Lotus Dialogue: Void Fissures

Void Relic tutorial

Void Fissures are strange phenomena that can temporarily break out in any location across the System1 where Orokin Void Towers become entangled with locations in real-space, resulting in an influx of Corrupted units and neural sentries. These Corrupted units drop a resource known as Reactant, which can be used on Void Relics to align them properly with causality and crack them open to reveal an item of technology from the ancient Orokin time period. Thus, an enterprising Tenno will often seek out these Void Fissures and carry a Void Relic with them. These are the dialogue lines the Lotus says to guide the Tenno in opening their Relic. Note that all Void Fissures are secondary objectives of other missions, and the primary objectives must be completed in order to receive the Relic's contents.

Mission start

Lotus: "Watch out; I am detecting Void Fissures nearby. Do you have a matching Relic?"

Lotus: "Void Fissures! You need them to open a Relic, but are you confident you can withstand their fury?"

Lotus: "There are Void Fissures in the area. Use these to crack open a Relic."

When a Void Fissure opens nearby

Lotus: "A Fissure! Defend yourself and use Reactant to open Relics."

Lotus: "You are near a Fissure."

Lotus: "You found a Fissure. Look out for Reactant."

When a Corrupted enemy drops Reactant

Lotus: "Corrupted foes are dropping Reactant. Use it to crack open a relic."

Lotus: "Collect Reactant to open your Relic. Be aware: only Corrupted enemies will drop it."

Lotus: "The Corrupted enemies are dropping Reactant. Collect it to open your Void relic."

Lotus: "Defeat the Corrupted and use their Reactant to open a relic."

Lotus: "They're dropping Reactant. Use it to crack open a Relic."

Lotus: "The enemies are dropping Reactant."

Lotus: "Use that Reactant to open a Relic."

Upon collecting Reactant

Lotus: "You are going to need more Reactant if you want to open that Relic."

Lotus: "The Reactant is working on your Relic. Find more."

Lotus: "Keep fighting. Look for more Reactant."

Lotus: "Don't forget the Reactant. You need more to open that Relic."

Upon collecting 10 Reactant

Lotus: "That's it! You opened the Relic. Finish your mission and we'll take a look inside."

Lotus: "The Relic has been cracked open; finish your mission to find out what's inside."

Lotus: "You have collected enough Reactant to open your relic."

Lotus: "Well done, Tenno. Your relic is opened."

Void Storms

When Empyrean missions are subject to Void Fissures, they are known as Void Storms. Void Storms are similar to Void Fissure missions, but the Fissures will only appear on board ships and points of interest; space-faring units such as Flaks, Harpis, and Crewships cannot be Corrupted. As with normal Void Fissure missions, Tenno will have to collect 10 Reactant from Corrupted enemies in order to open a Void Relic. However, Void Storms feature additional hazards called Void Sinks, which manifest in midair and will eventually explode to deal radial damage; destroying the Sinks before they explode will prevent the damage. Void Storms will also have large arcs of Void energy tracing across space; piloting a ship or Archwing near them will trigger continuous damage. In addition to the normal Lotus dialogue, Cephalon Cy has additional dialogue for Void Storms.

(when travelling to mission) Cephalon Cy: "Void Storm rolling in. Batten down the hatches."

(when travelling to mission) Cephalon Cy: "Attention. Void Storm imminent. This will get a little bumpy."

(upon entering mission) Lotus: "Be aware: This storm is tearing open Void Fissures at your destination."

(upon entering mission) Lotus: "Tenno, detecting Void energy accumulation inside your objective: Fissures."

(upon entering mission) Lotus: "Void Storms mean a high probability of Void Fissures forming inside nearby vessels. Be on high alert."

(when Void Sink forms, variant) Cephalon Cy: "Caution. Void Sink detected aboard that vessel."

(when Void Sink forms, variant) Cephalon Cy: "Crew: Void Sink formation detected near you."

(when Void Sink forms, variant) Cephalon Cy: "Void Sink forming. Eyes open."

(as Void Storm intensifies) Cephalon Cy: "Void Storm intensifying."

(as Void Storm intensifies) Cephalon Cy: "Storm is becoming more severe."

(as Void Storm intensifies further) Cephalon Cy: "Warning. Void Storm is strengthening. We are tempting fate."

(as Void Storm intensifies further) Cephalon Cy: "Void Storm escalating. Stabilising is proving difficult."

(as Void Storm reaches final stage) Cephalon Cy: "Void Storm amplifying. Complete the mission ASAP."

(as Void Storm reaches final stage) Cephalon Cy: "Storm is Category Five. Five is the worst by the way."

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