemy)

A Loyal Necramech

Find a terminal and deploy your personal Necramech. Perhaps your shining example will teach manners to those rogue marauders out in the labs.

[This bounty was removed in Hotfix 35.0.2.]

Bounty objective: Summon a Necramech (all mission types except Mirror Defence)

On the Clock

Get in. Get out. No time for lollygagging. Speed is of the essence.

Bounty objective: Complete this bounty in 6 minutes (restricted to Exterminate)

Poison Chalice

If The Murmur is so interested in Alchemy, then they shall experience the reactions first hand. Starting with elemental Toxin.

Bounty objective: Hit enemies with 5/10/15 Toxin Amphors (restricted to Alchemy)

See No Evil

The visual and auditory sensors are crucial to our survival. Test the Auricle and Vitreum's advanced defences.

Bounty objective: Collect Vosphene Glyphs to activate 1/2/3/4 defences (restricted to Mirror Defence)

Shock Therapy

Could painful electric shocks have a positive impact on the demeanour of our adversaries? Only one way to find out.

Bounty objective: Hit enemies with 5/10/15 Electric Amphors (restricted to Alchemy)

Silence the Murmur

The Murmur grows ever louder and we need silence to concentrate. Go now, quiet them down. For good.

Bounty objective: Eliminate 100/150/200/250 Murmur enemies (all mission types except Exterminate)

Stare Down

The many eyes of the Indifference peer at us from beyond. Expose them, and take them out.

Bounty objective: Collect 45 Murmur Eyes (restricted to Assassination)

Tide of Lohk

Lohk Surges are inescapable reminders that the Void has leaked into the labs. The only path forward is to embrace them.

Bounty objective: Activate 1/2/3 Lohk Surges (all mission types except Mirror Defence)

Wrecking Crew

The Murmur has made themselves all too comfortable in Papa's laboratory. Time to make them uncomfortable. Destroy everything not bolted down. Leave them nothing of import.

Bounty objective: Destroy 60 decorations (all mission types)

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  1. Not yet observed for Assassination missions.
  2. Not yet observed for Mirror Defence missions.
  3. Not yet observed for Mirror Defence missions.

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