Lotus Dialogue: Capture

Capture splash screen

The location of an enemy VIP has been discovered. Track them down and then capture them. Watch out, as these enemies would rather run from combat than fight. If they see you, they will run towards the nearest extraction point. Defeat them before they can escape.

Once a target is downed, press X  to capture these targets and teleport them to a waiting holding facility.

This mission type requires the Tenno to enter a hostile enemy base and hunt for a single target. Capture targets have their own dialogue, powerful weapons, and certain abilities, and are usually upgraded versions of existing units such as Grineer Drahk Masters or Corpus Techs. When spotted by the Tenno, they will begin running to a designated escape ship or safehouse. If they manage to reach it, the mission will fail. The Tenno must incapacitate the target by damaging them, and then capture them by interacting with the downed body. The target will be dematerialised and transported to a safe location, whereupon the Tenno can extract. If the target lies on the ground for 90 seconds, they will bleed out and die, failing the mission.

Mission start

"We received intel that somebody vital to enemy operations is here. Find them, and capture them."

"You are here on a capture mission. You must find, capture, and extract our target."

"You are here to find our target and bring them to the extraction point. Happy hunting."

During mission

"We cannot let our target know we're here. Track them down quickly."

"The capture target has vital information that we will need to extract. We need our subject brought back alive."

"Scans indicate our target is in the vicinity. Find them."

Spotting the target

"Target located. Bring them in."

"You've found the target. Capture them quickly before they escape."

Once the target enters bleedout

"Our target is dying. Hurry, complete the capture before they expire."

(if the target dies) "Our target has died. This mission is a failure." [mission fails]

After capturing the target

"Excellent work. We'll interrogate the captive back at base. Your part is done here, Tenno."

"Mission complete. The captive has been escorted to the extraction point. Well done."

"Success! The captive is safely in our hands. Congratulations, Tenno."

If the target escapes

"You failed, Tenno. Your captive has escaped." [mission fails]

"Mission failed. The target has escaped." [mission fails]

"They've got away. We have failed." [mission fails]

Outdated dialogue

Prior to Update 17, Capture missions often had multiple Capture targets, and the Lotus' mission direction lines reflected this.

(mission start) "We have multiple targets of interest for this mission. Bring them all to me."

(mission start) "Capture all targets on this ship. Bring them to me alive."

(during mission) "Be aware, Tenno, these targets are a very high flight risk."

(during mission) "These are high-value targets. Their capture is crucial."

(target located) "You've found a target. Capture them quickly before they escape."

(target located) "Target located, bring them in."

(target located) "You found the capture target. Do not let them escape."

(target located) "There's our target. Capture and extract them."

(target located) "Our subject is here. Capture them and do not let them escape."

(capturing a target) "Target captured. On to the next."

(capturing a target) "Target apprehended. Keep hunting."

(target escaped) "We lost that one. Do not let any more get away."

(target escaped) "Target escaped. Do not let that happen again."

(mission failed) "All targets have escaped. This is most disappointing."

(mission failed) "They all got away. This mission is a failure."

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