Loid Dialogue: Mirror Defence

A screenshot from the Whispers in the Walls gameplay trailer, showing a massive biomechanical eye. In the background can be seen a massive statue, a Vessel, into which the eye is to be installed, as its face is incomplete. Screenshot by GrayArchon.
Whispers in the Walls gameplay trailer

Loid guides the Tenno during Mirror Defence missions in Albrecht's laboratories. These missions operate identically to the Mirror Defence mission at Tyana Pass, Mars. Sanctum Anatomica Mirror Defence missions are only seen on a single mission node: Munio, Deimos. Like all Sanctum missions, it can only be accessed after completing the Whispers in the Walls quest.

Mission start

"To arms, Tenno! The Murmur are mounting a fresh attack on the labs' sensory equipment! I trust you are ready to repel them?"

"We are under attack, and you are our first line of defence. The Murmur are targeting our sensory emplacements. Fight hard. The loss of even one will spell defeat!"

"Time to do our duty, Tenno. Albrecht's laboratory is under siege, with the Murmur attacking on two separate fronts. I need you to defend every single one of them, with all your might."

First Auricle wave

"The Murmur are shifting to the Auricle! We must hear them, whatever the cost to our sanity."

"They're attacking the Auricle. Keep it intact! We need to hear every whisper the Indifference utters!"

"They're trying to destroy the Auricle! Beneath the bone, the eardrum is fragile. All too easy to rupture."

First Vitreum wave

"Defend the Vitreum, Tenno. The Murmur knows we cannot protect the Labs if we are blind to their presence."

"The Murmur is targeting the Vitreum! Hurry, Tenno. An eyeball cannot defend itself!"

"The Vitreum is under attack! Defend it, Tenno. If it is punctured, the consequences will be catastrophic. And disgusting."

Second Auricle wave

"Collating sensory reports, determining next target… it's the Auricle."

"Attackers shifting focus to… the Auricle."

"Auricle, Tenno! Now!"

"I need you at the Auricle, post haste!"

"They're targeting the Auricle! Hurry!"

Second Vitreum wave

"Vitreum under attack!"

"Attackers shifting focus to… the Vitreum."

"Back to the Vitreum, Tenno!"

"Defend the Vitreum! Quickly, please."

"To the Vitreum!"

Vosphene Glyphs Reminder

"I'm confident you can handle the Murmur by yourself, but if you need a spot of backup, gather the Vosphene Glyphs and the lab can do some of the work of defending itself."

"I didn't install that security system just to have it gather dust! Collect Vosphene Glyphs to bring it online."

"Don't forget to gather up those Vosphene Glyphs when you can. A bit of automated security never goes amiss."

"If you need assistance, try to focus on gathering the Vosphene Glyphs. It'll trigger the security system I put in place for just such an eventuality."

"Tools are there to be used, Tenno. Scoop up the Vosphenes and fire up the backup defences."

Rotation prompt (after every Vitreum wave)

"The automated defences can… probably… handle it from here. Unless you'd prefer to fight on?"

"We can take it from here, so you can rest. But if you still have some fight in you, keep at it!"

"Your strength has made all the difference. We can hold the line without you now, if we must."

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