Capture the Grineer Commander

Plains Commander – Captura by GrayArchon

A high-ranking Grineer has landed on the Plains. Bring them to the Lotus.

This is one of the 13 possible bounties that can show up on Konzu's bounty board in Cetus. This bounty has the Tenno hunt down a Grineer Commander, and always ends with the Capture stage. Below are the unique dialogue lines that are heard when beginning and ending the bounty, and when running the different stages. The Exterminate, Cache Recovery, Assassinate, and Rescue stages do not seem to appear in this bounty. All five possible stages are listed below. Dialogue during bounty stages is given by the Lotus.

Bounty start

Konzu: "The Quills say some high-up Commander is here to inspect the troops. Sent by the Queens, they say. So, send the Queens a message: their troops are not welcome near Cetus."

Lotus: "Konzu's intel aligns with my own. A high-ranking Grineer Commander landed on the Plains hours ago, but his precise location is still a mystery. Let's track him down."

Drone Hijack

Lotus: "Intel suggests the Commander has released surveillance drones onto the Plains to complete his assessment. Find one and bring it to me."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "Scanning the drone's systems… here we go. Stand by for coordinates."


Lotus: "I've found the Commander's camp. Liberate it from Grineer control."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "The Commander has one less place to hide."

Resource Theft

Lotus: "Resources plundered from the Plains and destined to be a tribute for the Queens are being held in the armoured vault near my waypoint. Make sure the Queens see none of this bounty."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "The Commander is going to have a hard time fleeing without his tribute for the Queens. He's stuck here. Now we find him."

Supply Sabotage

Lotus: "The Commander is having special supplies sent in just for him. Intercept the shipment and destroy it."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "Comms just lit up. The Commander's subordinates are all trying to deflect blame. Let's see if they drop any more intel."

Bounty end (Capture)

Lotus: "Our Commander has run out of options. Find him at the waypoint and capture him for me. I have questions I want him to answer."

(upon completing the bounty) Konzu: [laughs] "Lotus has the Commander in her custody? He won't be sleeping too good tonight. But I will. Dah-dap, surah, haha!"

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