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Kuva Guardians are the elite bodyguards of the Twin Queens. As the Queens are never seen publicly, the Guardians are similarly elusive. However, they can also be encountered protecting the Queens' most valuable strategic asset: Kuva.

Battle dialogue

Outside the War Within quest, where they are introduced, Kuva Guardians are only encountered during Kuva Siphon missions, when they spawn in as reinforcements to protect the Siphon. They have unique, unsubtitled dialogue lines in the field, spoken in the Grineer language. They can also appear as Demolishers in Kuva Fortress Disruption, but they have no dialogue in those appearances.

Due to lack of subtitles, the following lines may not be transcribed precisely, as parsing the spoken Grineer language may be difficult.


"Sometume hu get so donedi." [Sometimes I get so lonely.]

"Gry am hu regre?" [Why am I here?]

"Onry hu ras make hut out of klus plake." [Only I can make it out of this place.]

"Ahum denslerat kuhuing arounr rer gets tu ke so brorhung!" [??? being around here gets to be so boring!]

"Grat hultus plake hun kle unhurverse?" [What ??? place in the universe?]

"Hut's so reg tu fe un kle monklenres." [It's so ??? on the ???.]

Spotting a Tenno

"Orre kley'gre!" [Over there!]

"Garkot engeygo!" [Target engaged!]

"Nou rhue!" [Now die!]

"Shashe Tenno!" [unclear]

"Isha de spottar!" [unclear]

"Fu dossar Tenno." [unclear]


"Attaf!" [Attack!]

"Rold!" [Hold!]

"Trok!" [Stop!]

"Regrer hu kome!" [Here I come!]

"No rey aphogar!" [No way out of here!]

"Gar gerf husefar!" [unclear]

When a Kuva Larvling spawns

Kuva Guardians also have transmissions when a Kuva Larvling spawns or is killed, though the Guardian themself will not appear on the map.

"Sukjekkt found. Moderate clone rot. Initiating reclamation."

"Queens will not be pleased. Clone rot has gone too far. Send word."

"Inform the Queens we have found their sukjekkt."

"Sukjekkt found. In her name."

"Soldier, you have been nominated. Your glory awaits in her fortress."

When a Kuva Larvling is killed by a Tenno

"Sukjekkt found. Significant trauma. Removing to Galleon to assess Kuva Lich viability."

"Sukjekkt secured. Removing from battlefield. Peezporr enkkaagge kraaft!"

"We have the chosen sukjekkt. They will become Lich, or die."

"You are Queen-chosen, soldier. Greatness awaits you. Greatness… or perhaps death."

"The Queens have chosen you, soldier. You are to be… gifted."

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