Juno Corpus

A promo image for the Deadlock Protocol update, showing a hallway within the remastered Corpus Ship tileset. A statue of Parvos Granum stands to the side, and holographic banners with Parvos' face hang on the sides of the walls. A Corpus Crewman and a Moa are walking down the hallway, away from the viewer.
Deadlock Protocol promo image

The retrofitted Corpus fleet is crewed by Juno Corpus troops, who have received upgrades to their weapons, armour, and abilities. Many of the Juno Corpus are simply versions of the Corpus units found all over the Origin System, but there are a few unique units not found elsewhere, and these have new text in their Codex entries.

Juno Crewman

A common employee of the Corpus Armada.

Juno Elite Crewman

A security specialist who is deployed in response to high-level threats.

Juno Sniper Crewman

A crewman specialised in long-ranged firearms.

Juno Tech

A specialist who dispatches a Shield Osprey when threatened.

Juno Malleus Machinist

A specialist Crewman who wields a massive torque-wrench.

Juno Nullifier Crewman

Engages a field that disables warframe powers.

Derivator Crewman

Using the latest in Corpus weapons technology, this Crewman absorbs damage, until it unleashes it all in a powerful shockwave. The Derivator unit is mounted on the back.

[Derivator Crewmen are not found in the normal Corpus Ship environment, but accompany the Juno Corpus troops who periodically invade the Zariman.]

Juno Fog Comba

An officer who can disable perception-affecting abilities from warframes.

Juno Nul Comba

An officer who can disable buff and debuff abilities from warframes.

Juno Sap Comba

An officer who can disable damage abilities from warframes.

Juno Slo Comba

An officer who can disable mobility abilities from warframes.

Juno Dera Moa

A Moa equipped with a modified Dera rifle.

Juno Disc Moa

A Moa equipped with a disc launcher.

Juno Glaxion Moa

A Moa equipped with a modified Glaxion rifle.

Juno Geminex Moa

A Moa equipped with Twin Rocket Launchers.

Minima Moa


Juno Shield Osprey

Recharges the shields of nearby allies.

Juno Jactus Osprey

Lobs explosive orbs that detonate after several seconds.


One of Parvos' favoured, keeper of the tokens of his esteem.

Errant Spectre

The ghostly minions of Parvos Granum within his timeless prison-realm.

[Errant Spectres are found in the Granum Void, which can only be accessed from a Corpus Ship.]

Spectre Particles

Energy released when an Errant Spectre is defeated. Used to charge the Xoris glaive.

[Spectre Particles are found in the Granum Void, which can only be accessed from a Corpus Ship.]

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