Bird 3 Dialogue: Exterminate

Whispers in the Walls promo image – a rogue Culverin Necramech

Bird 3 guides the Tenno during Exterminate missions in Albrecht's laboratories. These missions operate identically to Exterminate missions on other tilesets and in other locations. Albrecht's Lab Exterminate missions are only seen on a single mission node: Nex, Deimos. Like all Albrecht's Lab missions, it can only be accessed after completing the Whispers in the Walls quest.

Mission start

"Ssshhh! Listen. You hear that? Things are too close. Bird-snatching, jump-out-of-nowhere-and-grab-you things…. Use the loud metal sticks… tell those things this is OUR SPOT."

"Those creepies got no manners, comin' back when we saw them off for comin' back. See 'em off for comin' back after we saw 'em off for comin' back. Yeah."

"RARK! Big, bad, should-not-be-in-here things in here. Make them go away? Puh-leeeeeze?"

"Okay, now here's my nope list. Nope, the ones with crawly arms. Nope, the ones that look like tasty insects but are not tasty insects, gah. Nope, the clangy ones that used to be nice but aren't anymore. Nope them. Nope them all."

"No! RARK! No! RARK! Too close to our nest. TOO CLOSE. Outie-outie!"

Objective half complete

"Startin' ta smell better in here already."

"Yeeeah, I saw a few more down the hall. Figured I'd, y'knooow, go clean 'em up for ya, but thennn, y'know, I saw you're pretty into it, sooo I figured I'd leave 'em for ya. Figured you could use the practice. I'll get the next bunch, no problem."

"Go get 'em, friend!"

"No thank you! That showed 'em."

"Ha. And don't come back!"

Objective complete

"I guess that's all of them? Welp! Time to head back to the nest!"

"Yeah! They were like 'Grr!' and you were like 'Pow!' and they were like 'Aaagh!' and you were like 'That's cool' and I was like 'Whoa.'"

"Mmm. Gross. Okay, all done!"

"Those boomies really boom, huh? I'm startin' to think maybe I shouldn't be makin' a nest outta some a' that stuff."

"Huh! That was more fun than checking Mister Tagfer for fleas. And, to be clear: I really enjoy doing that."

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