Cleanse the Vault

A screenshot of an Infested hive cluster, consisting of a batch of orange sacs filled with glowing fluid. The skin of the sacs is translucent, and creatures can be seen swimming within. The sacs grow like tumours on the Infested substrate of the tunnels beneath Deimos. Screenshot by GrayArchon.
An Infested hive cluster in the tunnels beneath Deimos. Screenshot by GrayArchon.

The Infested are destroying the Entrati heritage. Clear them out before they do more harm.

This is one of 5 possible Arcana bounties that can show up on Mother's bounty board on the Cambion Drift after the Tenno has cleared an Isolation Vault. This bounty has the Tenno eliminate Infested in the underground, and always ends with the Hive Extermination stage. It always contains the same four stages, though the order is variable. Below are the unique dialogue lines that are heard when beginning and ending the bounty, and when running the different stages.

Bounty start

Gomaitru: "The Infestation is creeping into the vaults, and it's threatening to undo everything we have worked for. Eradicate them for me please, Tenno. It's what you're best at, after all."

Loid: "I trust you are fully equipped to deal with the large numbers of Infested awaiting you in the ruins. You will need to be… uncompromising in your aggression."


Loid: "Eliminating the dominant Infested is vital to our progress. Proceed with caution and lure out the Infested prime."

(upon completing bounty stage with bonus) Loid: "Outstanding. The loss of prime organisms will help to dissuade other Infested from entering the vicinity."

(upon completing bounty stage without bonus) Otak: "Wowee! Blam! Blam! Schnikt! That'll put a scare into the rest of them for sure!"


Otak: "Whoop! Here they come! Man the barricades!"

(upon completing bounty stage)1 Loid: "Enemy count: zero. That was excellent work, Tenno. Please continue towards the objective."

Sealing the Cracks

Loid: "We must find a way to clear this infernal mist before we can continue."

(upon completing bounty stage with bonus) Otak: "That's so much better! You got this place locked down in no time!"

(upon completing bounty stage without bonus) Loid: "The mist has dispersed sufficiently. You may continue your sweep of the ruins."

Bounty end (Hive Extermination)

Loid: "Damage in this area is at critical levels. You will need to exterminate all mobile Infested in the vicinity."

(upon completing the bounty) Otak: "Awesome! You got 'em all! That'll teach 'em not to mess around in here. Right?"

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  1. Liberation is currently bugged and it is impossible to fail the bonus.

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