Lotus Dialogue: Generic Mission

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These are dialogue lines said by the Lotus as she guides the Tenno throughout their missions.

Enemies ahead

(Grineer) "Watch yourself. Foot soldiers are on the way."

(Grineer) "Heads up. A Grineer assault team is headed your way."

(Grineer) "I'm detecting a large security force heading your way. It's the Grineer."

(Grineer) "You are surrounded by Grineer Marines."

(Grineer) "Marines inbound."

(Corpus) "Corpus walkers are heading to your location."

(Corpus) "Heavy robotics signature detected. Lock and load."

(Corpus) "Walkers incoming."

(Corpus) "We've got robots inbound."

(Corpus) "Looks like heavy activity ahead."

(Infested) "Multiple bio-signatures detected. We've got Infested incoming."

(Infested) "Heavy Infestation ahead. Get ready."

(Infested) "Multiple targets ahead. Leave no one standing."

(Eximus) "Stay focused; there's a heavy unit approaching."


"Keep going. Nobody knows you're here."

"Keep moving. None of the scanners have detected you."

"You're still in the clear. No detection from enemy sensors."

Alarms raised

"They spotted you. Get ready for a fight."

"You've been seen. Ready your weapon."

"You're on the sensors now. You've been detected."

Alarms reset

"Alarms reset, they do not suspect a thing."

"Alarms have been reset."

"Alarms reset."

"Alarm successfully hacked. The location is returning to normal security levels."


"Doors are locked. Time to break in."

"Ship is entering lockdown. We'll need to override the system."

"We've been locked out. Let's override the security."

Lockdown raised

"Breach complete. We're free to proceed."

"Override complete. Move on."

"Override successful. Let's get going."

Opening security door

"Bypass complete. You may proceed."

"The bypass is done. Go!"

Tenno downed

"A Tenno needs to be revived."

"A Tenno has fallen. Revive them."

"Tenno down. Help them."

"A fallen Tenno needs your help."

Secondary objective

Occasionally a mission objective will be added (sometimes replacing the old objective entirely). Most of these occurrences have been removed from the game, but missions can still become Exterminate missions.

(Exterminate) "Change of plans. Ignore your original objective. Leave nothing alive."

(Assassinate) "We've received a message that we are to eliminate a target at this location. Carry out the assassination."

(Deception) "It seems we'll be here a little longer. Deposit a data unit into the location's mainframe."

(Rescue) "Our mission just got more complicated. There's a hostage here. Rescue them now."

(Sabotage) "It appears we now need to sabotage this location. Destroy the reactor core."

(Spy) "It appears there's some valuable intel stored here. Gather the intel now."


"Mission complete. Excellent work, Tenno."

"Great work. I am pleased with your performance."

"Another job well executed."

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