House Cleaning

A Containment Unit in the Deimos tunnels. Screenshot by GrayArchon.

As if the Infested in the Ruins weren't enough. Now all manner of disgusting… things are growing down there. It's time we cleaned house!

This is one of 5 possible Arcana bounties that can show up on Mother's bounty board on the Cambion Drift after the Tenno has cleared an Isolation Vault. This bounty has the Tenno eliminate Infested in the underground, and always ends with the Extract Samples stage. It always contains the same four stages, though the order is variable. Below are the unique dialogue lines that are heard when beginning and ending the bounty, and when running the different stages.

Bounty start

Mother: "If the Infested gain too much ground in the subterranean ruins, they are sure to breach the isolation vaults eventually. Ugh, cleaning is always such a chore… though, perhaps you could help out?"

(after entering Cambion Drift) Loid: "I have located within the ruins a functioning Purifier. If we can activate it, that should push the Infestation back for a time."

Cache Retrieval

Loid: "We will need to access a cache for the resources necessary to activate the Purifier."

(upon completing bounty stage with bonus) Loid: "We've gained more than enough resources to cover our needs. Good work, Tenno."

(upon completing bounty stage without bonus) Otak: "Yay! Goodies from the box! We can push on now."

Digging up Polyps

Loid: "I am detecting Fungal Polyps ahead. Disgusting, but I understand Daughter has a use for them."

(upon completing bounty stage with bonus) Loid: "Very good. Thanks to your adroit handling of the Infested, you have harvested an outstandingly good crop."

(upon completing bounty stage without bonus) Otak: "Aww, I was just starting to like him, her, or it. [sigh] Purifier's not far now."

Entrati Research

Loid: "There is an experimental fluid we can deploy that may temporarily disrupt the Infested. Call this a test."

(upon completing bounty stage with bonus) Otak: "Brilliant! You throw like a pro! You should do this more often!"

(upon completing bounty stage without bonus) Loid: "Well, mixed results, I suppose. The samples you collected will prove useful."

Bounty end (Extract Samples)

Otak: "Hey, we made it! Fire up that Purifier and we can get out of here!"

(upon completing the bounty) Loid: "Most satisfactory. I estimate it will be a considerable time before the Infestation achieves critical levels again."

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