Lotus Dialogue: Assassination

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Assassination contracts mark high-priority targets around the System. Hunt down and eliminate these enemies, then head to extraction.

Occasionally an enemy individual will disrupt operations or threaten the balance in the Origin System such that the Lotus will direct a Tenno cell to eliminate them. Each Assassination mission sees the Tenno infiltrate the target's base of operations and defeat them. Unlike most missions, Assassinations are highly specific to the individual target. Some targets are easily killed in a straightforward manner, while others require the Tenno to use creative methods and take advantage of the environment. Details for each Assassination mission can be found under the enemy target's dialogue page, along with the character's mission taunts and background information provided by the Lotus. Here are the additional dialogue lines the Lotus says to guide the Assassination mission.

Mission start

"We've contracted you with a mark. You are here to find your mark, and eliminate the assigned target."

"Assassination contracts are not to be taken lightly. Eliminating this target will have a significant impact on enemy forces. Search the area; leave no survivors."

"The VIP that we're hunting is here. Find them and take them out."

"We need to find the VIP and take them down. Do not let the target escape."

"The assassination target is nearby. Seek and destroy."

During the mission (outdated)

These lines have been removed and no longer occur, but are preserved here for the record.

"Keep searching. The VIP is here somewhere."

"We need to find and eliminate the target."

"We can't let the target escape. You need to find them immediately."

"This mission won't be easy. The target you are to assassinate has survived these attacks before. Be careful."

Upon spotting the target

"The assassination target is here. Wipe them out."

"You've located the VIP. Time to go to work."

"Target spotted. Stay sharp, this one is a handful."

"There is the assassination target. You know what to do."

"Target acquired. Take them down."

After killing the target

"They won't be bothering us anymore. Let's get out of here."

"Nice work taking down the VIP. Now get to extraction."

"Target down; assassination contract complete. Great work, Tenno."

Game mode history

Assassination missions were present in the game from launch. Unlike other mission types, each Assassination mission has custom dialogue and unique mechanics1 to defeat the target. At game launch, most Assassination targets were simply larger, tougher versions of standard enemy units, with the exception of the Jackal and the Hyena. Over time, each boss was reworked and given unique models, animations, mechanics, and dialogue, and new bosses were also added in as the Starchart expanded. The essential premise of Assassination missions – to eliminate the target – has remained unchanged.

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  1. Except the legacy bosses Phorid and The Sergeant.

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