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Nakak is a young Ostron girl in Cetus who runs her own market stall. She sells warframe-styled masks for Tenno Operators, floofs of the Grineer Thumpers, and flares for use on the Plains.

Unlike most Cetus merchants, Nakak does not sell her merchandise for Ostron Standing, nor are her wares locked behind Ostron Standing tiers. Instead, her stock rotates regularly, and her prices – varying amounts of Plains resources – change daily. After each interaction, she will offer advice about Cetus, the Plains, or life in general, whether the Tenno purchases an item or not. Once the Tenno has reached Observer rank with the Quills, she will also offer the short quest Mask of the Revenant. During certain events, she also becomes a representative of the Operational Supply Syndicate.

Syndicate information

During Operation: Plague Star and any recurrent episodes, Nakak represents the Operational Supply Syndicate. Operational Supply is described thusly:

Support and rewards for Tenno fighting in active operations.

So far, Operational Supply has been seen to offer rare Plains fish parts and minerals, Plague Zaw components and Plague Exodia arcanes, the mods Fulmination and Sacrifice, Cetus wisps, Fosfor blueprints, blueprints for the Ether Daggers and Snipetron, Eidolon Phylaxis blueprints, Forma, and the Plague Star emblem. The Syndicate ranks, from least to most favoured, are:

  • Neutral: [no description]
  • Collaborator: Answered the call to battle.
  • Defender: Fought to the end.
  • Champion: Went above and beyond, an example for others.

Standing with Operational Supply can only be earned or redeemed during Plague Star events. It is unknown if Operational Supply will be expanded to future operations.

Idle quotes

These are un-subtitled lines that Nakak says when she is not interacting with the Tenno.

"Swazdo-lah, everyone! Knick-knacks, oddities, masks and carpets! Customise your floor and face!"

"Hey, friend! You look like a traveller of distinction and taste! Behold, a fine array of masks, curiosities, and masterfully-woven carpets, all locally made!"

"Hey! Tenno! We honour you here with master-crafted maskwork! Maybe you see yourself here?"

"Swazdo-lah! How about a rug or carpet for your fine star-vessel? I have adornments that would catch the starlight beautifully if hung above a command console!"

Greeting the Tenno

"Others have one price for locals and one for offworlders. Me? I give you the local price, every time."

"Free advice with or without purchase, surah. I'm here to help!"

"Best prices and free advice, surah. To me, you're a local."

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "Lok heb, surah. It is good to see you again! How may I help?"

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "A joy to serve you, Tenno. As always."

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "Dah-dap, Tenno, for all that you do for Cetus. It is wonderful to see you."

Bidding farewell with purchase

"The Eidolons have done something to the water out there. Touch it, and you'll get the shock of your life! Plus it's loaded with gut parasites! Sho-lah!"

"The Eidolons have done something to the water out there. Touch it, and you'll get the shock of your life! It is free of parasitic gut larvae, though. Sho-lah!"

"Visitors go crazy for kubuchi. They think drinking it makes them a local. But just between you and me? It tastes like hot garbage!"

"The Eidolons. Beautiful creatures of the night, graceful in their own way. Go anywhere near them, and they'll crush you like a turd. Here y'go!"

"Dah-dap, surah. Here you go. Have you seen the Tower? The Unum within does not move, or see. But She hears, and feels… and speaks! Sho-lah."

"See a man with a blank mask and no adornment? That's a widower. All of his bright things would have been cremated with his wife. Beautifully sad, really. He won't laugh for a year. Here y'go!"

Bidding farewell without purchase

"You'll find spirit jars at most of the bars. Order something, leave a coin. It keeps the souls of the Orokin happy, and you've paid for the next person who can't afford a drink. Sho-lah!"

"I've worked all kinds of jobs in all kinds of places. Never met a good person, or a bad one. It's just folks, friend. Everyone's just folks. Sho-lah!"

"Buy three bags of termite droppings. It'll keep you going long after you should have keeled over – and if that's how you react to nibbling termite crap? You're going to love my desert survival tips!"

"Those urns outside doors? Don't drink from them. They're yoong-baht. We leave them for travelling monks."

"Beyond Cetus, you'll encounter the occasional Ostron who built themselves a bridge across a river. They'll charge you to use it. It's how some of these families support themselves."

"When you've made peace with the world, then everything becomes a game, friend. This place will teach you that."

Nakak will also offer the short quest Mask of the Revenant when the Tenno reaches Observer rank with the Quills, which begins with the Mask of the Lost One appearing among her wares. During the Dog Days Tactical Alert, Nakak had a separate shop where she would sell summer-themed items in exchange for Nakak Pearls.

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