Little Duck Dialogue: Disruption

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Little Duck acts as mission control for all Disruption missions outside of Jupiter. Mechanically, the missions are identical to the mission on Jupiter.

Starting mission

The Tenno drops into the map and has to hack a door panel in order to proceed.

Ordis: “Operator, incoming transmission. It’s from… Fortuna.”

(if the enemy faction is Grineer or Corpus) Little Duck: “Alad V’s sellin’ the latest in ‘asset security’. Conduits. Put the key in, and ya can pull the shinies out. Trick is, you gotta wait to open. Somethin’ happens to the Conduit before you can pull the goods? You don’t get the goods. Ever. Also, the bleeders Alad sold the tech to will try to kill ya.”

(if the enemy faction is Infested) Little Duck: “Well, looks like the Infested snagged this one. I haven’t seen this many zits since puberty. Fortunately for us, the Conduits are still operational. Unfortunately for us, so are the security mechanisms.”

Little Duck: “Give that console the ol’ bypass so we can get this thing started.”

(upon hacking door, variant) Little Duck: “This isn’t your regular vault job. Alad V sold the Conduits with interference routines, specifically designed for the Tenno. Things might get a little weird.”

(upon hacking door, variant) Little Duck: “This isn’t your regular vault job. Alad V sold the Conduits with interference routines, specifically designed for the Tenno. Don’t you worry, though; I got some workarounds.”

(upon seeing Conduit, variant) Little Duck: “Conduit keys are carried by high-ranking muckity-mucks. Knock ’em down, see what they got.”

(upon seeing Conduit, variant) Little Duck: “That there’s a Conduit, useless without the key. Start turnin’ out pockets.”

Beyond the door, the Tenno will find four terminals of Sentient design. Enemies will begin spawning and attacking. Upon death, elite units such as Heavy Gunners, Corpus Techs, and Infested Ancients drop keys that can activate the terminals.

(upon picking up first key) Little Duck: “First key. Right. Find a matching Conduit.”

Inserting the keys into the conduit terminals triggers a 2-minute countdown, and will trigger either a boon or a hazard for the Tenno, which lasts for the duration of the conduit activation. In addition, a Demolisher will spawn somewhere on the map, and immediately head towards the active conduit. This Demolisher is essentially an improved heavy unit that periodically pulses a nullifier field. If it is able to reach the conduit, it will charge up for roughly 3 seconds before detonating, destroying itself and the conduit. If it is killed before it can detonate, the conduit is considered safe and the countdown will end.

If the conduit was projecting a hazard and is destroyed, the hazard will persist for the rest of the round. If the conduit was projecting a boon and is defended, the boon will persist for the rest of the round. In all other outcomes, the condition ends once the conduit is no longer active.

Upon activating conduit

Little Duck: “Right, they’re havin’ a go. Keep the demos away from that Conduit.”

Little Duck: “Demo unit’s lookin’ to depart this mortal coil and take you with it. Keep it clear of that Conduit.”

Little Duck: “Hear that beeping? Demo unit’s on its way.”

Little Duck: “Demo unit coming in fast. That thing blows and you can kiss the Conduit goodbye.”

Little Duck: “Demo unit incoming. Don’t let them near the Conduit.”

(upon activating the first conduit of a new wave) Little Duck: “Next verse, same as the first. Mind you don’t get flanked.”

(upon activating the first conduit of a new wave) Little Duck: “More of the old ultraviolence. Keep your back to the objective, old mate. Lock it down ’til she pops.”

(upon activating the first conduit of a new wave) Little Duck: “You’re about due for more a’ those, whatsits, interference routines. Demo units too.”

(upon activating the first conduit of a new wave) Little Duck: “Can’t do anything about that last interference routine. You’ll just have to wear it. Maybe I can catch the next one.”

(upon activating conduit with a boon) Little Duck: “Perforrrmaaaance… improvement? Won’t be looking that Kubrodon in the mouth….”

(upon activating conduit with a boon) Little Duck: “Looks like Alad was so keen to make the sale, he didn’t close every back door. Greed makes a person sloppy, hotshot, remember that. Enjoy the boost.”

(upon activating conduit with a boon) Little Duck: “Fiddlin’ with an incoming routine. Howzat feel?”

(upon activating conduit with a boon) Little Duck: “Routine subverted and you’re juiced. Nice. Shoulda been a boffin. Missed me callin’.”

When a conduit is destroyed

Little Duck: “Conduit destroyed. We won’t be seeing those goods again.”

Little Duck: “Conduit destroyed. Dust yourself off. There’ll be another ’round here someplace.”

Little Duck: “Conduit blown. Mate: this is not how bills get paid.”

Little Duck: “They killed a Conduit.”

Little Duck: “Conduit blown. Find another one.”

Little Duck: “Arse. Conduit down.”

Little Duck: “That mucker got past you and now the Conduit’s blown. Move on. Move on!”

Little Duck: “Conduit down. Look, Mumsie may have raised you believin’ winnin’ ain’t the most important thing, but, piece of advice? It is.”

Conduit failsafe

Hidden in an out-of-the-way room can be found a datamass. This datamass can be inserted into an active conduit in order to cancel all currently active hazards.

(upon finding conduit failsafe) Little Duck: “Conduit failsafe. Pop that ducky in a console and it’ll cancel any active interference routines. This is the only one.”

(upon inserting the conduit failsafe in a conduit) Little Duck: “Interference routines wiped. Your timing is impeccable.”

Upon completing a round

After all four conduits are either defended or destroyed, the round is complete and another round will begin shortly (unless all four terminals are destroyed, whereupon the mission promptly fails).

Little Duck: “Not goin’ home yet, we just got here.”

Little Duck: “Hope you’re not done. Had to pay Maroo a small fortune in rations for this ‘tip’.”

Little Duck: “Takings squared away. Right: same again?”

Little Duck: “Got a few seconds before the system resets. We can take ’em again. Game?”

Little Duck: “Care to live up to your reputation and try again?”

Little Duck: “Why’s ol’ Alad call you lot Betrayers anyway? Ah, no matter. Care for another kick at the Conduit?”

Little Duck: “Conduits about to reset. Feelin’ lucky?”

Little Duck: “Gettin’ a little hot. The gloves are comin’ off. Got another round in ya?”

Little Duck: “Alright… it’s gettin’ a little hairy. One more round, whaddaya say?”

Little Duck: “The longer we stick around the more likely we’ll get our arses handed to us. Still, with great stupidity comes great reward. Whaddya reckon?”

When next round starts

Little Duck: “Right. They’re back, and they’re well pissed off.”

Little Duck: “Safeties off. We kicked a clown car. Here we go.”

Little Duck: “Bulk signal returns. Dig in.”

Little Duck: “Wakey wakey. Here we go.”

Little Duck: “Eyes open, sunshine. Here we go.”

Little Duck: “Lock and load.”

When extracting

Little Duck: “Chekchek. Ejectin’.”

Little Duck: “Way ahead of you. Time to hit the pub!”

Little Duck: “Shinies secured and we’re in the wind. I’ll send your cut via the usual. Have a good one.”

Little Duck: “We got as much as we’re gettin’, hotshot. We are a vapour trail.”

Little Duck: “You got out while you still could. Smart move.”

Upon failing

Little Duck: “Nothin’ ventured. You want round two, ping me.”

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