Deimos Infested

Deimos Infested concept art – Keith Thompson

The Gray Strain of the Cambion Drift has evolved for centuries in isolation, separated from the rest of the Infested horde. Although many common Infested lifeforms are conserved in its lineage, the strange environment of Deimos produces new Infested species not seen elsewhere. These have new text in their Codex entries, which is reproduced below.

Deimos Carnis

Carnis are many-legged hunters, ferocious and ever-hungry. They scuttle just out of reach trying to wear down their prey with ranged attacks until they can rush in to consume it.

Deimos Carnis Rex

The Carnis Rex is a true terror, a monstrously large Carnis. The Carnis Rex rushes headlong upon their prey, often coiling into a spinning wheel in its haste to come to grips.


When pressured, this beast severs its torso from its legs, yielding double trouble for its victims.

Mitosid Rex

Fiercely territorial, this beast lurks within the ruins of Deimos.1

Basal Diploid

Deaf, dumb, and blind, it hunts prey using vibrations from the surrounding environment.

Feral Diploid

Dismembered, but deadly nonetheless. Its acrobatic movement makes it threatening from any range.

Deimos Saxum

Saxum are bipedal, medium-sized assailants capable of short-ranged attacks and a powerful ground slam in melee.

Deimos Saxum Rex

Saxum Rex are larger, meaner Saxum and represent a considerably enhanced threat. How they achieve this evolution is unknown, but cannibalism is suspected.

Deimos Leaping Thrasher

An ancient brute possessed of a weighty arm-flail and the terrifying strength to use it to devastating effect. Its lumbering form belies shocking speed, which the Leaping Thrasher achieves by slamming its arm into the ground and throwing itself into battle.

Deimos Therid

The cunning Therid uses its long arms to spin a ball of corrosive gossamer that it hurls with surprising force. It has also been known to scoop up smaller Infested to throw at intruders as an improvised projectile/delivery system.

Deimos Jugulus

A writhing tower of flesh and gristle, the Jugulus lurks beneath the surface and emerges to launch streams of organic projectiles from its wide maw.

Deimos Tendril Drone

An Infested drone as brutal and unforgiving as Deimos itself.

Deimos Genetrix

Genetrix act as mobile wombs for the Infested hordes, discharging swarms of Infested whenever they detect a non-Infested intruder. A Genetrix prominent sensor stalk must be disabled or avoided to stem a seemingly unending tide of monsters.

Polyp-Hog Juggernaut

With the ability to track a scent from miles away, this Juggernaut is an invaluable ally when foraging rare Polyps from the ruins of Deimos.

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  1. The Diploids of the Mitosid Rex share the same descriptions as their lesser cousins.

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