Fibonacci Dialogue: Survival

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Fibonacci guides the Tenno during Survival missions in Albrecht's laboratories. These missions operate identically to Survival missions on other tilesets and in other locations. Albrecht's Lab Survival missions are only seen on a single mission node: Persto, Deimos. Like all Albrecht's Lab missions, it can only be accessed after completing the Whispers in the Walls quest.

Mission start

"Your mission: attrition. The longer you hold out, the weaker the Murmur gets. Make your presence known."

"I will not lie, this is a risky gambit. You are here to draw out Murmur and then grind them down. Fight them out there, so we need never again battle them in here. Trigger the alarms."

Alarms triggered

"Our foes have compromised the habitation systems. Hmph. How predictable. Stand by for life support."

"The Murmur aims to choke you out. Not today! Preparing a life support capsule."

First new life support capsule

"Life support approaching."

"Capsule incoming. Use it well. They're expensive."

New life support tower arrived

"Looks like you could use a bit of life support."

"Sending another capsule. These don't grow on trees, you know."

Life support tower activated

"Breathe well… Tenno."

"Like a fish back in water. But with air."

Rotation reward granted

(first rotation) "They're so distracted by your attack that I'm able to siphon valuables from Murmur strongholds. They will never see this fish coming."

(first rotation) "Look what this fish just caught. You keep fighting, and I'll keep finding."

"Hmm. Your hard work is really paying off."

"I do not think the Murmur will miss this, do you?"

"I shall put this one on the pile. Hm. We're going to need a bigger Sanctum."

When extraction is available

"If you wish, you may return to the Sanctum. But I think you have more fight in you than that."

"You can come home now. No need to be a hero on my account. Unless of course, you want to be."

"When you are ready to return, the Sanctum is waiting for you."

When life support is down to 40%

"You have but sixty seconds of life support remaining."

"Sixty seconds."

"Tick tock. Time and oxygen are running out."

When life support is down to 20%

"Thirty very short seconds left to save your hide."

"Thirty seconds before this area is lost to the Murmur for good."

"Only thirty seconds left."

(if extraction is available) "That area has been permanently compromised. Extract!"

(if extraction is available) "Get out now!"

(if extraction is available) "You are out of options. Retreat to the Sanctum."

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