Fortuna Narmer Bounties

Captura image of a Narmer Detron Crewman inside the Spaceport on the Orb Vallis. He is patrolling inside the Corpus building, with his Narmer weapon and veil glowing brightly. Captura by GrayArchon.
Narmer Crewman on the Orb Vallis. Captura by GrayArchon.

The Fortuna bounties Crush the Cult, Digging for Narmer, and Master's Voice are unlocked following completion of The New War. These are three additional bounties that can be assigned on the Orb Vallis, though only one will be available at any given time, and only while it is nighttime on the Plains of Eidolon. Unlike other bounties, these missions have no dialogue linking together their disparate stages; Eudico simply has a beginning and end dialogue line for each bounty. Each bounty stage still has stage-specific dialogue, but Eudico does not discuss why each stage is being performed. Due to the overall lack of dialogue, all three Narmer bounties have been combined together and presented here.

Crush the Cult

Narmer are on a recruitment drive. If we don't kick back hard, they'll entrench.

This bounty always ends with the stage "Exterminate".

Eudico: "Narmer's veiling any Corpus they can get their hands on and Nef's filed it as a non-issue. It's down to us. If we don't stop this then Narmer expansion goes exponential and Fortuna's done for. Let's move."

(after entering Orb Vallis) Eudico: "We need a distraction. Get out there, cause trouble, and do it fast."

(upon completing the bounty) Eudico: "Done. For now. Give me brain-shelving any day. At least I'd still be me."

Digging for Narmer

Narmer cultists have staked out a mineral field so they can manufacture veils. We need to stop them.

This bounty always ends with the stage "Excavation".

Eudico: "Narmer can't rely on outside supplies, so they're mining our resources to produce their veils. Get in there and take back our haul."

(after entering Orb Vallis) Eudico: "Finding their latest resource field is gonna be tricky, but I've got a lead."

(upon completing the bounty) Eudico: "Big picture? Every scrap of metal we keep out of Narmer hands means one less veil, and one less Narmer. Nice work, Sparky."

Master's Voice

A new Narmer Raknoid overseer is in place, acting as a veil comms relay. Take it out, and we weaken their grip.

This bounty always ends with the stage "Assassinate".

Eudico: "Whoever's behind Narmer these days is using lone Raknoids to maintain a control network for the veils. Wreck the Raknoid. Kneecap Narmer. Let's get it done."

(upon completing the bounty) Eudico: [sigh] "Some take the veil by choice. A first taste of happiness, no matter how illusory, can be… well… more than you can ever let go of. But we cannot go back to sleep. No matter what."

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  1. the new war was boring i spent 4 hours not playing with my friends to get stuck on ballas. before you say “uSe YoUr MoTe AmP” i do and after the fourth hit he takes no damage and kills the lotus. i just want to get back to the game.

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