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Master Teasonai is the beastmaster of Cetus, an expert in hunting and animal-keeping. His stock includes the Drahk kubrow gene-masking kit, the Underbrush kubrow gene-masking kit, the Moonless kavat gene-masking kit, and caged condrocs and kuakas for decoration. He will have three random items from his wares up for sale at any given time, purchasable for a random amount of Plains resources. Unlike most Cetus merchants, his wares are available to all, regardless of Ostron Standing, as long as they are able to pay.

In addition, he also sells echo-lures for catching Plains animals in Conservation, along with pheromone ootas to lure out rare species. These Conservation wares are offered for Ostron Standing. After a successful Conservation encounter, he will give the Tenno a tag for the animal, which can be redeemed for floofs.

Idle quotes

These are un-subtitled lines that Teasonai says when he is not interacting with the Tenno.

"Markings! Adornments! Patterning and striation! A hunter should take pride in their animal!"

"Swazdo-lah, surah! Do you require something for a companion or pet?"

"Those trappers better make it back before sundown. Konzu won't risk a search party at night."

Greeting the Tenno

"Ah, yes, I am able to groom your animal. What is your desire?"

"Do you seek to enhance your beast's appearance, perhaps for lower visibility on the hunt?"

"I can groom for aesthetics, stealth, visibility… or to terrify. Show me the animal, and I will advise."

"When The Business first sent me these small stuffed animals, I took it as evidence of a mind in decay. However… on reflection… I see now that he has a greater understanding of people than I could ever aspire to."

"I was mentored in my craft by a man who lived upon the Eidolon-Moh for many years. It has been a gulf of time now since Sigor Savah departed the Plains. Where he is… I do not know. Though I very much wish I did."

"Some in Fortuna knew my mentor. I have asked The Business if he had the honour. He only said that Sigor Savah sounded like he had been a man of… enviable clarity. A strange response."

"The Eidolon-Moh has weathered the introduction of many invasive species, but none more destructive than the Grineer themselves."

"I have lived upon the Eidolon-Moh all my life. Nurturing and culling go hand in hand. Live here long enough, you will understand that also."

"Space and resources are finite. But The Business, he only smiles and tells me, 'Teasonai, it is a big universe.' Sigor Savah would have had no time for such nonsense."

"The Business has no stomach for the population control necessary in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. I fear for whatever sanctuary he is building."

"The Business speaks poetically of the grandeur of the Orb Vallis. I should like to see it for myself, but the cold would not be to my liking."

"The Business: strange that he frowns upon my methods – of taking animal life in order to preserve it – while he himself applies the same principles… to people."

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "A honour to groom the beasts that serve the Tenno. Master Teasonai is forever at your service."

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "An honour, as always, Tenno. What do your beasts require this day?"

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "I am humbled, protector of Cetus. Allow Master Teasonai to repay your service with my own. What might your animals require?"

Browsing conservation wares

"So, The Business has given you his blessing. Here on the Eidolon-Moh, what you call the Plains, balance is threatened. Once, I would have tasked you with culling out-of-control populations in order to support failing ones. But, for now, those days are gone. My partner has chosen to devote resources to relocation instead, and I must grudgingly admit the program is proving effective in restoring a healthy balance to the Moh. Let us begin."

"The Business is dedicated to saving animals, while I am dedicated to saving my people. A land out of balance feeds none."

"Through strife and predation, the species of the Eidolon-Moh struggle to survive. We correct the balance."

"Before the Grineer, my master and I would conduct a yearly cull, to keep the Eidolon-Moh in balance. After the Grineer… that was no longer necessary. Quite the opposite."

"The Eidolon-Moh houses me, feeds me, uses me to keep herself in balance, and, when I am no more, shall find a use for me still. I have no need for walls."

"We are agents of balance, you and I."

"Do you feel it, as I do? We are bonded to this place. This planet."

"Things live, things pass. To the turning of the wheel, we bear witness."

"A new day, a new purpose."

Exiting wares after a purchase

"There. Much better."

"I trust this meets with your approval."

"Haha, sublime."

Exiting wares without purchase

"As you wish."

"Another time, then."

"Be well."

Conservation on the Plains of Eidolon

Out on the Plains of Eidolon, animals such as Kuakas, Condrocs, and Mergoo can be found, and captured with the right gear. Conservation requires a tranq rifle (purchased from The Business in Fortuna) and an echo-lure (specific to the animal, purchased from Master Teasonai). Pheromone ootas, specific to the animal, can also be purchased from Teasonai and are used to increase the chances of rare species appearing.

Once an animal trace is found, the tracks can be followed to an echo-lure point, where the Tenno can deploy an echo-lure to coax the animal out of hiding. Once it appears, the Tenno must hit the animal with a tranquiliser dart to subdue it, before calling for a drone to carry the animal away to safety.

Finding spoor

"Look there. Sign. We are in someone's territory now."

"Our quarry has passed this way. Your echo-lure, it is prepared?"

"Observe. Animal sign."

Hearing a response to the echo-lure

(Kuaka) "The Kuaka. The elder cousin of the Vallis Pobber, but unlike that herbivorous rodent, the Kuaka possesses an irritable temperament and will eat almost anything. But, precisely as its cousin, the Kuaka will bolt at the first hint of danger."

(Condroc) "Listen. The territorial voicing of the Condroc: carrion-eater and opportunistic scavenger."

(Mergoo) "The Mergoo. An avian of ridiculous appearance found along coastal regions and by large bodies of water. Mergoo circle and squawk at the sight of marine predators. Many an Ostron fisher owes their lives to these odd little birds. Killing one is considered very bad luck."

(if the Tenno uses the wrong lure) "If I may, you appear to have chosen the incorrect lure."

(if the Tenno uses the wrong lure) "That's the wrong tool for the job, Tenno."

(if the Tenno uses the wrong lure) "Your prey will not respond to that song. A different lure."

Successful echo-lure call

"Prepare the tranquiliser."

"Ready the tranquiliser. Be swift."

"Tranquiliser ready?"

When an animal appears

(Plains Kuaka) "A Plains Kuaka. They play a key role in pest control, thereby protecting the young of other species and keeping the ecosystem balanced."

(Ashen Kuaka) "Ashen Kuakas are seen infrequently, spending time, as they do, rooting through tunnels and dens of reptiles and rodents."

(Ghost Kuaka) "An exceedingly scarce Ghost Kuaka – so named for their rarity, and preponderance for disappearing. This is a rare opportunity."

(Common Condroc) "The common, garden-variety Condroc. Their primary diet is carrion, though they can hunt when they need to."

(Rogue Condroc) "This Condroc has gone rogue from their committee. It happens, once a Condroc gets a taste for the hunt."

(Emperor Condroc) "A rare privilege, Tenno: you behold the Emperor Condroc. This one will have several Condroc committees under their thrall. A superlative example of the species, worthy of the title 'Emperor'."

(Coastal Mergoo) "A Coastal Mergoo. You'll see these everywhere along shorelines and around large bodies of water."

(Woodland Mergoo) "A less common variant, with plumage that makes it difficult for a hunter to spot them amongst the foliage."

(Splendid Mergoo) "Regal, is it not? The Splendid Mergoo is a highly social specimen."

Call for recovery

"A very young specimen." "An immature specimen." "A juvenile." "In its prime, this one." "Full-grown." "Adult."

"Male." "Female."

(Plains Kuaka) "A foul-tempered omnivore – but key to maintaining ecosystemic balance."

(Plains Kuaka) "Population levels of the Plains Kuaka are in no danger of dipping, and this one's services are required elsewhere. So, off they go."

(Plains Kuaka) "Another Kuaka. You are aware the female of the species becomes fertile immediately after giving birth, yes?"

(Plains Kuaka) "A Plains Kuaka. Nature's janitor. Slow-roasted and paired with hot chimurr is a personal favourite."

(Plains Kuaka) "I once knew a hunter who, in dire straits, walked many days using two of these animals as shoes."

(Plains Kuaka) "Properly skinned and sewn, a Kuaka can make for a useful improvised waterskin."

(Ashen Kuaka) "Note the pale coat, indicative of a subspecies that spends most of its time belowground."

(Ashen Kuaka) "An Ashen Kuaka. They don't like the light. Let's move this along."

(Ashen Kuaka) "An efficient ratter, the Ashen Kuaka. Very helpful in controlling introduced pests."

(Ashen Kuaka) "The Ashen Kuaka makes for good eating, Tenno, but if preservation is your mission, so be it."

(Ghost Kuaka) "The Ghost Kuaka are birthed in collectives far, far belowground. There, they live on grubs and roots. This may be their first visit to the surface. I will do what I can to make the experience a pleasant one."

(Ghost Kuaka) "Note the superficial similarities to the Ashen Kuaka, but this specimen's eyesight and digestive tract have evolved to serve a rodent that almost never visits the surface world."

(Ghost Kuaka) "A rare pleasure, my little friend."

(Common Condroc) "A common Condroc. Carrion makes up nearly the entirety of their diet."

(Common Condroc) "Traditional Ostron hunters and bridge wardens still use the feathers of the Condroc as fletching for their arrows."

(Common Condroc) "They've learned not to scavenge Grineer camps, but fisher-folk still take potshots at them."

(Common Condroc) "The Common Condroc could never be called glamorous, but their role is a necessary one."

(Common Condroc) "Scavengers prevent the spread of disease and pathogens. The Business is wise to collect them… but why? Surely he could not be populating some far-away Moh of his own?"

(Rogue Condroc) "A group of Condrocs are known as a committee. This one has no time for such things."

(Rogue Condroc) "Rogues often wipe out entire colonies of Kuaka and even Mergoo. The Condroc's role is that of scavenger. The Rogue has lost its purpose. It would be better to… no? I could…. Very well."

(Rogue Condroc) "A loner. Extra effort will be made to resocialise them."

(Rogue Condroc) "A Rogue Condroc. Scavenging ways abandoned, this one prefers fresh meat and hunts it. Unusual behaviour for a Condroc, but not unheard of."

(Rogue Condroc) "The stomach acid of the Condroc is useful as a powerful antiseptic. Perhaps you have need? No? Very well."

(Emperor Condroc) "A rare Emperor Condroc. Note the warm golden plumage. Hear that robust call."

(Emperor Condroc) "The Emperor Condroc. A rare sight. You must not miss this opportunity, Tenno. Should it take flight, it will retreat to its aerie and be lost to us."

(Emperor Condroc) "This rare Emperor Condroc would be the leader of several Condroc committees. What could have lured them away from their aerie? No matter. This is our good fortune."

(Coastal Mergoo) "Note its grasping foreclaws. Mergoo will often swoop in, clutch some small target, and fly off before anyone's the wiser."

(Coastal Mergoo) "The Coastal Mergoo. Perhaps the most common seabird in these parts."

(Coastal Mergoo) "Mergoo flocks deprive smaller mammals of nourishment. I am content to remove a few, however you see fit."

(Coastal Mergoo) "A Coastal Mergoo. Fisher-folk honour them."

(Coastal Mergoo) "Ah, these little ones do make me laugh."

(Woodland Mergoo) "Mergoo, woodland plumage. Perhaps the adaptation is an attempt to elude the Grineer."

(Woodland Mergoo) "Should you find yourself lost and starving, watch the Woodland Mergoo. They often know of ant colonies and grub nests. Useful protein in emergencies."

(Woodland Mergoo) "I'll note the area, keep an eye out for the nest."

(Splendid Mergoo) "A Splendid Mergoo! Lords and ladies of the nest, these ones. Highly prized mates, for obvious reasons."

(Splendid Mergoo) "It is well you have saved this one. Populations of Splendid Mergoo have been in sharp decline since the arrival of the Grineer."

(Splendid Mergoo) [sigh] "I've seen Grineer troopers divert from objectives to hunt and kill these particular specimens. For the plumage. Very hard to find these days."

(Ostia Vasca Kavat) "Ostia Vasca. I am researching a means to inoculate wild kavats against the virus, but… with little success as yet. Thank you for this."

(Ostia Vasca Kavat) "The local wildlife will appreciate this unnatural predator being taken out of circulation. I will administer a Vasca curative as soon as they arrive."

(Ostia Vasca Kavat) "Yet another Ostia Vasca. For every one we remove it seems two more appear. Almost as if in response to our efforts."

(Ostia Vasca Kavat) "If they are engineered from fertilisation, and if the virus is doctored, Vasca can be trained, even domesticated. Wild specimens? Very different."

(Ostia Vasca Kavat) "You know, every now and then a melancholy Offworlder will arrive, thinking to get themselves Vasca-infected as a means to live forever. Too many novels, I think."

(Bau Vasca Kavat) "How many animals have been drained by this Bau? How many nests and lairs wiped out? Still, we cure and preserve."

(Bau Vasca Kavat) "A weak little Ostia no more, are you? Well, before the week is out you'll be back to being a regular kavat – and happier for it, I'm sure."

(Bau Vasca Kavat) "Look at the fight in this one. The viral load in its veins must be immense. I'll prepare a double dose of curative."

(Bau Vasca Kavat) "Hunter, this particular Bau is close to going full Nephil. A timely catch."

(Bau Vasca Kavat) "I do love kavats. I hate what this loathsome virus makes of them. I'll be glad to cure this Bau, and find them a more suitable home."

(Nephil Vasca Kavat) "Nephil Vasca. Look what the virus has done to a once-noble animal. It will be an honour to return this beast to itself. The curative is ready and waiting."

(Nephil Vasca Kavat) "This Nephil has been Vasca so long its digestive tract can no longer tolerate solid food. Just… blood. Rehabilitation will be difficult for this one."

(Nephil Vasca Kavat) "This poor, wretched thing has been utterly overtaken by the virus, with no recollection of having ever been kavat. It now exists only to spread the virus. But I will bring them back to themselves. I swear. They will love the sun once more."

(Nephil Vasca Kavat) "A rare and hateful guest, this one. I think your welcome on the Plains has been well overstayed."

(Nephil Vasca Kavat) "Your time in the sunless lands are at an end, my anguished friend. I will lead you home."


"Oh dear. This one has not had an easy road. Evidence of not just battle scars, but burns… even shrapnel. This is why the Grineer must be expelled. The conflict threatens all life on the Eidolon-Moh."

"Ah, yes. Impaired vision. Evidence of skin plucking. Some respiratory distress. A timely intervention on our part. I'm moving this one to the front of the line."

"Ha. They don't like you, Tenno. If only they knew you've likely saved their life."

"Eyes clear. Strong vital signs. Easy movement. Excellent. I'll take it from here."

"An impeccable example of the species."

"Easy now."

"You've caught us a lively one."

"This little one has endured hardships. No more."

"Breathtaking. I've rarely seen such a beautiful specimen."

"So full of life, this one. It shall do well."

If the animal dies

"That is unfortunate. But we should try again."

"Sometimes we fail, despite our best efforts."

"And so it goes. I'm sorry, little friend."

Master Teasonai is mentioned by Konzu in passing during Operation: Plague Star, as well as in the Plains Animals Cetus fragment. He makes a brief appearance in the New War quest.

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