Lotus Dialogue: Conjunction Survival

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On the Lua nodes of Yuvarium and Circulus, a unique variant of Survival can be found. This mode pits the Tenno against the Corrupted, as the Lotus seeks to uncover Orokin treasures long forgotten. The influence of the Void sometimes spawns unique enemies, which must be defeated if the Tenno are to have any hope of surviving. The Worm Queen of the Grineer, whose troops have been Corrupted into Orokin soldiers, watches and gloats as the Tenno fight off waves of enemies. These are dialogue lines from the Lotus and Worm Queen during Conjunction Survival.

Mission start

Worm Queen: "Pick a card, Dreamer! Ooh, the Asphyxiation of Hearts. Lucky draw!"
Lotus: "We are being observed. The Worm Queen wishes to gloat. Her troops are no longer her own, but she cares little for that."

Worm Queen: "Look at that: more kibble for the Drahks! Save some for me, puppies! Ahhhooooo!!!"
Lotus: "Worm Queen. Even as the Neural Sentry corrupts her best troops, she continues to send more. What is she after?"

Worm Queen: "Alright tube-mutts, let's give our little rabbit a wee head start… and then off we go, hounds! Woof! woof!"
Lotus: "The Worm Queen has no control over the Corrupted. It is enough for her that they are hostile to us."

Worm Queen: "There you are… I think it's time we put a collar on you… phh… wait. [giggles] You'd probably like that, wouldn't you?"
Lotus: "Worm has no compassion for her troops. She orders more to this place even though the Neural Sentry will surely corrupt them, too."

(on Circulus node) Lotus: "Lua stirs, and lost, ancient chambers emerge from her ruin. Advance into this blasphemous space so that I may unearth what was buried so long ago."

(on Circulus node) Lotus: "Lua kept you safe after the fall… but she wasn't always kind to the Tenno. When the Void Conjunction reached its peak… terrible things happened. If you are willing, we can uncover what was lost to the past."

(on Circulus node) Lotus: "Lua rumbles. The Void exposes old scars and revives forgotten secrets. Survive against the Corrupted onslaught. I will recover what I long believe lost."

Upon triggering alarms

Lotus: "The Orokin Neural Sentry is attempting to purge you from this place. Stand by for life support."

When Necramechs are available

Lotus: "Tenno, if you have a Necramech, this would be an excellent place to deploy it."

Lotus: "All manner of Orokin technology may work here due to the Circulus' proximity. If you have a Necramech, you may use it."

Upon rotation reward

(first rotation) Lotus: "The Grineer and Corpus came here in search of treasure but only found oblivion. They are trespassers here. You are not."

Lotus: "As Lua kept you safe in the dark age that followed the fall, it kept this hidden for you to find."

Lotus: "The treasures of the Orokin. Put them to better use than they did, Tenno."

Lotus: "Long ago, one of your kind put an end to that final, desperate Continuity Ceremony. Her essence may still be here."

Lotus: "We have only scratched the surface. This place holds many more secrets."

Lotus: "This is yours by right."

Lotus: "It's as if the Void wants us to find this."

Worm Queen: "Don't worry; I'll take very good care of Voruna. I have just the spot in the kennel for her!"
Lotus: "The Queens have sought out warframes before. Vor sought to present them with yours. We cannot let the Worm have Voruna."

When Lua Thrax appear

Lotus: "Void signatures, but outside the Corrupted. They are draining your life support, and fast. Eliminate them quickly."

Lotus: "Hiding Lua in the Void risked the unfathomable. I fear we are seeing the consequences of that risk now. Destroy these Void-stained enemies."

Lotus: "Tenno – the Void has summoned a new presence, and it craves our life support. Destroy these manifestations."

Lotus: "These manifestations, they aren't from the Neural Sentry. Destroy them – they are drawing from your life support!"

Lotus: "Void manifestations, drawn to this cursed place of stolen lives. They will drain your life support unless they are destroyed!"

Lotus: "These 'manifestations' must not be allowed a foothold on Lua. Life support is at risk – destroy them!"

When extraction is ready

Lotus: "The longer you hold out, the deeper I can search, but if you need to leave, extraction is ready."

Upon finding Circulus chamber

Lotus: "The Circulus, a Yuvan theatre reserved for the mighty Seven. This is where Executor Tuvul initiated the last Continuity ceremony. But that was ages ago. Why is the Void surging here now?"

Lotus: "Lua spent so many cycles hidden in the Void. It altered her. And a Conjunction now, after so long… I cannot tell what new monstrosities could be unleashed."

Lotus: "Yuvan. Continuity. Of all the evil things the Orokin perpetrated…. The Seven considered this place the perfect harmony of science and dominance, but it is nothing more than a crime scene."

Lotus: "Not since the onset of that last Void Conjunction have Tenno walked these halls. We have unfinished business here."

Lotus: "Tuvul washed his hands of the Zariman after the catastrophic jump. He wanted all trace of her destroyed, including the survivors. The Tenno. Had it not been for Margulis, he would have succeeded."

Worm Queen: "Look who showed up to the Void Conjunction. Now you wanna be a skin donor? Too late, Yuvan. You're not wanted anymore. Because you're bitter. And jealous. And ugly."

Worm Queen: "Poor Tuvul. Lost respect of the pack, so they did what I'd do… [giggles] nom nom nom nom!"

Worm Queen: "Oh. Looks like musty ol' Drusus neglected to mention a few things about Void Conjunctions… safety not guaranteed! HAHA!"

Worm Queen: "Big Mommy never told you about the Yuvans, did she? Mmm-hmmm. Dreamers lining up to be skin. Not my thing, though. Too much baggage, don't you think?"

Worm Queen: "If only my dear sister were here. It would have warmed her heart to consume a child in this sacred place."

Worm Queen: "I tried to tell her. Dreamers are a bad, bad Continuity… better for biscuits than skin."

Worm Queen: "If only my sister could have seen this mess. She might have listened to me! You're a nightmare for the world, aren't you, Dreamer?"

Worm Queen: "Ah, a lovely little song… all for me! Did it drown out the desperate barking from the friends you left behind, Dreamer? Sit, Voruna, sit! Hahaha!"

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