Lotus Dialogue: Survival

The enemy has cut off life support systems. The Lotus is able to drop in small life support reserves periodically. These will be marked on the minimap. To maintain life support, Tenno must activate these as they appear.

Enemies themselves have a chance to drop smaller tanks of life support. These will help keep the life support levels up between the larger canister drops. If life support runs out Tenno will begin to suffocate and take damage. At this point the only options are extraction or death.

The longer Tenno survive, the more rewards they will receive, but the tougher the enemies will become.

Sometimes, the Lotus will wish to retrieve supplies from a heavily guarded location. To do this, she will send in two teams: one to raid, and the other to cause a distraction. Survival missions follow the squad of Tenno whose goal is to cause as much mayhem and destruction as possible, while their unseen ally pilfers the enemy elsewhere. These are the dialogue lines the Lotus says during Survival missions. Survival missions within Albrecht's Laboratories are handled by Fibonacci.

Survival requires the Tenno to enter a base and cause as much commotion as possible. The Tenno begin the mission by hacking a computer terminal and setting off the alarms. This causes an endless wave of enemies to spawn and attack the Tenno. It will also trigger the deactivation of the location's life support systems. The level of life support will be noted on the HUD as a percentage gauge, with 1% depleting every 1.5 seconds (thus taking 2 minutes 30 seconds to deplete a full 100%). Life support towers will be dropped onto the map periodically; activating a tower will add 30% to the life support system. Enemies may also drop small personal life support modules when killed; these will add 5% life support when collected. Life support cannot go above 100%.

The Tenno must stay for at least 5 minutes without allowing life support to drop to 0%, or the mission will fail. At the 5-minute mark, the Tenno will receive a rotation reward, and extraction will be marked. Survival is an endless game mode, however, and the Tenno may stay as long as they wish, with rewards granted every successive 5 minutes. The enemy level will increase the longer the Tenno remain. If life support ever drops to 0%, the Tenno will begin losing health at a constant rate, and life support can no longer be replenished. The Tenno must head to extraction before they die. If the Tenno take longer than 5 minutes to extract after losing life support, the mission will fail automatically.

Mission start

"A lone Tenno operative is raiding this ship for supplies. You are here to distract the enemy. Trigger the alarm."

"Your job is to distract the enemy while a fellow Tenno operative raids this ship for much-needed supplies. Make your presence known."

"Keep the enemy busy while a fellow Tenno operative raids this ship for supplies. Ready? Trigger the alarms."

Alarms triggered

"Life support has been cut off. They're trying to choke you out. Hold on, I'm sending auxiliary life support."

"They have just shut down all systems. I'm sending life support capsules your way."

Personal life support reminder

"Fallen enemies will drop crucial life support. Be on the lookout."

"Look for personal life support modules dropped by fallen enemies."

New life support tower incoming

(first tower) "I've delivered a life support capsule to the area. Activating it will buy you more time."

"Life support incoming."

"Tenno, prepare for life support."

"Life support on the way."

"Get ready for a capsule."

New life support tower arrived

"Additional life support has arrived."

"Another life support capsule is now available."

"I've delivered another life support capsule."

Life support tower activated

"Life support activated."

"Life support has been replenished."

Rotation reward granted

(first rotation) "The operative has just made their first discovery. Keep up the good work."

(first rotation) "The raid is off to a successful start."

(first rotation) "Our operative is making progress. This will help our cause."

"Look what our Tenno operative just found. They could not do this without you."

"We will all share in this bounty. Hold out as long as you can."

"The longer you fight, the more successful we will be."

When extraction is available

"When you are ready, go to extraction."

"When you need it, extraction is ready."

"Extraction is available, if you need it."

When life support is down to 20%

(if extraction is not ready) "You are running out of time."

(if extraction is not ready) "Thirty seconds left."

(if extraction is not ready) "Thirty-second warning."

"You are running out of time. Consider extraction."

"Critical life support levels. Extraction is your best option."

"Tenno, extraction is ready."

Against Infested

When the Infested are the enemy faction, a different set of dialogue lines is used.

(mission start) "You must provide cover for a lone Tenno operative. Set off the alarms and keep the Infested busy."

(mission start) "Distract the Infested while a lone Tenno operative hunts for supplies. Set off the alarms to start."

(activating alarms) "The Infested are releasing toxic spores into the area. The emergency life support I am delivering is your only chance for survival."

(activating alarms) "A steady stream of toxic spores is being released into the area. Hold on, emergency life support is inbound."

(at 20% life support) "Spore saturation is nearing critical mass. After that point no amount of life support will save you."

(at 20% life support) "The spores have almost completely saturated the atmosphere. You need to get out of there."

Kuva Survival

Survival on the Kuva Fortress has additional elements. When each life support tower is delivered, an Eximus unit will spawn, dropping a Kuva Catalyst cell when killed. If this Kuva Catalyst is brought to a life support tower, the tower will convert into a Kuva Harvester. The Kuva Harvester must be defended for 1 minute, after which it will expire, rewarding 200 kuva to the Tenno squad and 10% life support (instead of the usual 30% per tower). Tenno must be judicious in converting the towers to Harvesters or using them for standard life support. The Lotus has a different set of dialogue lines to explain the mission. Kuva Survival is only available on Taveuni, Kuva Fortress.

(mission start) "Scans show Grineer are harvesting kuva nearby. Set off the alarms to draw them out, then steal their Kuva Catalysts."

(upon hacking the alarm) "Predictable. As expected, Grineer have shut down the environmental systems. Sending modified life support capsules. Use these to sustain your environment, or attach Kuva Catalysts to begin harvesting."

(when a Kuva Catalyst drops) "You have found a Kuva Catalyst. Attach it to a life support capsule to begin harvesting kuva."

(after activating the first Kuva Harvester) "Caution, Tenno: capsules harvesting kuva provide minimal life support."

(upon activating a Kuva Harvester) "Commencing kuva harvest."

(upon activating a Kuva Harvester) "This capsule will now harvest kuva."

(upon activating a Kuva Harvester) "Modifications successful. Collecting kuva."

(when the Kuva Harvest is complete) "Grab the kuva from that capsule."

(when the Kuva Harvest is complete) "A harvester has finished. Collect the kuva."

(when the Kuva Harvest is complete) "Kuva is ready to be collected."

(if a Kuva Harvester is destroyed) "A kuva harvesting capsule has been destroyed."

(if a Kuva Harvester is destroyed) "Kuva harvester destroyed."

Conjunction Survival

The Yuvarium and Circulus nodes on Lua have a modified version of Survival called Conjunction Survival. This mode also includes dialogue from the Worm Queen, and can be found on a separate dialogue page:

The node Tycho, also on Lua, has the standard version of Survival.

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