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The Cetus bounties Capture Their Leader, Cull the Enemy, Sabotage Grineer Supply Lines, and Weaken the Grineer Foothold all use the same dialogue for their main stages, and effectively seek to accomplish the same goal: disrupting Grineer operations across the Plains. They have been combined together and presented here. The Capture, Rescue, and Supply Sabotage stages do not seem to appear on any of these bounties, with the exceptions of Capture Their Leader, which ends with Capture, and Sabotage Grineer Supply Lines, which ends with Supply Sabotage.

Capture Their Leader has the following description: "Deal a blow to a Grineer detachment's morale by capturing their commander." and always ends with the Capture stage. Cull the Enemy is described as "The Grineer grow too strong in number. Weaken them." and always ends with Exterminate. Sabotage Grineer Supply Lines is described as "Sever the Grineer supply chain." and always ends with Supply Sabotage. Weaken the Grineer Foothold is described as "Expel the Grineer from their outpost on the Plains." and always ends with Liberation.

Bounty start

Konzu: "Plains living is tough living. Grineer are finding that out the hard way. Let's make 'em find out a little faster. Cut off their supplies."

Lotus: "Konzu is right; the Grineer can never be allowed to live comfortably on the Plains. Let's make this place as inhospitable as possible for them."


Lotus: "The Commander in charge of this detachment is hiding somewhere near my waypoint. Draw them out and eliminate them."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "The loss of that Commander will lead to uncertainty and infighting among his former troops. Good work."

Cache Recovery

Lotus: "Emergency Grineer supply caches are hidden in the vicinity of my waypoint. Empty them."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "With that last cache, you sent a message to this detachment: nothing they have is safe."

Drone Hijack

Lotus: "I need you to recover a Grineer drone so that I can access its logs."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "Thank you. I can use the codes in this Grineer drone to sow confusion within the Grineer ranks."


Lotus: "Without supplies, the Grineer rank and file have fallen into disarray. This is the time to strike."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "The detachment won't soon recover from that strike. You've weakened them."


Lotus: "I want you to liberate a key operations camp."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "Without control of that camp, their resources cannot move freely around the Plains."

Resource Theft

Lotus: "This Grineer detachment is running low on materiel. Let's hasten the process by taking out one of their armoured supply vaults."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "Grineer troops were desperate for those supplies. Let's see if that got a reaction."

Bounty end: Capture Their Leader (Capture)

Lotus: "You've left the Commander of this detachment weak and exposed. Capture him and let's see what he has to say."

(upon completing the bounty) Konzu: "I was never able to imagine a future without Grineer. Now I can, thanks to you, Tenno."

Bounty end: Cull the Enemy (Exterminate)

Lotus: "All your work has led to this. Take out as many Grineer as you can."

(upon completing the bounty) Konzu: "Almost feel sorry for 'em. Then I remember what's been done to us, and I'm at peace. Here's your bounty. Swazdo-lah, Tenno."

Bounty end: Sabotage Grineer Supply Lines (Supply Sabotage)

Lotus: "Thanks to you, Grineer morale is desperately low. Command wants to remedy the situation with a supply drop. Make sure that never happens."

(upon completing the bounty) Konzu: "You got them itchin' to run home to the safety of their Galleons. Exactly what I wanted."

Bounty end: Weaken the Grineer Foothold (Liberation)

Lotus: "You've weakened the Grineer detachment; now it's time to send them running. Force them out of their camp."

(upon completing the bounty) Konzu: "Starved 'em out of house and home. I'd feel bad, but this isn't their house, or their home."

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