Lotus Dialogue: Assault

After the discovery of the Kuva Fortress, some of the more secretive strategic goals of the Grineer Queens became known to the Lotus. Among these was the development of a super-high-range artillery cannon, mounted on the Kuva Fortress itself and used to strike distant targets. During the Assault mission type, the Lotus leads the Tenno to infiltrate the Fortress and destroy the cannon. Koro, Kuva Fortress is currently the only node with this mission type. It is accessible only after completing The War Within quest.

Mission start

"A friendly colony has been under a long-distance artillery barrage for several days. I've traced the attack back to an experimental cannon on the Queens' fortress. Break in and silence the gun."

"A distant colony has been under fire from the Queens' fortress for days. Destroy the Queens' experimental Navar Cannon and send the Grineer a message."

"The Queens' fortress is using a friendly colony near Jupiter as target practice for its new long-distance artillery. Breach the fortress and destroy the Cannon."

Pick up Moltecoil

The Tenno will start with an object similar to a datamass, called a Moltecoil. They must pick it up (which will prevent use of their primary weapon) and carry it to a large door at the end of a long bridge.

"You'll need the Moltecoil to destroy the gates."

"Pick up that Moltecoil. You'll use it to breach the gates."

"The fortress entrance is heavily reinforced. You'll need that Moltecoil to destroy the gates."

On approach to the gate

"Right now, the Navar Cannon is just a menace, but once the Grineer switch to tectonic munitions it will become capable of obliterating colonies in a single shot."

"The Navar Cannon has a massive range, capable of hitting targets in far-off sectors. Up until now they've been testing conventional ammunition but we know that they are about to switch to devastating tectonic munitions. You can't let that happen."

Sabotaging the gate

The Tenno must plant the Moltecoil on the large gate and wait 30 seconds for it to open the door.

(upon arriving at the gate) "Plant the Moltecoil on the doors."

(upon planting the Moltecoil, variant) "The Moltecoil is super-heating the locking mechanism. Defend it from attack."

(upon planting the Moltecoil, variant) "Defend the Moltecoil while it melts the locking mechanism."

(when the gate is open, variant) "The gates are down. Get to the Navar Cannon."

(when the gate is open, variant) "The Moltecoil worked. Find the Navar Cannon."

Disabling the cannon

"The Grineer know we're here for the Cannon. They're priming one last shot with a Tectonic round that is capable of destroying the colony in one hit. Do not let that happen."

The Tenno will find a massive cannon built into a ravine in the asteroids, surrounded by Grineer bunkers.

(upon reaching the cannon, variant) "You've reached the Cannon. Shut it down before it fires the tectonic shot."

(upon reaching the cannon, variant) "The Cannon is priming for a tectonic shot. Hurry, disable the Cannon's systems before it fires."

A 1:50 countdown will start, in which the Tenno must find and hack three separate consoles in bunkers around the cannon.

(if the Tenno fails to hack all three consoles before the time runs out, variant) "No. You let them get off a Tectonic Shot. The colony now faces certain destruction. This mission is a failure."

(if the Tenno fails to hack all three consoles before the time runs out, variant) "You're too late. The Navar Cannon has fired a Tectonic Shot at the colony. This is the worst-case scenario. Abort the mission."

(upon hacking all three consoles, variant) "You did it. The Navar Cannon is out of operation, but you're not done yet. Find the command centre."

(upon hacking all three consoles, variant) "That's it. The Grineer are no longer in control of their cannon. Now it's time to turn their weapon back on them. Head to the control centre."

Changing target

"The command centre controls the Navar Cannon's telemetry systems. Use it to take out that Galleon."

The Tenno will be directed further into the fortress, to a console with a massive holographic projection of the fortress. Tunnels in the rock lead to nearby secondary control bunkers.

(upon arriving at the console) "This is the command centre. You'll need to locate all three of the telemetry keys."

There are three telemetry keys attached to different consoles in the area. The Tenno must bring all three keys to the main console and install them there.

(upon collecting a key, variant) "Insert that telemetry key into the console."

(upon collecting a key, variant) "You found a key. Take it to the console."

(upon inserting the first key into the console) "That's the first key."

(upon inserting the second key into the console) "Good. One more to go."

(upon inserting the third key into the console) "That's it. We have triangulation. Protect the console while I reprogram the Cannon's telemetry."

The Tenno will have to defend the console for 50 seconds.

(if the console is destroyed) "You let them destroy the console. You're out of options. Abort the mission."

(after defending the console) "Done. The Cannon's telemetry has been reconfigured. Return to the Cannon and pull the trigger."

The Tenno must return to the cannon and activate a console to fire it. If there is more than one Tenno in the squad, two of them must be present to fire the cannon. The cannon will fire at a nearby Galleon, which will begin to explode before drifting out of view.

(upon firing the cannon) "Direct hit. The Galleon has been obliterated. Now return to the telemetry system and make sure the Cannon stays silent."

The Tenno must return to the command centre and destroy four marked components on the telemetry equipment, which will expose a fuel injector that then also must be destroyed.

(upon destroying all marked targets) "The targeting mechanism is out of commission. The Cannon is useless now. The Grineer will think long and hard before trying to use this weapon again."

After this, the Tenno can proceed to extraction.

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