Prototype Sabotage

Grineer schematics – Captura by GrayArchon

Prototype tech is being delivered to the Grineer. Scour the Plains until you find it!

This is one of the 12 possible bounties that can show up on Konzu's bounty board in Cetus. This bounty has the Tenno interfere with a new Grineer weapon, and always ends with the Supply Sabotage stage. Below are the unique dialogue lines that are heard when beginning and ending the bounty, and when running the different stages. The Assassinate, Cache Recovery, and Rescue stages do not seem to appear in this bounty. All six possible stages are listed below, but each bounty will have a maximum of five stages.

This bounty is currently bugged and is missing some dialogue lines.

Bounty start

Konzu: "The Quills whispered about some sort of new weapon the Grineer have. They've deployed in bits and pieces to avoid detection. They want to attack the Unum's tower and I don't want to find out if that's possible. Understand?"

Lotus: "Disrupt and destroy anything associated with this weapons project. The Orokin Tower is what protects Cetus from the Grineer. We can't give them the opportunity to attack it."


Lotus: "A Grineer science officer responsible for deploying the array has just arrived on the Plains. Bring him to me."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "Thank you, Tenno. This science officer will have much to tell us about his project."

Drone Hijack

(variant) Lotus: "Codes obtained from the science officer disabled the array's control drone. Find it and bring it to me."

(variant) Lotus: "An Ostron patrol was able to knock out the array's control drone. Locate the downed drone before the Grineer."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "That's one piece of the puzzle. Now, for the rest."


Lotus: "A regiment of Grineer combat engineers who have been ordered to assemble the weapons array is massing at my waypoint. Go there and take them out."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "That's enough. You've broken this regiment, and with it, the Grineer's ability to quickly deploy the array."


This stage, while it does occur, currently has no dialogue associated with it.

Resource Theft

Lotus: "Resources needed to assemble the weapons array are stored in an armoured vault at my waypoint. Put them to better use."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "That strike has delayed Grineer operations significantly."

Bounty end (Supply Sabotage)

The dialogue line to start the final bounty stage is currently missing.

(upon completing the bounty) Konzu: "Ai yo, Tenno. You put that weapon on ice. Now the Unum's safe. Not that I ever worry much about the Unum."

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